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[ Pdf Astrology for a yogi æ cocktails PDF ] by Kashiraja Massimo Barbagallo Ò this book helped me to understand the deeper art science of vedic astrology also i liked that it s based on the teachings of Yogananda and the line of Kriya Gurus from Autobiography of a Yogi.
As a practising astrologer, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in astrology and or a spiritual path.
Dr Massimo Barbagello has managed to make reasonably difficult concepts extremely readable by knitting together his expert knowledge of both vedic astrology and classical yoga.
He brings to life the planets and constellations with their elemental natures, and supports his astrological assertions with well chosen quotes and background knowledge of Yogic Masters.
This is a lovely book and well worth a read.
Highly recommended.
This Book Explains How Vedic Astrology Is Practically Relevant For Everybody, And How We Can Use It To Improve Our Awareness And Receive Intuitive Guidance For Happiness Although The Book Is Titled Astrology For A Yogi, It Doesn T Really Require Any Previous Knowledge In Either Yoga Or Astrology, As Your Interest In Reading It Makes You A Beginner Yogi Already At The Same Time, Experienced Yogis And Astrologers Will Find Plenty Of Depth In The Subjects Covered, And Even Professional Astrologers Might Be Interested In This Unique Perspective On Yogic Astrology Kashiraja Massimo Barbagallo Practices Meditation, Yoga And Vedic Astrology Following The Teachings Of Yogananda, Indian Yogi And Author Of Autobiography Of A Yogi Kashiraja Obtained His PhD In Physics At The University Of Cambridge, Where He Spent Almost As Much Time Rowing As Working In The Lab Of Italian Origin, He Immigrated To Los Angeles In To Eat The Abundant Free Citrus Fruits In His Spare Time He Likes To Bake Cookies This book is good at explaining the basic principles of Vedic astrology to people who are interested in using it as a tool for spiritual development For those with prior astrological knowledge, it brings up some interesting subjects to consider, and Dr Barbagallo also does a good job of explaining the basics of jyotish to someone who has not studied anything about it He brings in many examples through the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, so this work may also be interesting to those who are devotees of this great teacher Written in a very personal style, it is an entertaining and informative read.
If you re looking for a how to or reference book, this isn t it But if you want to meet a friendly, expert astrologer, who will invite you into his home, bake you cookies, and let you watch him work, then Kashiraja s your guy Astrology for a yogi is inspiring if you want to learn astrology, good spiritual guidance for your practice if you already do it, and a helpful interpretation aid if you ve had an astrological reading done for you that you d like to understand better.
This is the perfect book if you want to know how to practice astrology, why you should even care about astrology and the benefits of learning about it It is fairly short but packed full of information and real life examples of astrological readings and their relation to the individual One great things about this book is that it not only teaches you how to relate to the stars in this moment but also how you can use them as a guide to further your spiritual evolution I highly recommend this book While there are a lot of good astrology books available, this is the only book that I am aware of that teaches Vedic Astrology based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, and his guru Sri Yukteshwar This is a brilliant book, a treasure, filled with deep wisdom I loved reading it

This book is an excellent introduction into the complex subject of Vedic Astrology Jyotish The explanations are clear and insightful and provide a good starting point for anyone unfamiliar with the science, whose ultimate and supreme aim lest we forget is aiding the person on the spiritual path.
Astrology for a yogi approaches the ancient science of vedic astrology from a scientific and pragmatic perspective we are all influenced by the orientation of our physical selves in the cosmos We can chose to ignore this influence, or we can tune in to receive guidance and learn what life would teach us The astrology he explains is a far cry from the trite, what s your sign or daily paper horoscopes.
I found it a great read I was curious about astrology, but also sheepishly concerned about the Western notion that astrology is not scientific what would my science friends think The book outlines the nuanced interactions and energies of the sun, moon and planets, and makes sense of how and why we can tune into these e Prior to reading this book I had very little knowledge of astrology and even less of vedic astrology This book is excellent for beginners and advanced astrologers It is written very clearly, even complex topics are explained in a very accessible way I ve read it several times and every time I discover something new that I didn t notice before It has a lot of information on the technical aspect of astrology, but what makes this book so great is that it focuses on developing your intuition when reading a chart Another great point of this book is that instead of saying that your chart is a predicament of what your life is and will be, it teaches how to use the chart to improve yourself and your life All in all, I would definit

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[ Pdf Astrology for a yogi æ cocktails PDF ] by Kashiraja Massimo Barbagallo Ò izmirescort.pro Kashiraja Massimo Barbagallo practices meditation, yoga and Vedic astrology following the teachings of Yogananda, Indian yogi and author of Autobiography of a yogi Kashiraja obtained his PhD in Physics at the University of Cambridge, where he spent almost as much time rowing as working in the lab Of Italian origin, he immigrated to Los Angeles in 2012 to eat the abundant free citrus fruits In