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Trailer Ò Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, #425) PDF by ✓ Sarah Mayberry This was one Blaze novel I was glad to have read You really fell in love with Max and Maddy and their struggles with their lives I really found I couldn t put this one down It was nice and spicy too, but not overly so, that the plot vanished Great bedtime read.
I went into this expecting a lot With such good reviews and an ex ballet dancer hero, I was expecting something tremendous Unfortunately, it was nothing like that It was a woman, Maddy who has lost her meaning of life ballet and shacks up with her old roommate who is not gay, though he was a dancer , Max Now, Max has always been in love with Maddy, even when they were living together and sleeping with each other without actually doing it I know, weird masochistic French people stuff, I guess The problem was, Max was such a great guy, but it felt like he was getting ripped off by getting Maddy She was so not ready for a relationship and only needed a security blanket to get her out of her mess.
Now, Mr Security Blanket is such a hottie He s a sculptor and an ex dancer, AND he s great with kids A decent read, but n Max Laurent Has Always Wanted Maddy Green But He Let Her Go Once Before Rather Than Stand Between Her And Her Dreams Now She S On His Paris Doorstep, Needing A Place To Stay She S Just As Hot And He Wants Her Just As Much How Can He Resist Seducing Her When Maddy S World Falls Apart, It S Only Natural That She Turns To Max For Support But Fall Into His Bed Never Until One Steamy Night, That Is And Having Had A Taste Of Him, She S Hungry For Then She Has The Chance To Resume Her Career, Although It Means Leaving Him Can She Throw Away The Best Sex And The Best Friend She S Ever Had Audiobook Amorous Liaisons HQ Blaze 425 by Sara Mayberry Gabra Zachman Reader 4 To my pleasant surprise, I ended up enjoying this HQ Blaze than most I remember passing it by quite a few times when picking up the next in the audio seriesHmm french hero eh former male dancer turned artsy hero eh maybe too beta double ehOf course, because it s Murphy s Law, it s the one I should have listened to a long time ago This story reads like a 1950 romantic film in feel, if you left out the obvious difference of the sexually explicit content Maddy Green has just been given the final axe to her dancing career when she is not unexpectedly let go from her dance company after sustaining a permanent injury Dance is all she s ever known and without her dance identity she s feeling vulnerable and suddenly directionless in her life After a mental review of Sarah Mayberry is one of my very few category romance autobuys Her Blazes are my favourites, and she is, in fact, the only Blaze author I m still reading After reading the first couple of titles I bought her entire backlist, and I m doing my best to make them last.
Amorous Liaisons is a particularly good one Maddy Green s entire life has been consumed by her determination to become a prima ballerina It s all she s ever cared about, and she s pushed everything else out of her life She s finally made it, but she doesn t get much time to enjoy it As the story starts, she is forced to accept that the knee injury she s been battling with is, indeed, bad enough that she won t be able to keep dancing at the top level she s at.
Devastated, Maddy runs to the only person she s ever felt truly close to She and Max Laurent used to be roommates and best friends when they were starting out as dancer Maybe Sarah Mayberry should have checked some ballet facts before writing a book about ballet.
She s a great writer, but this book is a trainwreck.
Setting Paris.
Theme ballet, passion, grief, new beginnings, loveCharacters Maddy Green 29 years old prima ballerina Ballet is everything to her But she is at the end of her career, she hurt her knee, and the company doctor will not release her back Max Laurent 30 years old until 22 was in a ballet company, just starting out But he gave up his dream when his father was in a car accident and a paraplegic he returned to Paris to care for his father He started working on sculpting and casting, and with his father s death, he took an apartment with a studio he s giving himself a year to determine if he can make a living with his art.
Charlotte Max s sister who sees much She has a traveling husband, and 2 children the three year old diagnosed with autism Summary Max and Maddy and 3 o

I didn t like this book, and I think it was a combination of a lot of things Maddy s character was supposed to be strong and fun, but the audiobook narrator made her into a soft spoken person that didn t match the tone she should have had It was also like a cliff notes of a romance, it kept doing the one month later or a few days later thing, which was annoying Also, because I was reading another Sarah Mayberry the same time I was listening to this one, it was really sad to see some reused dialogue EditSomehow I completely forgot to mention this in the review, but one thing that bothered me was the guy s inhuman stamina I had to check a few times to make sure that I wasn t listening to a paranormal, because what he was doing was physically impossible It drove me batty that he could be up and ready to go in under a minute not even exaggerating there.
Maddy Green s world has crumbled with the lost of her career, knowing only one person who would understand, her best friend Max Laurent, but soon Maddy starts to see Max in a different light from friend to lover Maddy must choose between her love for Max and a chance to get back her career.
You always know you picked up a great book when the author offers great depth in their characters, a wonder plot and in such a format such as Harlequin Blaze Sarah Mayberry is such a great surprise Her story Amorous Liaisons doesn t just focus on art and dance but the what after the dance is over, what then Sarah gives you glimpse into the world with Maddy Maddy whose been dancing since she s been a child and finally a prima ballerina star in her own right on stage, but after a career ending knee injury, everything Maddy has worked so hard on all her life is taken away from her Lost I haven t read listened to many HQ Romances, but Amorous Liaisons is definitely my favorite to date I was a little skeptical at the beginning knowing the hero was an ex ballet dancer, but that was my own naivety because Max turned out to be smokin hot The heroine is Maddya prima ballerina who, at 29 years old, is told by physicians she can no longer dance Devastated, Maddy turns to Max, an old roommate she had become close friends with 8 years before As the story progresses, Maddy realizes her feelings for Max are moving beyond that of friendship whereas Max s feelings are simply stronger, as he has silently loved her for years The turning point for Maddy is when she spies Max taking matters into hand in the shower She stands transfixed as it is the most erotic thing she has ever seen Later that night, when they are dancing at a techno club, Maddy is all

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Trailer Ò Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, #425) PDF by ✓ Sarah Mayberry Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne, Australia, and is the middle of three children From the time that she first stole paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make books, Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition, on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing, then sat down to write a book When ins