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[Whittaker Chambers] ï Witness [cw-west-va PDF] Ebook Epub Download â I have to rate this five stars because of its power to change minds and thus change lives I began reading it by asking my library to obtain the audio edition through inter library loan I got half way through before having to return it I then picked up my library s re bound copy and found myself scribbling notes and page numbers on both sides of two bookmarks I am glad the audio got me through the background and the book got the ideas through me.
Chambers is an apt and intelligent writer He was good friends with James Agee who I put among the most genius of American writers and other key thinkers of his time, which helped place him at Time Magazine during its years with Henry Luce at the helm Chambers was a Communist by conscience during the turbulent 1920 s and 1930 s and then co the most poetic, eloquent and compelling book i ve ever read a must read a narrative on human nature, strength, weakness, vulnerability, and what may or may not be inevitable but also exciting a biography written in the first person by a man of incredible humility, wisdom, compassion and love for his family, mankind and the world i am lucky to have read this book it s not religious at all but for me a religious experience no doubt eye opening and i m not easily stirred can t recommend enough.
First Published In , Witness Was At Once A Literary Effort, A Philosophical Treatise, And A Bestseller Whittaker Chambers Had Just Participated In America S Trial Of The Century In Which Chambers Claimed That Alger Hiss, A Full Standing Member Of The Political Establishment, Was A Spy For The Soviet Union This Poetic Autobiography Recounts The Famous Case, But Also Reveals Much Chambers Worldview Eg Man Without Mysticism Is A Monster Went On To Help Make Political Conservatism A National Force My mom told me for years that I would love this book She also said that, as a writer, I would be underlining every other word Whittaker Chambers doesn t simply have an astounding story to tell ex Communist turned Quaker turned Time editor turned key Witness in the earthquaking Alger Hiss case , but he has the gift to tell it profoundly well It s almost impossible to overrate this 800 page monster It does exactly what Chambers wanted it to do In this book I am leading you up and up a narrow defile between bare and steep rocks from which in shadow things uncoil and slither away It will be dark But, in the end, if I have led you aright, you will make out three crosses, from two of which hang thieves I will have brought you to Golgotha the place of skulls.
Perhaps the greatest work of political biography of the 20th century Chambers spent many years in the Communist underground in Balti, supporting a cell of spies and subversives Eventually he came to the Cross and escaped the despair of the Communist enterprise His testimony before the House Committee on Un American Activities exposed the depth of the Communist penetration of American institutions, and led eventually to the perjury conviction of Alger Hiss, then a respected diplomat, once the founding Secretary General of the UN.
Chambers was a haunted man He was also a writer of extraordinary brilliance His autobiography will move you as much as it will inform you No man can speak competently about the Cold War and the terrible blackness at the heart I usually do not finish an 800 page book and wish it were longer I usually don t even read 800 page books especially these days , but I devoured Witness I ve heard that some conservatives have found Witness very influential in the development of their own beliefs, and it articulately and persuasively denounces Communism just as important, though, it s also a fascinating read World magazine put it in its top 10 most influential books of the 20th century re Christian worldview Witness is a true life spy story, detailing Chambers work for the US Communist party and on behalf of the Soviet Union in the 1930s I was amazed to learn that Communists had infiltrated the US govt at a high level State Dept and other federal agencies and not only committed espionage bu Whittaker Chambers was an American original Surely this author, journalist and reformed Soviet spy is the only person to have received both the Order of the Red Star from Moscow 1931 and, in 1984, the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Ronald Reagan Few observers have been exposed to the Twentieth Century in all its raw vicissitudes the way Chambers was the shift from rural to urban living, the sharp left turn among privileged American undergraduates from complacency to Bolshevism, the miring of the American economy in steady depression in the 1930s the realization to Chambers that he must not only quit the Communist Party but later bear Witness to its shocking inroads into the corridors of American power Badly in debt Is a book that is over 50 years old worth reviewing Yes Because it is timeless and if this review provokes one person to read it, I will have done something good.
Whittaker Chambers was called to be a Witness, both for something and against something Early in his life, he was called to be a Witness against the modern world and for communism.
Here is a man who was desperate to fix the problems of the modern age For a while in Chambers life, Marxism Leninism Communism was his answer and he devoted his life to the communist party Luckily, there was a major change in the middle of his life After years of working in the open party and then the underground espionage part of the party, Chambers left and found Christ At that point, he became a Witness agai

Witness is the autobiography of Whittaker Chambers who grew up on Long Island, joined the communist party in 1925, and later worked as an agent in the underground in Washington DC He defected from the party in 1937, due to a mixture of factors including his spiritual conversion to Christianity, his horror at Stalin s purges, and the night he heard the screams echoing from Moscow He realized that communism is evil, absolute evil Of this evil I am a part He immediately went into hiding with his family, fearing for his life Ten years later, Chambers testified in the now famous Alger Hiss trials in an attempt to expose the infiltration of communism into the US government This book was complex and overwhelming in ideas and hea Witness, which treats the truth like a part time mistress, is a masterpiece of evasion and embellishment, a perfect portrait of neurosis, and at the same time a hyperarticulate tale of religious conversion and helpless do gooding I suspect that some on the left still bother to revile Whitaker Chambers because they see him as a patsy for the Nixons and McCarthys of the world, an opportunistic imprisoner of innocents, and neglect the vortex of self doubt and mystery that remains at the center of this, his autobiography.
Chambers was the man who fingered Alger Hiss and prompted a lot of the Red Scare by persuading The Powers That Be that the State Department was riddled with Communists Not just any Communists, not just functionaries and toadies and fellow travelers, but malevolent p

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[Whittaker Chambers] ï Witness [cw-west-va PDF] Ebook Epub Download â izmirescort.pro Whittaker Chambers born Jay Vivian Chambers and also known as David Whittaker, was an American writer and editor A Communist party member and Soviet spy, he later renounced communism and became an outspoken opponent He is best known for his testimony about the perjury and espionage of Alger Hiss.In 1952, Chambers s book Witness was published to widespread acclaim The book was a combination of a