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↠´ All You Get Is Me î Download by ↠´ Yvonne Prinz It s really easy to relate to this book and I love the way Roar s surroundings and personality are described, as well as the way it captures the rural lifestyle.
Okay, this was one of those that I really wanted to like, and actually thought I would like Aurora Roar is a 15 year girl who loves photography and carries her camera with her everywhere Reminds me of my daughter Yay That s where my interest stopped, unfortunately.
The premise was very interesting and had me buying the book the idea of a girl falling for a boy who happens to be the son of the woman who just happened to be responsible for killing someone you know by reckless driving.
loads of conflict, right It just didn t go anywhere for me The author could have done so much with that conflict, but in many ways, I think she took the easy way out For instance, Roar keeps it a secret from Forest that her dad is suing his mom What happens when he find Oh my gosh, I cannot believe I just won a book that only had two winners That s definitely a first for me Thank you so much, Yvonne, for picking me to get your book I m so intrigued by the giveaway blurb coming of age story that includes a legal battle that s To Kill a Mockingbird for our times Hope that doesn t give it too much to live up to, but since I haven t yet read TKaM seen the movie though it shouldn t have too much affect on it for me So looking forward to reading this Thanks again, Yvonne Updated 11 30 20103.
5 starsI really struggled with how to rate this book, because while for me 3 stars is a perfectly good rating, others may see it and think, eh, doesn t look that good, think I ll skip it But a 4 star book for me is a book I really loved, but that didn t have that little something extra that 5 star earth moving, soul touching aspect A 3 star book is a boo Roar has anything but a charmed life, but it s a life she has become accustomed too, that is until her father has an existential crisis, quits his job as an attorney, and plucks her from her city home to grow organic produce on a ramshackle farm in the middle of no where Now Roar s days are filled with dirt, farm stands and small town folk, some of which aren t too hard on the eyes While Roar grips the remnants of her old life with an iron fist, most notably her hobby as a photographer, she slowly adapts to the lifestyle associated to small town life Farming proves to be strenuous, and financially un rewarding, but there is an earnestness and sense of camaraderie that comes with working hours on in planting seedlings, picking crops and selling them about town But as Roar soon finds out, small town life doesn t always equal simple.
All I really liked how the author wrote this book The characters that she put into the story fit in very well with the story The plot was pretty interesting as well I loved reading about her life as a city girl to a farm girl and realising how everything was different.
This book surprised me Right off the name Roar put me off until I read that it was short for Aurora what a relief I m glad that I decided to give this book a go It was a fresh well paced book that was believable I loved the strong lead character and her quirky side kick This was a good moralistic coming of age story without being too overbearing Throw in a hot tortured love interest and what s not to love I highly recommend this book.
A Summer Of Love, Loss, Justice And ChickensThings Were Complicated Enough For Roar, Even Before Her Father Decided To Yank Her Out Of The City And Go Organic Suddenly, She S A Farm Girl, Albeit A Reluctant One, Selling Figs At The Farmers Market And Developing Her Photographs In A Ramshackle Shed Caught Between A Troublemaking Sidekick Named Storm, A Brooding, Easy On The Eyes LA Boy, And A Father On A Human Rights Crusade That Challenges The Fabric Of The Farm Community, Roar Is Going To Have To Tackle It All Even With Dirt Under Her Fingernails And Her Hair Pulled Back With A Rubber Band Meant For Asparagus i m a little worried that the girl s name is Roarbut maybe that s just me.
Things were complicated enough for Roar, even before her father decided to yank her out of the city and go organic Suddenly, she s a farm girl, albeit a reluctant one, selling figs at the farmers market and developing her photographs in a ramshackle shed Caught between a troublemaking sidekick named Storm, a brooding, easy on the eyes L.
A boy, and a father on a human rights crusade that challenges the fabric of the farm community, Roar is going to have to tackle it all even with dirt under her fingernails and her hair pulled back with a rubber band meant for asparagus from Goodreads.
comI sort of hate this blurb because sure, that s vaguely what the book is about but it makes it sound a bit hokey Roar is definitely not hokey A talented photographer, she s a city girl at heart but trying to make this whole farm thing work for her dad s sake Her mom fell into a deep depress This was one of those random books I picked up There wasn t anything that particularly inspired me to read it beyond the fact that it was a new release for the library The cover was nice, but no wow factor for me Even the blurb was just okay Despite this I was willing to read, mainly because I needed a break from all of the paranormal and zombie books I ve been reading lately.
In All You Get is Me, Prinz attempts to tackle some serious social issues and manages to do so without coming off as preachy Illegal immigration is a touchy point with me as I am an immigrant myself But I didn t feel like she was trying to promote illegal immigration, just make the reader aware of how those people are viewed by some Prinz also has a great way of bringing a setting to life This works wonderfully some of the time, and in fact the first few chapters really held my attention, s

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