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¸ Born at Midnight ç Download by Ì C.C. Hunter This book doesnt have a love triangle It has a love hyper rectangle I mean the potential love interests throws themselves at the main character wherever she goes.
So if youre a die hard Twilight fan this book might be for youThe main character is 16 year old Kylie,her parents are getting a divorce and she keeps seeing this weird figure on her front lawn thats invisible to everyone else but her.
To get away from it all she goes to a party that ends badly when the police breaks up the party, with her being arrested because the police who broke up the party found some drugs And then she gets sent off to a camp for troubled teens Troubled teens being an euphemish for troubled supernatural teens.
I have to admit I had so many issues with this book.
At first I respected Kylie for wanting to save her virginity for so Meet Lucas and Derek on the Bewitched Bookworms First of, isn t the cover super super pretty I love that cover and after reading the synopsis I knew I had to read this book and I was happy enough to get my hand on a ARC, woohoo Loved this book It s about Kylie trying to figure out who she really is, specially in terms of supernatural species Kylie is stuck in between the divorce of her parents and this hits her really hard After being caught at a Party where some kids where doing drugs, her shrink poposed to send her to a Camp for special kids There she learns that there is a whole supernatural world out there, Vamps, Werewolves, Faeries, you name it they all exists And this Camp is a place where kids can learn about the other species and learn to live with their sp Don T Miss This Spectacular New Series That Will Steal Your Heart And Haunt Your Dreams, Welcome To Shadow Falls Camp, Nestled Deep In The Woods Of A Town Called Fallen One Night Kylie Galen Finds Herself At The Wrong Party, With The Wrong People, And It Changes Her Life Forever Her Mother Ships Her Off To Shadow Falls A Camp For Troubled Teens, And Within Hours Of Arriving, It Becomes Painfully Clear That Her Fellow Campers Aren T Just Troubled Here At Shadow Falls, Vampires, Werewolves, Shapeshifters, Witches And Fairies Train Side By Side Learning To Harness Their Powers, Control Their Magic And Live In The Normal WorldKylie S Never Felt Normal, But Surely She Doesn T Belong Here With A Bunch Of Paranormal Freaks Either Or Does She They Insist Kylie Is One Of Them, And That She Was Brought Here For A Reason As If Life Wasn T Complicated Enough, Enter Derek And Lucas Derek S A Half Fae Who S Determined To Be Her Boyfriend, And Lucas Is A Smokin Hot Werewolf With Whom Kylie Shares A Secret Past Both Derek And Lucas Couldn T Be Different, But They Both Have A Powerful Hold On Her Heart Even Though Kylie Feels Deeply Uncertain About Everything, One Thing Is Becoming Painfully Clear Shadow Falls Is Exactly Where She Belongs I thought it was pretty good Not a big fan of love triangles but this one wasn t as bad as some Happy Reading Mel SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK I SWEAR IT HAS EVERYTHING I LOVE IN A STORY Basically the worst book I ve ever read personally Hated the characters, story, how judgemental Kylie was, etc This used to have a review, but then a troll came along, and I realized that this review would probably attract many , so I just took it down.
One of the worst books I ve read this year The main character was immature, insensitive, and shallow She compared learning that she was in some way supernatural, with her possibly having a brain tumor All she could talk about was how terrible it would be to have to buy some wigs and that she hoped she had cancer over being not human Are you kidding me The romance was a joke and poorly written I honestly hated it Most of the book she thinks of her ex who was a real sleazeball Then she meets someone that kind of looks like him and decides she likes him Then later a new guy as well The setting was a let down It could have been a lot of fun to read about a summer camp of witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, etc Like Percy Jackson or something This was nothing, like Percy Jackso

Let s play a guessing game Ready Is it a fairy No.
Is it a vampire No.
Is it a werewolf NO.
Is it a nnoying YES On page 205 of Born at Midnight, the boring, flat, typical main character, Kylie, is in the same position she was in on page 50 I meanexactsame position She s at a summer camp for supernatural creatures Her shrink recommended it to her mom because the shrink is half fairy and can recognize the signs of supernatural gifts.
SO What isKylie, you may ask Well, not one really knows No one really wants to tell her, either or the reader for that matter Expecting us to salivate over the possibilities, the author is playing keep away with something that NO ONE REALLY CARES ABOUT ANYWAY Here is an actual conversation from the book between Kylie and her mentor an irritating woman named Holiday who is supposed to come off as intelligent, but g A couple of years ago I went with my friends to see the movie Sinister it had become sort of a tradition of ours to go out all together maybe once a month and see whatever shitty scary movie was playing at the cinema We ve seen some terrible ones and some surprisingly good ones, and I think the worst was probably Sinister Towards the end, as scary movies often do, it got ridiculous, and we were screaming with laughter at the little kids in the hallway and the bad mask and the CGI andI m crying thinking about it.
My friend leans over to me at this point and whispers, There s no redeeming this, and I laughed so hard I nearly shit my pants And it speaks beautifully of my experience with this book there s no redeeming it, not even if it makes you laugh, which it probably won t.
Because there s Oh yeah, this is what I call an entertaining book.
I don t have a deep quote to share with you all, for the simple reason that this is a light, colourful and diverting story It didn t blow my mind, didn t take my breath away or sweep me off my feet, but it sure as hell took away my boredom for a good nine hours And this is what I wanted and needed, so I m fully ish satisfied.
Kylie can see ghosts They follow her everywhere and she doesn t know how to control this gift she has After her parent s divorce, her mom decides to send her to a camp for delinquents Except, when she gets there, she realizes that Shadow Falls camp is way than she expected, with vampires, fairies, werewolves and healers roaming around the place Luckily, she befriends Della and Miranda, both of whom try to help her feel like she belongs and finding out what she

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