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È A Writers Love Story Ï Download by È Robert E. Wacaster After Finding Out The Man She Was Seeing Is Married, Katie Is Heartbroken But The Heartbreak Doesn T Last Long When A Best Selling Author Named Robert Walks Into Her Life He S Charming, Caring, And Seems To Be Everything She S Ever Dreamed Of In A Man But Does She Really Know Him And Can She Handle A Long Distance Relationship With Robert When He Has To Leave New York For California Can Katie And Robert Truly Find Happiness Together Or Will This Be Just Another Writer S Love Story This was a good one It was a very good love story It wasn t too mushy and it wasn t hard It had a pretty good balance I think the best word to describe this one is endearing Plus there were some pretty good surprises The story is pretty fast paced, like the last Wacaster novel I read there was little down time in this one Which made this quite a quick read I liked the story itself Wacaster s humor really comes through in this one The characters were pretty good Katie, at times was a bit of a drama queen, and even a ditz But I think for the most part the characters were all believable I think we ve all known someone who is a bit ditsy even I ve had my ditsy moments Jill was a pretty good character, she was very level headed Given Katie s ups and down she needed a contrasting character I also liked Robert He was a bit of a loose cannon though, most of t A Writer s Love Story Robert E Wacaster 2009 Golden Paradise Publishing 259 pages.
A Writer s Love Story tells the story of how best selling author Robert Wacaster meets Katie Benson, the executive assistance of Wacaster s editor, and sweeps her off her feet Unfortunately, Robert is only in New York City for business, and eventually must separate himself from Katie to return to California Their long distance relationship must stand the test of real love.
I am still unsure at this point if this contemporary romance novel is meant to be fiction or a biography about Robert Wacaster, especially since both the author and his main character share the exact same name This fact alone made it difficult for me as a reader to enjoy the magic of its romantic and fictional elements.
I also could not conjure up any true chemistry between Robert and Katie asid Reviewed by ColanthaBook provided by the authororiginally posted at Romancing the BookThis book was intriguing from the title I was not sure how this book would be written, especially with the author s name being masculine However, as I started the story of Katie meeting Robert, I found this book very fast paced, and easy to read.
As I continued to see Robert in the first scenes having a short temper with the background characters, I found myself cringing because he wasn t a likable hero Heroes shouldn t be short with those who help him, such as taxi people, hairdressers, or shop people The hero should be charming with baggage Katie also was a bit flat, and one sided, but I preferred her to Robert I was able to read it completely, but the main characters just didn t seem l A Writer s Love Story is a sweet romance between best selling author Robert Wacaster and his publisher s assistant, Katie Benson The quirkiness of the author, named for the hero, is seen throughout the love story as the hero sweeps her off her feet in a whirlwind weekend romance.
The duo are soon separated She lives the east coast and he s on the west coast But they make the romance work Robert can t believe his luck that a woman as wonderful and caring as Katie could love him and Katie is afriad to open her heart after being hurt recently This light hearted and cheerful romance is sweet and has the perfect happy ending This is a very fast paced and smoothly written novel with a positive style and flair.
Recommend to those who love the happily ever after romance.
A Writers Love Story was written by Robert Wacaster What begins as a simple love story between Katie and Stewart is soon shown to become a dreaded relationship of convenience Until Katie meets Robert, she doesn t have the courage to face her love life But will he be the man of her dreams of is her boss correct in his astute assessment of the new man in her life As dates together bring them closer, the reader is left wondering if love can happen to an ordinary woman that most of us can relate to She has been burned She is mundane in appearance, no supermodel as many novels depict their characters nowadays, and most importantly she has a decent heart We find ourselves cheering for her in her quest for romance and a happy ending But as in life and all novels, the conflict and problems are just around the corner and when the two love birds find life catching up to them, will their passion f A Writer s Love Story is a well balanced contemporary that has all the elements of a true romance The couple, a writer and his publisher s assistant, are realistic and genuine I loved experiencing everything from their whirl wind weekend to the evolving trials of their long distance relationship.
Written in an easy style, Mr Wacaster offers us a feel good story that is worth staying up all night to read We give it 5 Midnight Magic Girls This is the story of Mr Impossible, Drama Baby, and Reality Check, three toddlers inhabiting the bodies of adults Within hours of meeting each other for the first time they are already calling each other by corny nicknames or generic Sweeties and Honeys No one ever gets called by their actual name, and there appears to be no reason for thiscomplex than they just can t seem to be bothered remembering what those names are I m thinking this is because they are completely shallow and self absorbed characters who spend the entire book talking about how shallow and self absorbed they are and how they don t mean to be shallow and self absorbed and how shallow and self absorbed are they compared to all the other shallow and self absorbed

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