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↠´ Read ✓ Columbine by Dave Cullen ↠´ The Tragedies Keep Coming As We Reel From The Latest Horror So Begins A New Epilogue, Illustrating How Columbine Became The Template For Nearly Two Decades Of Spectacle Murders It Is A False Script, Seized Upon By A Generation Of New Killers In The Wake Of Newtown, Aurora, And Virginia Tech, The Imperative To Understand The Crime That Sparked This Plague Grows Urgent Every YearWhat Really Happened April ,The Horror Left An Indelible Stamp On The American Psyche, But Most Of What We Know Is Wrong It Wasn T About Jocks, Goths, Or The Trench Coat Mafia Dave Cullen Was One Of The First Reporters On Scene, And Spent Ten Years On This Book Widely Recognized As The Definitive Account With A Keen Investigative Eye And Psychological Acumen, He Draws On Mountains Of Evidence, Insight From The World S Leading Forensic Psychologists, And The Killers Own Words And Drawings Several Reproduced In A New Appendix Cullen Paints Raw Portraits Of Two Polar Opposite Killers They Contrast Starkly With The Flashes Of Resilience And Redemption Among The Survivors After reading this book, pen in hand, my copy was so marked up with scrawls and underlining that there might have been a second book written in the margins I wish I could say it was praise for the author s insight into the Columbine tragedy, but instead it was sheer incredulity at the number of mistakes, lies, and misperceptions Cullen is trying to pass off as truth If your only exposure to Columbine was watching it unfold live on tv, and then maybe reading a few magazine articles, you will probably rate this book five stars.
But if you ve spent years studying Columbine and other school shootings, if you ve read the 12,000 documents available online including the witness interviews and the the shooters journals you be able to understand how Cullen seems to I wrote the book, so I ll forego rating it, just thought it should show up my list so you would find me But I m new to goodreads, so tell me if I m going about it all wrong Thanks.

I used to think that the Columbine massacre would be the defining event of my generation, the one friends and I would discuss years later, trading where you when stories like I d heard my parents do when remembering John F Kennedy It seemed so monumental at the time I was a senior in high school, the same age as the killers The media attention was omnipresent and relentless and soon even at my small town school and when I say small town, I mean it, not the way the news will describe a sleepy hamlet of 30,000 , everyone began looking askance at the outsiders, the loners, the kids who came to school dressed in black and roamed the halls with a look on their faces like they hated the world, and it deserved it.
How surreal was it to turn on the television about a year later, after class in my freshman dorm room, to see the students from my high school running from the building, fleei What does it matter that two crazy teenagers shot 12 other teenagers and one teacher to death at a school somewhere in the American Midwest over ten years ago It was just another school shooting and since then we have had Virginia Tech which accounted for nearly three times as many victims, didn t it, not to mention any amount of death and catastrophe in places other than schools Why should anyone want to write a book about this particular school shooting a decade down the line Why should we waste onethought on this loathsome pair Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold It s a reasonable question and this book has a 400 page answer Eric was the driving force and Dylan named after Thomas not Bob was the depressive suicidal kid who was sucked into Eric s mania They

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