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Download Epub Format Ì Beguiled PDF by ô Deeanne Gist This was an author combo book Deanne usually writes her own historical romantic fiction This time there is an element of an unsolved crime The story has Rylee, dog walker to the rich in historic Charleston, getting involved with a series of burglaries that just seem to cross her path She needs this job as she has her only grandmother in a nursing home to take care of She s trying to make ends meet Logan Woods is a reporter who is also writing a book based on the burglaries, but can t finish his book until the crime is solved He starts to investigate Rylee as the crimes all seem to happen to clients of hers Solve the crime finish the book.
First of all, you need to know that this is not your typical Deeanne Gist novel It s not Historical it does not have her trademark edgy romance vibe nor is it really a Romance I would have to classify it as Mystery Suspense with a light romantic vein To me, it felt like this story showedof J Mark Bertrand s writing style, since he comes from a hard boiled crime thriller background as stated on the back cover , than Deeanne s I kept waiting for her edgy romance to shine through, but was really disappointed A few romantic parts I thought had the potential to turn edgy , but they stayed low key Taking all of this into consideration, it was a pretty good readif you enjoy a good mystery, which I do on occasion You will most likely be on the edge of your seat trying to figure out who the bad guy s is are I stuck with my gut feeling, and turned o When Novelists Deeanne Gist And J Mark Bertrand First Met In A Houston Critique Group, They Never Expected Where Friendship Would Take Them She Wrote Romance He Wrote Crime Novels But Growing Respect For Each Other S Work Culminated In The Decision To Try Blending Their Talents Into This Wonderfully Engaging Story Merging Romance And MysteryRylee Monroe Walks Dogs In Old Money Charleston, A Part Of The City Recently Targeted By A Daring Thief Logan Woods Works The Crime Beat For The Local Paper But Dreams Of A Life As A Nonfiction Writer When The String Of Robberies Takes A Strange Twist, Logan Sees The Making Of A Once In A Lifetime Book That Seems To Circle Around This Charming, Eye Catching Dogwalker But Pursuing The Truth Means Ignoring That He Seems To Be Falling For Her And What Is She Hiding In Her Past That Could Crack The Story Wide Open As a previous reviewer mentioned, this Early Reviewer book had no mention in its description that it is a Christian mystery fiction In fact there s nothing in the book s description itself that implied it might have any Christian references or go in any direction other than a romance suspense Since I wasn t expecting it, I was surprised when out of the blue there was a mention of Christ and devotional praying suddenly on page 44 It confused me b c there wasn t another mention for that manypages If anything that angle of the book felt forced and like it was stuck in there to meet a publishing requirement It didn t naturally flow with the storyline or characters I will admit that Christian fiction isn t my taste, but I recently read Susan May Warren s first book of the PJ Sugar series for an early review and actually enjoyed it return return All that being said, I Beguiled is a Christian romance with a strong suspense element The romance started out as Oh, he is sooo handsome, and look at his BMW and Wow, her legs go from here to there in that miniskirt as in, solely physical attraction, but they did eventually get around to appreciating the kindness and other personality traits of each other.
The main characters were very earnest, and they dealt with realistic issues The suspense was well written and was mainly created by the threat of physical harm to Rylee from a stalker, false accusations threatening to ruin her business, and wondering who was behind the robberies The vivid details of the setting brought the area alive in my imagination.
The Christian element mainly was a few reminders to the main characters that they needed to read the Bible, at 3 1 2 starsI received this book from LIbraryThing s Early Reviewers program.
Rylee Monroe is a dogwalker for the elite in Charleston When he clients find themselves being robbed by a thief nicknamed Robin Hood, she finds herself becomingandinvolved as she is the link between the victims.
Logan Woods is the reporter on the story for the paper He finds himself intrigued by not only the story, but also Rylee I found myself liking most of the book, but Rylee s character was a bit of a disappointment She did a number of very stupid things and it irritated me quite a bit I just didn t find myself really liking her very much Logan on the other hand, was a much better developed character He was likable The romance between the 2 was enjoyable and d What do you get when you combine Old South charm, romance, and suspense Beguiled by Deeanne Gist and Mark Bertrand.
Rylee Monroe is a young lady whose past haunts her She s not quite sure about it, and has some memories that lurk just below the surface In spite of it all she s relatively happy, enjoys her work as a dog walker, and loves taking care of her elderly grandmother.
All of this changes when a series of petty burglaries put her in the spotlight As a result of this she finds danger and romance More importantly, she finds answers to her past.
Logan Woods is a reporter who is working on the burglary case as well as seeking to solve it so that he can write a book about it He finds himself drawn to Rylee in ways that may compromise his Beguiled A Novel By Deeanne Gist, J.
Mark BertrandSuspenseful and fast paced, this first collaboration between Gist and Bertrand, is an action packed mystery romance Set in a richly detailed Charlotte, South Carolina, struggling heroine Kylee Monroe is a dog walker with a puzzling past and shackled heart who unwittingly lands smack in the middle of a baffling crime spree Local journalist and aspiring book author Logan Woods is covering the story soon finding himself entangled inthan he bargained for As past secrets emerge and an all but forgotten history reveals itself, both Kylee and Logan must learn to trust in, and put faith in, not only God and each other, but the people surrounding them as well A riveting read with a fulfilling conclusion, Beguiled is hopefully the first in manycollaborations between these two very talented authors.

I really enjoyed this novel however, it was rather slower The way that I would describe this book was to be a decent show that you would get into if it was on, but you wouldn t seek it out to just watch it for the pleasure of it The characters were very developed and the story line well thought out I enjoyed the complexity of the overall plot, I just wish that the climatic ending would have beenthroughout the story except for just at the very end.
Ugh I m just going to say it right up front I did not enjoy this book.
Imagine this scenario Take Christian aspiring romantic fiction novelist Combine her with an acclaimed, yet has only written one book Christian suspense writer Now have them write a book combining both of their interests suspense and describing attractive people Yeah It didn t work.
Not only was the descriptions of both Rylee and Logan cringingly awkward, but their entire romance was just ehh They were cute together and I appreciated his concern for her safety, but they went from zero to ninety in a week or two Annoyingly, unbelievably fast Obviously they were attracted to each other I had to spend half the book listening to them moon on about each other s stunning muscles, long legs, attractive figures, tempting lips, etc, etc, etc It was like a trashy romance novel turned Christian.

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Download Epub Format Ì Beguiled PDF by ô Deeanne Gist Deeanne Gist has rocketed up bestseller lists and captured readers everywhere with her original, captivating historicals Her latest release,