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[ Read Online Adam á biblical-fiction PDF ] by Ariel Schrag è if you heard that the writing was deplorable, insulting to your mom, lesbians, and trans folks to boot, you might want to know that it s also racist af i picked this up out of curiosity for what the buzz was all about but eventually lost a bunch of respect for myself for doing so, asandracist comments unfolded throughout the story it s kind of terrifying that it seems like i m the first reviewer to point them out on here.
from pretty much featuring all white characters in new york of all places to comments about weird asian pussies, the cracker lez who wrote this book has got her racism on lock from the get go, Adam pictures a hot redhead as the white girl he ll fall in love with in the white version of new york there s one chapter that opens up by describing what Adam sees in queens as he first arrives in new york and it s literally full of no

An awful, repulsive, transphobic, mess.
I didn t have high expectations going into this, I ve had about enough of well intentioned cis opinions on trans people, but I was willing to give Schrag the benefit of the doubt And at first it seemed like it might actually not be that bad Yes, the protagonist is a terrible person, but the implication was that he would grow Yes, the trans people we see at the beginning of the novel were all one dimensional, self centered skater bros, but EVERY character was pretty terrible so it was just a minor annoyance.
But Adam does not grow He is just as much of a transphobe at the end of the book as at the beginning, viewing the trans bodies at Camp Trans as disgusting, and thinking of cis Seriously, why is this woman considered to be a queer icon That s not a rhetorical question Has anyone actually read any of her books They re full of hatred towards queer people, especially gender non conforming queer women Like, if a straight person said the things that she says, their books would be protested, but she s queer and she wrote some cute and insightful comic books when she was in high school nearly two decades ago, so we should just let her say this shit unchecked No In this book butch queer women are repeatedly called ugly Trans people are called ugly and freaky A straight boy pretends to be trans because trans people are oh so muchprivileged than cis people There s some racist shit thrown in there for good measure And some sexual coercion, why the fuck not Why not go all out I m sure this book s fans absolute fucking trash i m a trans guy and everything i ve heard about this makes me want to throw up.
Update This review is getting a lotattention now that they ve announced a movie, so I just want to clarify This is a bad bookIt takes me awhile in my review to wind around to that, but it s crucial that everyone know this upfront The whole plot is based on a fundamental, fucked up deception, which is not just irresponsible but downright dangerous for a community trans people who have long been derided, abused, and even murdered for being deemed deceptive I cannot believe Ariel Schrag did this, and that it s continuing to be celebrated with a movie deal The cover of this book includes the following endorsement by Alison Bechdel The sexual revolution is finally over, and Ariel Schrag has won Flavorpill loved this too Two brilliant GR ers wh Pages read 43This book is making me really uncomfortable I wanted to read this because of the LGBTQ stuff, but I ve not even gotten to that aspect Basically, I hate the MC He s a horrible person and I don t want to spend anytime in his head The only LGBT stuff that s happened is his lesbian sister telling him that a summer in NYC will make everyone at his school want to suck his dick Oh yeah, and Adam and his friend watching his sister and her girlfriend have sex The swearing and stuff in this book even makes ME uncomfortable and I m a big fan of swearing I feel like it s being intentionally crude just to shock, rather than being real.
I really wanted to love this, but it s so obviously not for me.
When I first picked up Adam, I confess I was simultaneously intrigued and repulsed by its premise You see, Adam has the audacious idea to take the standard rom com premise where someone pretends to be someone something they re not, and throw in gender norms and sexuality as a twist It all starts when 17 year old Adam goes to visit his lesbian sister in New York City for the summer He s determined to lose his virginity and make all his friends back home jealous, but finds himself surrounded by his sister s lesbian and trans friends When he falls for a lesbian at a party, Adam pretends to be trans in order to date her Done right, it has the potential to be a scurrilous take down of society and what is considered normal Done wrong, it s just plain o When Adam Freedman A Skinny, Awkward, Inexperienced Teenager From Piedmont, California Goes To Stay With His Older Sister Casey In New York City, He Is Hopeful That His Life Is About To Change And It Sure Does It Is The Summer OfGay Marriage And Transgender Rightsare In The Air, And Casey Has Thrust Herself Into A Wild Lesbiansubculture Soon Adam Is Tagging Along To Underground Clubs, Where There Are Hot Older Women Everywhere He Turns It Takes Some Time For Him To Realize That Many In This New Crowd Assume He Is Trans A Boy Who Was Born A Girl Why Else Would This Baby Faced Guy Always Be Around Then Adam Meets Gillian, The Girl Of His Dreams But She Couldn T Possibly Be Interested In Him Unless Passing As A Trans Guy Might Actually Work In His FavorAriel Schrag S Scathingly Funny And Poignant Debut Novel Puts A Fresh Spin On Questions Of Love, Attraction, Self Definition, And What It Takes To Be At Home In Your Own Skin Relentlessly transphobic, which I found personally offensive as a trans person Gratuitous use of the r word for no reason at all many other, and less offensive, terms could have been used instead Misrepresentation of trans men as misogynistic, hypersexual, assholes or them being represented as being only this way Over usage of ugly to describe butch MOC women, emphasizing the expectation of all women to adhere to cisnormative, heteronormative standards of beauty I found this especially disappointing coming from a queer woman writer I don t care if this was supposed to be a reflection of an immature and unexperienced 17 year old boy, still unnecessary The main plot line follows a 17 year old boy pretending to be trans so that he can date a 22 year old queer woman because she s so beautiful and he s too scared to venture outside of his queer sister s social world and seek out s

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[ Read Online Adam á biblical-fiction PDF ] by Ariel Schrag è izmirescort.pro Ariel Schrag was born in Berkeley, California in 1979 Her debut novel, ADAM, was published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in June 2014.She is the author of the graphic memoirs Awkward, Definition, Potential, and Likewise Simon Schuster , which chronicle her four years at Berkeley High School Potential was nominated for an Eisner Award and Likewise was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award.P