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[ Pdf Daughters of the Witching Hill ¿ young-readers PDF ] by Mary Sharratt À This is a very compelling story with substance, one with strong women characters that resonates intellectually and emotionally It s based on the true story of the infamous and well documented Pendle witch trials of 1612 The story is filled with atmosphere and poignant relationships showing not only the very human side of these women being accused of witch craft, but also the religious zealotry that fueled the fear There is also a timelessness to the human flaws demonstrated in this book provoking thought on two spheres the unspeakable actions of the past and the steadfastness of human nature The story is told from the perspective of Bess, also known as Mother Demdike and later in the book by her granddaughter Alizon It s interesting to see and compare how each interpreted their craft and the world they lived in Highly recommend This novel is amazing I felt almost as if I were bewitched as I read it, drawn into the magical, heart rending world that Mary Sharratt has created Using trial records from a witch hunt in Lancaster County, England in 1612, Ms Sharratt brings the accused Bess Southerns and her granddaughter Alizon to brilliant, vibrant life A jewel of a novel that makes me hungry forof Ms Sharratt s beautiful work.
Daughters of the Witching Hill Brings History To Life In A Vivid And Wrenching Account Of A Family Sustained By Love As They Try To Survive The Hysteria Of A Witch HuntBess Southerns, An Impoverished Widow Living In Pendle Forest, Is Haunted By Visions And Gains A Reputation As A Cunning Woman Drawing On The Catholic Folk Magic Of Her Youth, Bess Heals The Sick And Foretells The Future As She Ages, She Instructs Her Granddaughter, Alizon, In Her Craft, As Well As Her Best Friend, Who Ultimately Turns To Dark MagicWhen A Peddler Suffers A Stroke After Exchanging Harsh Words With Alizon, A Local Magistrate, Eager To Make His Name As A Witch Finder, Plays Neighbors And Family Members Against One Another Until Suspicion And Paranoia Reach Frenzied HeightsSharratt Interweaves Well Researched Historical Details Of ThePendle Witch Hunt With A Beautifully Imagined Story Of Strong Women, Family, And Betrayal Lancashire England, late 1500 s, a place of old Catholic mysticism, fairies and superstition An aging Elizabeth rules, as does the Protestant faith and Catholics must worship in secret or face imprisonment or worse Bess Southerns is a poor widow trying to eke out an honest living for herself and her children and one day she s adopted by an imp in the form of a dog and like magic she can heal the sick both people and animals by performing blessings Eventually her great friend Anne, as well as her grandson Jamie and granddaughter Alizon gain imps familiars and begin casting spells of their own, although Anne and Jamie eventually turn to the dark side in their desire to cause harm to those who wish ill of them Years pass and James I gains the throne and h Don t you love it when you start a book and immediately get sucked in just from the first few sentences Well, that s what happened when I began to read Daughters of the Witching Hill This book had me from hello Mary Sharratt paints a vivid and moving story of the Pendle Witches also known as the Lancashire Witches , a true story of a group of women and men thought to be witches and hung in Lancashire, England in 1612 DOTWH is told through the eyes of Mother Demdike Bess Southerns and her granddaughter Alizon Sharratt s unique dialogue style is captivating and the character development multi dimensional The reader will be entranced by these fierce, strong women who will do anything to protect their own To me, the heart of the story of Daughters of the Witching Hill is one of human compassion, or at times the lack of it The men and women hung I wasn t really sure how I felt when I got to the end of this book While Daughters of the Witching Hill does explore the interesting idea of the sometimes thin line between religion and superstition, it fails to provide a real conflict There is the sense of dread at the possibility of the cunning women being discovered and charged with witchcraft, but this lingering nervousness is not really enough to keep the reader engaged through the entirety of the book Also, the author never fully explains the familiars They almost felt like an unnecessary addition to the plot because they are heavily present in the beginning of the story, but by the end are merely mentioned in name alone I did enjoy the relational aspect of this story and the importance that is placed on friendship, family, and loyalty Also, the auth Review to follow.

Like a lot of people I am familiar with the Salem witch trials, but I knew almost nothing about the trials of the Pendle witches in England in 1612 This is a well written book The ending no surprise how it ends.
one can take a guess , brought it up a bit for me 3 4 of the book follows the characters through their lives It s not until the final 1 4 that you get to the trials itself which is written really well I felt I was there.
The characters are realistically imagined and the author is good at capturing the feel of that time period Details are done right, but not overdone I can t imagine the hysteria and fear of that time especially if you re the one being accused of being a witch But the fear even of the people who believe that someone could curse them and they d soon die The power of belief Or if someone fell ill, instead of looking at medical reasons they d throw the blame on a Daughters of the Witching Hill is a beautifully crafted story of what was a horrifying moment in history.
Not knowing much about the 1612 witch trials of the Pendle witches in England, I didn t know what to expect, but I figured that it ended much like the witch trials I do know about the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 A big difference I noticed is that in the 1612 trials, if someone admitted that they were a witch, they weren t shown leniency, while in the Salem trials, if someone admitted they were a witch, they weren t hanged.
The writing struck me It flowed effortlessly and nothing seemed forced We saw the points of view of two women Bess Southerns, known as old Demdike, and great healer in the community for several decades, and her granddaughter Alizon Device We saw the happy events in these two women s lives and their heartbreak The descri Before I forget, I d like to say thank you to First Reads and the publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for giving away copies of this book here on Good Reads I m happy to have won my copy here What could be better than free books Mary Sharratt has created a vivid story rich with period detail and social context Her writing is polished and refined and she is able to create a picture of what life was like for the poor after the Reformation This book would be an excellent tool for teachers who cover this period in history The social and political context of the story is what makes it so interesting Mary Sharratt is my favorite kind of writer, she is also a teacher.
Here is an excerpt But gone were the days when Christian folk felt beholden to give alms to the poor When I was a tiny girl, the monks of Whalley Ab

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[ Pdf Daughters of the Witching Hill ¿ young-readers PDF ] by Mary Sharratt À izmirescort.pro Mary Sharratt is an American writer who lives with her Belgian husband in the Pendle region of Lancashire, England, the setting for her acclaimed 2010 novel, DAUGHTERS OF THE WITCHING HILL, which recasts the Pendle Witches of 1612 in their historical context as cunning folk and healers Previously she lived for twelve years in Germany This, along with her interest in sacred music and herbal medic