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Ë Anna Dressed in Blood » Download by  Kendare Blake Have you ever stood in your house, listening to a quiet, unfamiliar noise, and felt the hair rise on the back of your neck Cas Lowood has, and the unholy hell of what he finds when he investigates will make you jump a little bit in your seat He s a 17 year old who kills the dead with a magic athame, just as his father did before him and now he s faced with the task of killing Anna, a homicidal ghost who was murderedthan 60 years ago.
Cas is a fantastically strong and appealing protagonist, but it s really Anna who takes center stage Imagine the visual of a pale girl with inky hair floating in a dark house, her beautiful white dress slowly drip drip dripping with blood She s deadly dangerous and full of vengeful fury, however, because I M ABOUT TO SPAM THE SHIT OUT OF YOU WITH SUPERNATURAL SHENANNIGANS SO IF GIF HAPPY REVIEWS AREN T YOUR THING, LOOK AWAY NOW.
I picked this up for one reason and one reason alone.
This past week, I had the plague given to me by a yet unidentified coworker view spoiler YOU BETTER HOPE I NEVER FIND YOU, MOTHER FUCKER hide spoiler

I don t believe in ghosts I don t believe in Ouji boards, aliens, loch ness monsters, abominable snowmen, poltergeists, republicans or any of that other stuff.
My little brother makes me watch those ghost hunter documentaries I m using that term lightly and tries to show me the DARN FACTS, DAMNIT KATE WHY CAN T YOU SEE THAT THEY RE REAL Funny how he believes in ghosts but not the continued statistical evidence that indicates women still suffer from inequality and, yes little brother, even in western society Cue eye roll So keep that in mind when I say that this book scared the shit out of me.
Nothing is less fun then getting up in the middle of a dark night to tend to your son You re creeping through the halls thinking over and over in your head, Ghosts aren t real Ghosts aren t real Fuck what was that Nothing, okay That was Don t forget to check out the epic interview story with Kendare Blake over at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog Actual rating 2.
5 starsSometimes you read books that are visibly bad So bad, in fact, that they make you want to throw yourself head first out a window, but you keep on reading and reading You might even feel yourself losing your will to live about halfway through But somehow, by the end of the book, you end up liking it anyway because it entertained you The badness was just that entertaining Then, there are other books that are really good books, but just do nothing for you Anna Dressed in Blood was the latter for me There was nothing wrong with this book It s just that ghost books and I don t get along I typically stay away from only two paranormal creatures ghosts and zombies I probably would have never picked this book up on my Dear Kendare Blake,Sincerely,A girl who never sleeps with the lights off.
Before I jump into raving about this deliciously creepy book, I have to give you some backround details I don t do horror The only exception to my stay away from things that will disturb your beauty sleep rule is the summer I spent binge watching Supernatural, and let s just say that my motivations to start this series were far from noble.
Yes, I am that shallow But the thing is, after the first few nights I couldn t look at the ceiling without imagining a dead woman hanging and bursting into flames, I became seriously addicted to the story of the gorgeous and badass ghost vampire demon hunting brothers And Anna Dressed in Blood took me back to those wonderful, spooky daysMove, hunt, kill Like lather, rinse, and repeatTheseus Cassio Cas Lowood is a ghost hunter, just like his father before him, and his Oh Anna you strong, saucy, serial killing, ripping bodies in two ghostess with the mostess where have you been all my life This book is a few menu items to the right of my normal literary diet and so I want extend a warm thank you to my YA sommeliers, Emily May, Wendy Darling and Maja, for turning me on to this You took right and proper care of me with this recommendation, and while I couldn t quite bring myself to give away the 4th star, I did find mucho to enjoy about this novel plan to grab the sequel when it comes out after it s been properly vetted and cleared by the YA Triumvirate PLOT SUMMARY With all of the wonderful reviews already committed to GR for this novel, I ll keep this portion fairly sweet Meet young Dean Winchester Cas Lowood Cas travels around the country with his Wiccan Mother killing so to speak ghostsDa Anna Dressed in Blood was a surprisingly good read I m not exactly sure what I was expecting, something typical of young adult urban fantasy perhaps same old characters, lots of romancing, maybe even an interesting little mystery to give the book some semblance of plot if we re lucky I was really quite pleased with this exciting, slightly spooky, and wholly entertaining start to the series I cannot stress highly enough how glad I am that Kendare Blake wrote a romance that was gradually introduced as the story moved along and the characters developed It would have been so easy and not at all unexpected for the author to just create an insta loving, destiny bound pair, completely devoid of all chemistry First off, I feel I should discuss the cover art I know, I know everyone loves this cover Unfortunately it doesn t do anything for me Look, I stopped being fooled wowed by cover art after reading Fallen That s a lie the cover for the third Paranormalcy book makes me ridiculously happy, but at least I m fairly certain I ll like that book since I like the first two books in the series In my opinion the following would have made a better cover for Anna Dressed in Blood Infinitely better, don t you think I mean, at least she s actually dressed in blood.
Moving onYou know how Cake Pops are the newest, coolest thing in baked goods And everyone s all O mai, it ss teh caaaaaaaake popssssssss And you re standing there thinking, sure they re cute but they re just little glorified cupcakes on sticks Well, let me start by sayin Cas Lowood Has Inherited An Unusual Vocation He Kills The DeadSo Did His Father Before Him, Until He Was Gruesomely Murdered By A Ghost He Sought To Kill Now, Armed With His Father S Mysterious And Deadly Athame, Cas Travels The Country With His Kitchen Witch Mother And Their Spirit Sniffing Cat They Follow Legends And Local Lore, Destroy The Murderous Dead, And Keep Pesky Things Like The Future And Friends At BaySearching For A Ghost The Locals Call Anna Dressed in Blood, Cas Expects The Usual Track, Hunt, Kill What He Finds Instead Is A Girl Entangled In Curses And Rage, A Ghost Like He S Never Faced Before She Still Wears The Dress She Wore On The Day Of Her Brutal Murder InOnce White, Now Stained Red And Dripping With Blood Since Her Death, Anna Has Killed Any And Every Person Who Has Dared To Step Into The Deserted Victorian She Used To Call HomeYet She Spares Cas S Life Just your average boy meets girl, girl kills people story.
5 starsNot many authors can scare you to death by eliciting vivid, gruesome imagery and, at the same time, take your breath away with sheer beauty of their prose I never expected Kendare Blake to be one of those authors that s why her book took me completely by surprise It was very different from what I thought it would be When I choose a book based on a beautiful cover and an intriguing title and yes, I really AM that shallow , especially one that none of my friends have read, I usually end up disappointed Anna Dressed in Blood undoubtedly looks amazing and has a memorable title, but the most interesting part is right where it should be between the covers.
Cassius Theseus Lowood grew up in an unconventional family His mother is a white witch and his father was in the business of killing the dead for the second ti

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Ë Anna Dressed in Blood » Download by  Kendare Blake So, I write books The Anna Dressed in Blood duo is horror, The Goddess War trilogy is mythology, and Sleepwalk Society is contemporary, because the world don t move to the beat of just one drum What might be right for you, may not be right for some Love to read, too Fiction, philosophy, good books, bad books, because you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have a st