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Download Epub Format ☆ Dracula The Un-Dead PDF by È Dacre Stoker I loved this book I did not go into the book expecting to be gripped by the literary writing style of Bram Stoker and perhaps that is why I was able to enjoy the book If you want the classic, then go read the classic Dracula the Un Dead is a strong book that stands on its own.
Having just read Bram Stoker s Dracula, I was eager to learn what had become of the beloved characters To be completely honest I was disappointed by the hum drum they all lived happily ever after ending of the original.
Stoker and Holt put an end to the happily ever after of the first book setting the tone for the sequel The reflection of the horrific events imparted on the characters was invigorating and gripped me from the very first page No one was safe, and I couldn t wait to find out who was going to die next The characters stay Dacre Stoker shows us that the Stoker name has survived throughout the years Dacre is a great grand nephew but the writing talent has not I was expecting something good and different One out of two isn t bad It IS different.
Taking place 20 years or so after the evnts of the classic original, this takes place mostly in London The premise is that the intrepid band of adventurers who fought Dracula is being killed one by one Who is responsible From here we stumble across the characters from the original they have NOT aged well , Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Dracula and Scotland Yard chasing Jack the Ripper If that sounds out there it kinda is.
Still the story was, at best, mediocre It never caputres the gothic darkness of the original work It is mostly a low grade who done it combined with a low grade horror story Based On Bram Stoker S Own Notes, This Authorized Sequel Is Written By A Direct Descendant Of Stoker And A Well Known Dracula Historian Fast Paced, Full Of Suspense And Rich With Historical Detail Dracula The Un Dead Will Captivate Admirers Of Gothic LiteratureQuincey Harker, Son Of Jonathan And Mina, Having Left His Law Studies For The Stage, Stumbles Upon The Troubled Production Of Dracula At The Lyceum, Directed By Bram Stoker Himself The Play Plunges Quincey Into The World Of His Parents Terrible Secrets Can It Be That History Is About To Repeat Itself For, Twenty Five Years Since Van Helsing And His Allies Reduced Dracula To Dust, Evil Stalks Europe Once Again One By One The Band Of Heroes Is Being Hunted Down Has Dracula Somehow Survived To Seek His Revenge Or Is There Another, Sinister Force At Work Dracula The Un Dead may easily be the worst book I ever read The only reason I stuck with it to the end was to see how many atrocities one book could possibly contain The grammar is horrific The story is overly melodramatic It was implausible It reads like bad fan fiction It tries to throw in every gee whiz technological marvel of the era, including the Titanic One character speeds down the road in his automobile at 10 miles per hour The horror is repetitive, poorly written, and downright silly There s a detective trying to solve a crime, but the reader already knows what s going on, so the mystery isn t very mysterious In fact, you always know what s coming next It even has Bram Stoker as a character and one chapter is a mini biography of his life I think I m going to go give The Historian another star It was incredibly boring and turned Drac I met Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt at BookExpo and got an autographed ARC copy of this book for free That s the good news I got it for free I liked Dacre Stoker notice how I didn t mention Ian Holt and I wanted to like his book but I was disappointed I was hoping for Dracula and less Elizabeth Bathory and Jack the Ripper Actually, there were about 400 characters in the book and the game of recognizing them started distracting me from the plot Besides for characters from the original book, Bram Stoker was a character in the book plus lots of the real people that he associated with as well as many characters with the names of actors who have played Dracula For example, there was a character in the book named Langella There were some good action scenes and Ian Holt p disappointed a lot.
i feel like reading a crossover fan fiction by an amateur author who got a bit confused whether to make his own story or use his great grand uncle s famous character to sell the book.
you see, there s count dracula and there s countess Elizabeth bathory both are generally known as blood drinker and sadist but after reading the book title dracula the un dead, i do believe we all assume that this story is about count dracula, not bathory hey, guess what the book consist 90% bathory and 10% draculawhy bother named it Dracula the un dead why can it be Bathory bigger than dracula in the end, i have one thought how come there s THE OFFICIAL SEQUEL labeled before the tittle was it because the author is related to Bram Stoker this book, doesn t even come near Elizabeth Kostova DNF the book a 30% and flipped through the pages I know flipping a Dracula book This book just drives a stake in the heart to any Draculian fans out there, such a pity The curse of the sequel to one of the Legendary Dracula Cannot believe this exists Why any expectations from this book for Anybody It is the actual sequel to the original Written by a descendant to Bram Stoker Dacre Stoker Six freaking years in the making assuming they did Any sort of research It is about Dracula The Legendary Vampire Co author with Ian Holt Draculian historian Cardinal Sin of the Book Poor writing, too many characters to follow, need painkillers to read Draculian fan in disgust Dracula became a Good guy and too emotional for my liking Well if he bites your neck you can consider it a love bite Bram Stoker is a character for no damn rea

I know that many people have readily slated this book as being ridiculous That s up to them I like to take books as I find them and rate them on how well written and well researched I think they are, whether I can learm anything from them, whether they show me a new way of looking at things and finally and mostly whether I enjoy reading them For me, this ticked all the boxes in the affirmative It s probably not perfect, possibly not the vision Bram Stoker would have imagined But at the end of the day, this is a good book written with good intentions and I think it s great So there.
An annual re read, perfectly matched with GR s Horror Week After my latest re read of Bram Stoker s famous piece, I chose another story with eerie undertones, though this one is sure to stir up some controversy Serving as a sequel to the classic original, Dacre Stoker works with renowned Dracula historian Ian Holt to bring this continuation of the story to life in fine form It is now 1912, twenty five years since Count Dracula has crumbled into dust Can this have been long enough for those who were directly involved in the hunting to have shelved their memories and moved on Dr Jonathan Seward, who was instrumental in the original chase has turned into a washed up medical professional, addicted to morphin This book was horrible If you have ever read the classic novel Dracula by Bram Stoker DO NOT read THIS It took me forever to read because I kept getting mad at it I only finished it so that I could write this review with a clear conscience This is nothing but one really long Fan Fiction written by Ian Holt and endorsed by Dacre Stoker.
First of all it can not be a sequal to the Classic novel if you rewrite the events of the Classic novel They don t even follow the format established in Dracula of Letters, Journals, Newsprint Instead the manuscript that these two wannabees write is nothing but a standard Third Person narrative.
I Can t believe that the Stoker name is attatched to this How is it honoring your ancestor if you make him a character in your book and accuse him of stealing the idea for his novel Though over use of Se

Dacre Stoker

Download Epub Format ☆ Dracula The Un-Dead PDF by È Dacre Stoker Dacre Stoker, a Canadian citizen and resident of the U.S., is the great grandnephew of Bram Stoker He is also the godson of H.G Dacre Stoker, the commander of the AE2 submarine, whose tactics were instrumental in Gallipoli in World War I.Dacre, who now calls Aiken, South Carolina home, was a member of the Canadian Men s Modern Pentathlon Team, Senior World Championships in 1979 and coach of the