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[ Read Online When Men Batter Women Ú wonder-woman PDF ] by John Gottman Ph.D. ☆ Interesting and broadens understanding of the subject.
Some pages were misprinted, a small section of the book a gap down the page between letters, but was still readable.
This is perhaps one of the worst excuses for a scholarly text that I have ever encountered The text fell significantly short of presenting disciplined research based conclusions regarding Domestic Violence Rather, it presented a highly opinionated and politically correct rhetorical approach to the topic.
The distinction between Pits Bulls and Cobras was intriguing but only after one was able to overcome these extremely insulting and derogatory classifications.
Perhaps the worst part of this text was the meritless and unsubstantiated indictment of the Criminal Justice System This system has literally bent over backwards to appropriately respond to situations of Domestic Violence Often to the level where they are being accused as over reactionary.
Lastly, this text further separates and alien I use and lose this book regularly in my psychotherapy practice It helps identify the obstacles to leaving an abusive relationship and how likely it is that the relationship can be changed I particularly liked it s attitude of, One size does NOT fit all and the empahasis on tailoring the intervention to the specifics of the case.

Several years ago I was lucky enough to chat one on one with Dr Gottman and left with a signed copy of this book I treasured it as the book helped save my life, but I ve long since gratefully lost it to another survivor of domestic violence Since then I ve needed to buy manycopies as the book continues to open the eyes of the battered women I invariably run into Each time it does, I lose another copy of it To them it had become an invaluable tool and a lifeline in there escape from the hell they were living in It gave them the necessary insight to see clearly into themselves and what was happening to them Like them, it helped me enormously and that s why I began to recommend it, and each time I do I see myself in their stunned reactions and awakening to the truth I m not a counselor or a professional I just know that the normal everyday woman can see herself in this book and if it he This book provided little insight into abusive men in my opinion The classifications were weak, and it had the reading quality of a children s book Other books such as those by Donald Dutton just to name one provide actually substantive information regarding domestic violence This book should only be purchased after reading all other books concerning domestic and intimate violence the price of this book is too much for the quality of inforamtion learned.
While National Awareness Of The Issue Of Battering Has Increased In Recent Years, Certain Myths Regarding Abusive Relationships Still Endure, Including The Idea That All Batterers Are Alike But As Neil S Jacobson, PhD And John Gottman, PhD Explain, This Is Not The Case Drawing On The Authors Own Research, When Men Batter Women Offers A Significant Breakthrough In Our Understanding Of The Men Who Become Batterersand How To Put A Stop To The Cycle Of Relationship ViolenceAfter Their Decade Of Research With ThanCouples, The Authors Conclude That Not All Batterers Are Alike, Nor Is The Progression Of Their Violence Always Predictable But They Have Found That Batterers Tend To Fall Into One Of Two Categories, Which They Call Pit Bulls And Cobras Pit Bulls, Men Whose Emotions Quickly Boil Over, Are Driven By Deep Insecurity And An Unhealthy Dependence On The Mates Whom They Abuse Pit Bulls Also Tend To Become Stalkers, Unable To Let Go Of Relationships That Have EndedCobras, On The Other Hand, Are Cool And Methodical As They Inflict Pain And Humiliation On Their Spouses Or Lovers In One Chilling Discovery, The Authors Found That During Violent Arguments And Physical Beatings The Heart Rate Of Cobras Actually Declines Cobras Have Often Been Physically Or Sexually Abused Themselves, Frequently In Childhood, And Tend To See Violence As An Unavoidable Part Of LifeKnowing Which Type A Batterer Is Can Be Crucial To Gauging Whether An Abusive Relationship Is Salvageable Pit Bulls Can Sometimes Be Helped Through Therapy Or Whether The Situation Is Beyond Repair Using The Stories Of Several Couples In Their Study, Jacobson And Gottman Look At The Dynamics Of Abusive Relationships, Refuting Prevalent Myths Battering Often Stops On Its Own Or Battered Women Could Stop The Battering By Changing Their Own Behavior Never Underestimating The Inherent Risk Or Danger Involved, The Authors Discuss How Women In Their Study Group Prepared Themselves To Leave An Abusive Relationship, Where A Battered Woman Can Get Help, And How She Can Keep Herself SafeWritten With Compassion And Insight, When Men Batter Women Offers Invaluable Advice And Support To Women In Abusive Relationships, As Well As To Friends, Relatives, And Caregivers Who Want To Help

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