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[ Pdf Bipolar Expeditions: Mania and Depression in American Culture ½ quilting PDF ] by Emily Martin ½ Manic Behavior Holds An Undeniable Fascination In American Culture Today It Fuels The Plots Of Best Selling Novels And The Imagery Of MTV Videos, Is Acknowledged As The Driving Force For Successful Entrepreneurs Like Ted Turner, And Is Celebrated As The Source Of The Creativity Of Artists Like Vincent Van Gogh And Movie Stars Like Robin Williams Bipolar Expeditions Seeks To Understand Mania S Appeal And How It Weighs On The Lives Of Americans Diagnosed With Manic Depression Anthropologist Emily Martin Guides Us Into The Fascinating And Sometimes Disturbing Worlds Of Mental Health Support Groups, Mood Charts, Psychiatric Rounds, The Pharmaceutical Industry, And Psychotropic Drugs Charting How These Worlds Intersect With The Wider Popular Culture, She Reveals How People Living Under The Description Of Bipolar Disorder Are Often Denied The Status Of Being Fully Human, Even While Contemporary America Exhibits A Powerful Affinity For Manic Behavior Mania, Martin Shows, Has Come To Be Regarded As A Distant Frontier That Invites Exploration Because It Seems To Offer Fame And Profits To Pioneers, While Depression Is Imagined As Something That Should Be Eliminated Altogether With The Help Of Drugs Bipolar Expeditions Argues That Mania And Depression Have A Cultural Life Outside The Confines Of Diagnosis, That The Experiences Of People Living With Bipolar Disorder Belong Fully To The Human Condition, And That Even The Most So Called Rational Everyday Practices Are Intertwined With Irrational Ones Martin S Own Experience With Bipolar Disorder Informs Her Analysis And Lends A Personal Perspective To This Complex Story i had to give it back because it was an interlibrary loan, but it is great ethnography of bipolar disorder in contemp society PLUS, as an added bonus for yours truly and other econ minded folks, chapters on the links btwn bipolar disorder and contemporary, market driven society i plan to buy, read and teach it for sure.
This book was basically my life for a whole semester.
Emily Martin s Bipolar Expeditions takes a focused look at United States culture and society, particularly in regards to how it views people with bipolar disorder and to an extent other mental illness as well Her work in this book suggests that in a country that is so geared towards viewing success in economic and political terms, different aspects of bipolar are both revered and feared To a critical outside observer, the slowing down and introverted aspects of depression associated with bipolar can be viewed as succumbing to the pressures of what is deemed normal life, while the hectic side of bipolar, mania, is almost viewed as a type of creative energy that keeps pushing against all odds to achieve this nebulous idea of s I read this for an Culture and Personality course at Purdue University I enjoyed the book It gave a different perspective on bipolar disorder in the United States than other books I have read It appeared to be coming from the point of view of the patient at some points instead of just from the point of views of doctors and researchers I would recommend it to any one interested in mental illness as it is presented in the United States.
An excellent, and clearly written, ethnography of people with bipolar disorder in the United States The analysis is top notch, of course since it s Emily Martin , but it s also moving and occasionally funny.
The description leads one to believe the book is all about celebrities with mental illness Thankfully, there wasn t much of that I appreciated the personal accounts from support groups and grand rounds.
Too epidemiological and anthropological for me.
i m just in the first chapter after a long introgood info on researcher as insider outsider though for all you geeky methodologists Martin s examination of rationality and irrationality brings up many interesting questions She looks at things through the lens of an American culture that prizes mania in some people under certain circumstances, yet reviles it and is repulsed by it in others in various contexts Her generalization of an entrepreneurial American culture is not fully explained nor supported Martin explores the boundaries of normality and how decisions are made about who is sane and who is insane Her argument that rationality and irrationality are not bounded categories, but rather overlapping and intertwining, being possible and observable in all people, is extremely compelling Would give the book 3.
5 stars Examines mania s ties to creativity and, breaking new ground, suggests how modern culture purposely incites and harnasses mania in movers and shakers and Type A personalities to fuel capitalism.

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