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[ Pdf Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9 Á woodwork PDF ] by Jonathan Stark Á Over the holiday break I had some time to read a better word might be consume Jonathan Stark s book Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9 In a little than 250 pages, Jonathan manages to do the impossible He explains how to put the FileMaker API for PHP to use.
The book is divided into four logical sections The first section provides background information for those new to the world of Web publishing, including an introduction to HTML and PHP After reading this section, you won t be an HTML expert, and you certainly won t be a PHP pro But you will have a good understanding of the technologies involved in Web publishing and development, and how those technologies fit together.
The second section of the book provides a foundation for the examples that are used later on The section includes a chapter on how to setup a FileMaker database creating f This book is an excellent introduction to HTML, PHP and the FileMaker API Jonathan has an easy to read style I found it to be a quick and informative read I enjoyed how he can cover a topic in sufficient depth without the material being too long This book focuses on the code in a text editor rather than a visual editor , which is the best way to truly master the subject Each chapter covers a specific topic so you can read it cover to cover or just focus on the material that is of interest to you Well done Jonathan Jonathan Stark does an excellent job of explaining web publishing with php and FileMaker This is the only book on web publishing with php that I ve encountered that takes a complete novice from 0 60 in under 300 pages It starts at the basics with html, php and FileMaker without making assumptions about the reader s skill level.
Additionally, Stark does an excellent job laying a foundation of basic php knowledge He explains the code line by line in a manner that is not only easy to understand but makes it possible for the reader to grasp the concept After reading the book I was able to create an application using methods not directly covered in his book.
Further, the author is also incredibly accessible On two occasions I contacted Mr Stark with problems I was having with the code my error A great introduction to working with Filemaker and PHP for publishing dynamic web pages Written by brilliant developer extraordinaire Jonathan Stark, this book will break down the basics and give you everything you need to get started quickly.
His method of breaking down code into manageable chunks with inline comments really helps you wrap your head around what would otherwise look like daunting pages of PHP code.
Experienced developers may skip the first few sections about basic Filemaker and HTML and dig right into the heart of the PHP API for filemaker Good stuff Whether You Are A FileMaker Developer Who Is New To Web Publishing, A Web Developer Who Is New To FileMaker, Or A Complete Beginner Looking To Put Your Data Online, This Book Is For You In Part I, You Learn The Basics Of How Web Publishing Works And How To Write Your Own HTML And PHP In Part II, You Learn How To Build A FileMaker Database And Install And Configure The FileMaker Server To Host The Database In Part III, You Learn How To Put It All Together To Create Web Pages That Talk To Your Database And Allow People To View The Data And, If You Like, Modify It Throughout The Book, Publishing A FileMaker Product Catalog To The Web Is Used As An Example Each Chapter Builds On The Previous Chapter When You Are Done, You Will Have A Working Website Detailed Information On How To Master Web Publishing read And Write Basic HTML read And Write Basic PHP Build A FileMaker Database Install And Configure FileMaker Server Publish Your FileMaker Data To The Web Work With Portals And Container Fields Repurpose Your FileMaker Layouts On The Web Introduction Part I Basics Of Web PublishingChapter How Web Publishing Works Chapter Introduction To HTML Chapter Introduction To PHP Part II Laying The GroundworkChapter Building A Simple FileMaker File Chapter Configuring The Server S Part III Publishing FileMaker Data On The WebChapter Viewing FileMaker Data Chapter Altering FileMaker Data Chapter Working With Related Data Portals Chapter Working With Images Chapter Repurposing A FileMaker Layout On The Web Part IV More InformationAppendix A Performance Tuning Appendix B Security Concerns Appendix C Error Handling And Prevention Appendix D FileMaker PHP API Reference Index

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