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[Melissa Darnell] ✓ Crave [high-school PDF] Ebook Epub Download Þ I promise you that when you pick up Crave you will not be able to put it down The opening alone will have you glued to the pages The world that Darnell has created is nothing like I ve read before and it was so refreshing to read something totally different than what I had expected it to be I knew that it had to somehow do with Vampires, but trust me when I say that it was so much than that It s a very unique story and super entertaining.
Crave is full of secrets, magic, and lots of forbidden rules that Tristen and Savannah just love to break It s fast paced and put together really well Not once was I lost or confused about anything Melissa Darnell has a great imagination and a way with words It was not hard at all to picture the characters, events, and Reviewed at a book with a gorgeous cover and an intriguing premise that unfortunatelly didn t work for me at allI mean as soon as I started reading this book,I was beyond certain I had a winner in my hands,only for that impression to rapidly changeThe prologue was amazing It gave you certain glimpses into the main characters thoughts and a prelude of what was to come.
To say that I was beyond excited and intrigued by such a prologue would be an understatment.
The first chapters were also pretty much okWe get to learn about the world building,about vampires,witches,The Clann and the vampire council and pretty much everything that plays a crucial role in this story.
So,I was glued to my pages,eager to see what happens next.
The problem with Crave though,was that nothing,absolutely nothing happens next,well,apart from Savannah Colbert Has Never Known Why She S So Hated By The Kids Of The Clann Nor Can She Deny Her Instinct To Get Close To Clann Golden Boy Tristan Coleman Especially When She Recovers From A Strange Illness And The Attraction Becomes Nearly Irresistible It S As If He S A Magnet, Pulling Her Gaze, Her Thoughts, Even Her Dreams Her Family Has Warned Her To Have Nothing To Do With Him, Or Any Members Of The Clann But When Tristan Is Suddenly Everywhere She Goes, Savannah Fears She S Destined To FailFor Years, Tristan Has Been Forbidden To Even Speak To Savannah Colbert Then Savannah Disappears From School For A Week And Comes Back Different, And Suddenly He Can T Stay Away Boys Seem Intoxicated Just From Looking At Her His Own Family Becomes Stricter Than Ever And Tristan Has To Fight His Own Urge To Protect Her, To Be Near Her No Matter The Consequences When Savannah Colbert was in the fourth grade, her best friends and the boy she loved suddenly began avoiding her like the plague Now, in high school, Savannah is still being shunned and bullied by the kids of the Clann Savannah has heard the rumors that the members of the powerful Clann know how to use magic, but that doesn t explain why they treat her like a freak She s just a regular girl isn t she Well, she thought she was, until a sudden illness brought on some pretty drastic, and definitely noticeable, changes Now guys that never gave her a second look can t seem to look away Savannah discovers some pretty potent secrets about herself and her family Secrets that were kept from her in order for her to have a normal life Well, life is anything but normal now.
Tristan Coleman is the Prince of Jacksonville High School , and Savannah has been fighting her feelings for him ev This book is a single serving of everything on the YA menu You ve got witches, vampires, and star crossed loves, combined with the clich d cliques of high school It s a buffet with a side order of cheese a lot of cheese I liked the better part of the beginning of the book and when I say the better part, we re talking the first three pages or so I thought the first page that gave me a glimpse of Savannah s and Tristan s natural reactions toward each other were a good preamble to this story And when I turned the page to the Prologue, I was already salivating for Sadly, this book started out pretty strong but let up with its intensity in the middle You d think that the story would take off even after Savannah found out she was a half vampire, half witch But it didn t It got even slower, if that was even possible There were so many parts of this stor read This Review More Like It On My Blog 2.
5 out of 5With one of the few prologues that has excited me rather than dismayed me, Crave was an experience from start to finish This supernatural young adult novel is a very hard beast for me to categorize within my usual systems One one hand, there were so many cliches and unnecessary elements that felt like filler, but on the other hand I had fun reading the novel and was intrigued by the lore mythology of this supernatural world Melissa Darnell s Crave has had several ratings from me in the day of reading and two days of analyzing I ve had with it From a 3, rationalized to a 2, again rationalized to a 2.
5 out of 5 as the fairest I can do for this novel with my extreme mixed emotions Savannah and Tristan s stor Romeo and Juliet had it easy compared to these twoSavannah and Tristan are descendents from a line of witches called The Clann When the two were just twelve years old, they had a pretend wedding the end result Savannah s family got kicked out of The Clann and Savannah shunned by all their children Once high school began, Savannah was all but used to their taunts and misbehavior, but the attraction for Tristan still ran deep When Savannah gets really sick her freshman year, her single mother finally tells her the truth Her father was not only a vampire, but an incubus, meaning Savannah can draw energy from both blood or a kiss, which is why The Clann freaked out when she kissed Tristan, their leader s son Now Savannah s drowning in r An enticing mix of forbidden love, magic, betrayal, and heartache, this romance will leave your craving Melissa Darnell s beautifully told love story mixed with a rich vampire and witch mythology creates on of this year s most spellbinding paranormal romances.
Sav is a unique character I liked getting to know She s feisty, level headed and fun She also has an inner strength I admired about her She s someone who at one time she had a lot of friends, and has since become some what of a loner, all because of something that happened during her childhood One day the clann kids, along with her childhood crush were no longer welcome to play with Sav, let alone talk to her any, and she s never really understood why The Clann are kids who come from a powerful line of witches, and they not only rule the school, but their parents run the tow

I can t figure out why the ratings aren t better on this book I loved it And I am picky about vampire books This was unique and creative and addictive I can t wait for the next one there is a next one right There HAS to be a next one Let me save you some time this book is a paranormal romance There is precisely one chapter the very last one devoted to any sort of magic lasting than a few paragraphs ALL of the magic, however, involves the tragic separation of these star crossed lovers in some way There is nothing else going on here except for a romance between two characters who are harmless but so blandly unremarkable that they are actually perfectly suited for each other Every conversation, every secondary character, and every plot line revolves around Tristan and Savannah A paranormal romance that focuses on the relationship than anything else could be okay if the romance were actually interesting, but after reading countless passages devoted to their interactions as managers of the s

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