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Í Allegiant ê Download by Ô Veronica Roth The Faction Based Society That Tris Prior Once Believed In Is Shattered Fractured By Violence And Power Struggles And Scarred By Loss And Betrayal So When Offered A Chance To Explore The World Past The Limits She S Known, Tris Is Ready Perhaps Beyond The Fence, She And Tobias Will Find A Simple New Life Together, Free From Complicated Lies, Tangled Loyalties, And Painful MemoriesBut Tris S New Reality Is Even Alarming Than The One She Left Behind Old Discoveries Are Quickly Rendered Meaningliess Explosive New Truths Change The Hearts Of Those She Loves And Once Again, Tris Must Battle To Comprehend To Complexities Of Human Nature And Of Herself While Facing Impossible Choices About Courage, Allegiance, Sacrifice, And LoveTold From A Riveting Dual Perspective, Allegiant, ByNew York Times Best Selling Author Veronica Roth, Brings The DIVERGENT Series To A Powerful Conclusion While Revealing The Secrets Of The Dystopian World That Has Captivated Millions Of Readers In DIVERGENT And INSURGENT Veronica Roth Well, I tried writing this review without there being any spoilers, but it s rather impossible for me, at least So, readers beware.
Veronica can do so much better than this, so so much The second Tobias PoV was introduced I knew Tris was going to pull some heroic sacrificial bullshit and get her ass killed I fucking knew it Not a tear was shed from me not a single fuck was given Yes, dear readers, call me a Satanist slash sadist for all I care I saw no point in this move perhaps Roth wanted to be unique and inspiring with her story nevertheless, it was still unnecessary Apart from that, Allegiant is an entirely different story, entirely different The book was confusing I wasn t pissed whilst reading, I wasn t saddened, hell, I wasn t even bored I was reading this book with a blank expression C The book starts off with this epigraph from the Erudite faction manifestoEvery question that can be answered must be answered or at least engaged Illogical thought processes must be challenged when they arise And then fantastically misses the mark Allegiant was so chock full of plot holes, unrealistic situations, contrived character development , laughable explanations, and a whole load of wtf moments And that s not even including the disastrous ending of this book How this book managed to have an epigraph about being logical is a complete mystery to meINCLUDES MASSIVE SPOILERSview spoiler Right from the get go, the book wastes little time with the petty conflict between the factions and the factionless The narrative spends a few convenient moments agonizing over the factionless vs factions dilemma and then decides to venture outside the f

I may never be happy ever again.
The fun and laughter is over I have finally read Allegiant, and I feel empty inside Empty but accepting, and understanding.
This book makes Mockingjay feel like Dr Seuss I had a few problems with it mainly that it spelled out a bit too much for the reader, lacked finesse with the handling of themes, and was sometimes pretty predictable but the character development was breathtaking, the plot was heart pounding and since it s a young adult novel, I think Veronica Roth did a pretty damn decent job Most readers are going to love it.
You know what Who gives a shit about the technicalities We re all here crying read sobbing our eye sockets dry because of that ending Veronica whispered threats into my ear, aimed a gun at my head, looked away for a moment to lull me into a false sense of security before SHOOTING MY PUPPY I Ten Hours laterWhen I don t like a series ending, I tell myself it s partially my own fault that the book suffered from my expectations In the case of Allegiant, I think it went a little beyond that Hours after finishing and sleeping on my crushing disappointment, I have to admit that very little of this book worked for me So I m turning to the device that I always turn to when I m stressed or overwhelmed with something lists As always in a review of this nature, there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS for all three books in this series I m using a cut, and it means very definite business Things that Did not Work for Me in Allegiant, a List by Kate view spoiler 1 The World BuildingWhen you think about both Divergent and Insurgent, the

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