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↠´ Afraid Ü Download by ↠´ Jack Kilborn Awesome debut I wish I d written it At the end of this book is this About the Author blurbJack Kilborn prefers not to share personal details about his life He could be living anywhere Possibly near you Considering what he writes, that is a very scary thought.
Fortunately, I do know where he lives He resides in the body of author J A Konrath During the day he is harmless But at night, he sneaks out and makes Mr Konrath write these deliciously disgusting little books Or at least that is the way I imagine it.
The one thing that is clear is that Kilborn is not for everyone Afraid is a non stop action horror novel that is waist deep in blood and violence It is also very creative and very witty in a droll sick way The basic plot features an invasion of a Wisconsin town by a special forces team from Hell, figuratively speaking What they are after and who will survive is the myst It starts with a mysterious helicopter crash in the town called Safe HavenOkay, since it s called Safe Haven, you know that shit s about to go down, don t you The murders start soon An elite, highly trained, completely sociopathic, sadistic and, as if they needed another edge, chemically enhanced team of terrorists are only asking one question Where is the sheriff s brother In a town of less than one thousand people, how many can survive this attack Think of the movie Universal Soldier , but actually worth watching I like cozies I might as well be honest about that Also happy ever afters Further, in the interests of full disclosure, you should know that I read Afraid by Jack Kilborn with a view to a review because Joe Konrath dared me to do so.
He has a thick skin, and a strong stomach and anyone who reads Afraid needs both.
This is not a book to take on a fishing trip, especially if you ve left your loved ones at home, alone In fact, this book ought to come with a free membership of the NRA You ll want your Brinks alarm turned on, and a loaded shotgun under your mattress if you read Afraid in bed at night You might want one of those panic button pendants, too.
Be warned It is gruesome Afraid is the sort of book to be read aloud, in a large group Maybe journalists who need to be kept up all night for a slow to break story on Airforce One, for instan This was the first Jack Kilborn novel that I read and I was instantly hooked I loved this book the suspense, the graphic gore and violenceit was good from beginning to end You can t go wrong with a Jack Kilborn novelif you have the guts to read one Afraid is a bungee jump into pure terror, a story that plays brilliantly on all our primal fears, and stands shoulder to shoulder with the very best of Harris, Koontz, and King A classic horror novel.
ARE YOU Afraid OF THE DARK YOU WILL BE Welcome To Safe Haven, Wisconsin Miles From Everything, With One Road In And Out, This Peaceful Town Has Never Needed A Full Time Police Force Until NowA Helicopter Has Crashed Near Safe Haven And Unleashed Something Horrifying Now This Merciless Force Is About To Do What It Does Best Isolate Terrorize Annihilate As Residents Begin Dying In A Storm Of Gory Violence, Safe Haven S Only Chance For Survival Will Rest With An Aging County Sheriff, A Firefighter, And A Single Mom And Each Will Have This Harrowing Thought Maybe Death Hasn T Come To Their Town By Accident Rating 5 5OH MY GOD THIS BOOK I have no words but I ll try to find some, just so I can write a review.
Afraid is the first book by Jack Kilborn J.
A Konrath that I ve ever read, and let me tell you it s not going to be the last I was in the perfect mental state for a book like Afraid I really wanted to read something action packed, with a military experiment gone bad, and a group of people trying to survive And Afraid was exactly that, plus it was terrifying and totally gory, which I adored So, in Afraid the small town of Safe Haven gets a surprise visit from a group of physically enhanced soldiers, created to bring mayhem and distraction, when a helicopter crashes near the town None of the people has the slightest idea Jack Kilborn knows that a small town in America s heartland is the perfect place to set a horror thriller remote, surrounded by shadowy woods, and sparsely populated by residents who still live by an unlocked door policy After reading this book, residents of small towns everywhere will be locking their doors with deadbolts and going to bed with.
357 Magnums under their pillows I know I would.
The evil that descends upon this town, literally, in a helicopter, is motivated by the worst of all nightmares inflicting pain and death for the sheer enjoyment of it Sure, there is an agenda behind it all, but the reader realizes pretty quickly that the agenda is secondary to the basic goals of pain and death, in that order And pain is dispersed among the townspeople in spectacularly grisly fashion Mr Kilborn is very good at visiting every possible nightmare from biting to stabbing, from burning Afraid is the first horror novel from Jack Kilborn, aka thriller writer, JA Konrath While this novel is touted as horror, I see it of a horror action hybrid that travels at an unrelenting pace, and is inhabited by likeable heroes and vile villains Set during one harrowing evening, Afraid pits the citizens of the sleepy Wisconsin Northwood s town of Safe Haven against a special forces unit programmed with implanted computer chips and chemical enhancements to torture, maim and kill whoever gets in their way How and why are these trained killers let loose on the unsuspecting town That answer lies in the land of spoiler alerts, and I won t tread that line in this mini review Rest assured, the Safe Haven citizenry average citizens who could reside in any American town rise up and fi

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