Trailer ☆ Alcools PDF by Ï Guillaume Apollinaire

Trailer ☆ Alcools PDF by Ï Guillaume Apollinaire Best French poetry ever.
Great collection, translations seems legit my French is rather rudimentary so I m not the best judge , and the notes were fair and balanced Apollinaire s imagery is always competent, often startling and very clever I loved the blending of modern ism with mythology and even Christianity although my relationship with the religion itself is complex and dysfunctional At least here in the verse the mix of symbolism, mythologies classical, Christian, and personal , with wool gathering and a surprising and even thrilling sense of free association, creates some extremely satisfying poetic frisson It s a big collection too, really gives you the opportunity to get to know the poet gonna have to give it the old 5 stars for sheer competency, consistent beauty, and scope, although I can t really honestly put the whole of it on my favorites shelf, a Alcools, First Published In 1913 And One Of The Few Indispensable books Of Twentieth Century Poetry, Provides A Key To The Century S History And Consciousness Champion Of Cubism, Guillaume Apollinaire 1880 1918 Fashions In Verse The Sonic Equivalent Of What Picasso Accomplishes In His Cubist Works Simultaneity Apollinaire Has Been So Influential That Without Him There Would Have Been No New York School Of Poetry And No Beat Movement This New Translation Reveals His Complex, Beautiful, And Wholly Contemporary Poetry Printed With The original French On Facing Pages, This Is The Only Version Of This Seminal Work Of French Modernism Currently Available In The United States.
If you were never quite sure what the word lyricism meant, read this book Apollinaire pays his due to formal constraints such as meter and rhyme, yet never gets bogged down by them Like wily Hermes with his winged sandals, Apollinaire leaps athletically from image to image as though following the directives of some wild angelic muse, rather than obeying the dictates of ordinary terrestrial logic The result is an exciting, spontaneous, unpredictable poetry whose substance it would be impossible to render as mere prose None of it makes logical explainable sense in the way that newspapers and textbooks do, and yet it all feels perfectly right, the way that dreams and drunkenness do Moreover, Apollinaire is such a master of his medium that his heart wringingly romantic vision is never obscured by the poetic techniques he uses to express it In other words, his shado I RLY WISH I WAS BETTER AT FRENCH SO I COULD UNDERSTAND THIS BETTER BUT MY GOD IS IT BEAUTIFUL On a positive note there were some nice metaphors I guess, but that doesn t make up for the time I wasted in analyzing that ENTIRE thing God I hate French sometimes.
Apollinaire is a fascinating poet because he synthesized or presaged several early 20th century movements cubism, futurism, surrealism, modernism with his own unique vision A few of these poems are like knotty puzzles that can only be decoded via footnotes, but overall this collection is solid, and the best poems Zone, Song of the Poorly Loved, Rhenanes, The Bethrothal, The House of the Dead, Vendemiaire are sublime This edition s translator Anne Hyde Greet offers copious, helpful notes on the poems, but those same notes reveal that she sometimes leaves out portions of lines or entire lines , seemingly not for translation clarity, but simply personal preference That makes me want to try another translation for comparison.

i enjoyed bits of this it saddened me to see so much rhyme in the original French that accompanies the liberal English translations i was inspired to read Apollinaire after seeing the first few lines of Zone referenced in an introduction to Stephen Mitchell s translations of Rilke At last you re tired of this elderly worldSheperdess O Eiffel Tower this morning the bridges are bleatingYou re fed up with living in antiquity i liked a lot of the images, but i got lost in the denser poems without the signposts of meter or rhyme so much of it is like a long drunken dance, and although i can really appreciate the experimentation, it can also be a little bit too disorienting would love to read it in the original French I ve lived like a fool and I ve wasted my timeYou dare not look at your hands I want to weep all the time ZoneEveryone is old but you They were here first and are still here in their stale after life But here on this new street they are young and you are their young Their bed time piety, your staying up late to old, Jesus is the walking away beauty of parents pedestal He s the cool older girl with the who you want to be Pray into everybody s age Out of their mouths the breath to ascend Mechanical flight plans court the birds Time forgets the fish in the lower Automobile biographies, concrete wombs hide the sky I wanted to watch the rosebug apart of the rose s heart too I know the shame and the sick in big picture too big for me Real life, the kind inside If she ever returns to meI ll say to her I ll say I m happyI void my heart and headInto barrels of HadesI shit the entire skyI d rather be happyI d rather be a childI wish never to forget her O my love your florentine copulationsLeft a bitter tasteRepulsive to fateThe movement of her eyesDrew stars across the evening skyIn her look swam sirensWe fucked until we bled You laugh at yourself and the laughter crackles like hellfireThe sparks gild the ground and background of your life Your life is a painting in a dark museum And sometimes you examine it closely Regret is the cornerstone of hell Forgetfulness is heaven I shiver in the death of love I worship idols I worship memories that resemble love A thousand thousand spectral hounds Follow a trail that leads To my lovely wounds I do not pity myself any Can

Guillaume Apollinaire

Trailer ☆ Alcools PDF by Ï Guillaume Apollinaire Wilhelm Albert W odzimierz Apolinary Kostrowicki, known as Guillaume Apollinaire in French pronounced ijom ap li n was a French poet, writer, and art critic born in Italy to a Polish mother.Among the foremost poets of the early 20th century, he is credited with coining the word surrealism and writing one of the earliest works described as surrealist, the play Les Mamelles de Tir sias 1917,