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é Whose Body? ↠´ Download by ò Dorothy L. Sayers I understand Sayers is a master and one of the classic mystery writers, in the vein of Agatha Christie However, I don t find her writing to be as good as Christie s, actually I dislike a lot of her writing style Lord Peter Wimsey says the most RIDICULOUS stuff sometimes He quotes random poetry that is bizarre all the time He leaves his g s off of the end of his gerunds believin , reckenin , understandin and it drives me NUTS.
Another thing I dislike about the novel is all the anti Semitism It s Jews this and Jews that and oh, you know how those Jews are and He was a good man in spite of being a Jew, and Jews are monsters for circumcising babies , and blah blah blah It really gives me the shudders, especially since lately in the real world it seems like anti Semitism is making a strong comeback.
The mystery is good I mean, it s set up well and makes sense.
However, Sayers just cannot get British Jason 1 Jolly good book, what British Jason 2 Oh, rather British Jason 1 I say, how much longer do you suppose we can keep this up British Jason 2 Not long, old bean I ve run out of stereotypical Brit words and this ridiculous accent is doing me head in I almost filed this all up in my PG Wodehouse shelf The similarities in style, setting and character are striking There s a somewhat daffy lead in Lord Peter Wimsey, though he s clearly got on the ball than Bertie Wooster There s the taciturn Parker, just a little looser and given freedom than the butler Jeeves After all, Parker is a police investigator and his own man Even the time and place, 1920s England, hits the Jeeves Wooster mark.
The mystery of who dunnit wasn t exactly mind boggling I suspected the culprit almost the moment he hit the stage But this mystery doesn t seem t Dorothy L Sayers wrote mysteries notably, the Lord Peter Wimsey series from the 1920 s through the early 1950 s She also did translations, such as Dante s Inferno She was a controversial writer of her time and a very accomplished one From letters she wrote, she had begun working out her plot for Whose Body in 1920 21 and the book was published in 1923.
Lord Peter Wimsey has found his own critics as a character He was in WWI and experienced shell shock with a consequent fear of responsibility due to his regiment being decimated during the war He comes off as garrulous at times due to nervous tension, and all the quirks of his personality are due to his war experiences At the same time, he is aware of his life of privilege and wants to do something meaningful thus, his hobby of investigating crime cases.
The Dowager Duchess of Denver, Lor Oh, I feel so badly how much I disliked this book As a mystery genre fan and avid reader of Agatha Christie, I thought for sure I would enjoy the much reccomended Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy L Sayers But alas, I found myself bored and annoyed by the personalities of the characters.
The plot seems interesting enough a random body of a man wearing nothing but a pair of glasses shows up in a bathtub Who is he and how did it get there Book collector Peter Wimsey is on the case To be honest I couldn t bring myself to complete this book The characters were much too arrogant for my taste and the whole take on the mystery solving seemed primitive Not to mention constant anti semetic comments littering much of the book I just was very turned off by it all.
Some peopl Lord Peter Wimsey is a charming, intelligent aristocrat who keeps occupied as a rare book collector and an amateur sleuth Set in post World War I Britain, he occasionally suffers from PTSD from his war years Wimsey enlists the help of his valet, Mervyn Bunter, in the detective work, and the dry British wit of the duo had me laughing Wimsey s mother, the Dowager Duchess of Denver, is another wonderful character a socialite who often voices the feelings of the 1920s upper class.
A body naked except for a pair of gold pince nez is found in the bathtub of an acquaintance of Wimsey s mother On the same day Reuben Levy, an important Jewish financier, is reported missing The corpse has a mild resemblance to Levy Wimsey, Bunter, and the competent Inspector Parker from Scotland Yard work together to solve the c

At last, I pick up Dorothy Sayers first mystery novel and finally learn the Origins of Lord Peter except, this isn t an origin story like I was expecting We don t get to see Lord Peter as Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, deciding to become a defender of justice while pretending to be a empty headed rich playboy oh man, did anyone else start thinking of Peter Wimsey Batman slashfic Maybe Batman builds a time machine and goes back to the 1930 s and he and Peter fight crime together while Alfred and Bunter hang out and trade dry witticisms and then everyone makes out Give me a couple days, I ll work on it instead, this is like the earlier Batman movies, where he s already running around Gotham punching people in funny outfits and it s always been that way There are some There are many book series that over the years I have said I d love to read those books and then never did Lord Peter Wimsey is one of those great characters that I vowed to visit, and promptly forgot my promise In an attempt to turn over a new leaf reading wise, I am changing this habit When I find a book that really appeals to me, I make the time and read the book This does mean that I reshuffle my TBR pile , but that s ok I have already read several delightful books that I probably never would have read otherwise They would all still be lost in wishicouldreadthisland Recently I read an article listing several female detective writers that wrote before and at the same time as Agatha Christie, and I had never read a single word of any of their writings Then I watched a documentary by Lucy Worsley about British murders that It s difficult for me to be objective about Dorothy L Sayers Since discovering Strong Poison in the school library when I was about 14, she has been one of my favourite writers and one whose novels I re read regularly In the past couple of years I ve ventured beyond the novels and the short stories not being much of a short story reader, I ve not read all of these to read Sayers collected letters, some of her essays such as Are Women Human and Barbara Reynold s excellent biography, Dorothy L Sayers Her Life and Soul This has in turn made me want to read of Sayers non fiction as well as her plays and her translation of Dante Suffice to say, I m a big fan and a shared love of Sayers writing is what has introduced me to a number of my GR friends This novel is where it started for Sayers best known contribution to crime fiction literature, Lord Peter Wimsey At the tim Time to meet Lord Peter Wimsey, archetype of amateur gentleman detective his sidekick, the invaluable valet Bunter Bunter Yes, my lord Her Grace tells me that a respectable Battersea architect has discovered a dead man in his bath Indeed, my lord That s very gratifying Very, Bunter Your choice of words is unerring I wish Eton and Balliol had done as much for me Update 13 03 2017I did not really have any expectations, this book having been my first from Dorothy L Sayers, just some curiosity of how she compares to my beloved Agatha Christie Having said that much, I was still pleasantly surprised at how much enjoyed reading it I loved the all characters Lord Peter Wimsey, Bunter, detective inspector Parker the Dowager Duchess of Denver Lord Peter s mother.
In the beginning, Bunter read very much like Jeeves to Lord Peter s Bertie Woost The Stark Naked Body Was Lying In The Tub Not Unusual For A Proper Bath, But Highly Irregular For Murder Especially With A Pair Of Gold Pince Nez Deliberately Perched Before The Sightless Eyes What S , The Face Appeared To Have Been Shaved After Death The Police Assumed That The Victim Was A Prominent Financier, But Lord Peter Wimsey, Who Dabbled In Mystery Detection As A Hobby, Knew Better In This, His First Murder Case, Lord Peter Untangles The Ghastly Mystery Of The Corpse In The Bath

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é Whose Body? ↠´ Download by ò Dorothy L. Sayers Dorothy Leigh Sayers was a renowned British author, translator, student of classical and modern languages, and Christian humanist.Dorothy L Sayers is best known for her mysteries, a series of novels and short stories set between World War I and World War II that feature English aristocrat and amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey However, Sayers herself considered her translation of Dante s Divina Co