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[Brenda Pandos] ☆ Everblue (Mer Tales, #1) [world-war-i PDF] Read Online â She Wanted Her Life To Change He Wanted His To Stay The SameBest Friends Share Everything With Each Other Or Do They Seventeen Year Old Ashlyn Frances Lanski Is Tired Of Her Boring, Single Life Spending Time With Her Best Friend Tatiana, Dreaming About Kissing Tatiana S Twin Brother Fin, And Swimming Competitively Are Her Only Sanctuary The Girls Plan To Leave Their Drab Lakeside Town Far Behind For College But When Tatchi Fails To Return Home After A Family Emergency, And No One Knows Where The Family Has Gone, Ash Chooses To Do Something Drastic To Find Them Ashlyn Is About To Discover What She D Thought To Be True Her Whole Life, Wasn T, And The Truth, Too Fantastical To Imagine Secrets Lurk Beneath The Deep Blue Waters Of Lake Tahoe, Secrets That Will Change Ashlyn S Life Forever Full review on my blog Book Series Addict Everblue was a disaster for me I found it as a free Kindle download on and it has gotten some pretty good reviews on both and Goodreads And I have no idea why The initial worldbuilding was pretty great and in the first ten percent of the book, I was hooked The remaining 90 percent of the book, I was confused, annoyed, and constantly wanted to stop reading The worst aspect of the book, for me, was the characters Ash, especially, was such a self centered, rude, whiney bitch At one point just before or after she becomes the most popular girl in school overnight she compares herself to HESTER PRYNNE from The Scarlet Letter because she s SHY She s rude to her mother, her best school friend, and her little sister I m love realistic characters An enjoyable YA mermaid story I ve seen a lot of mermaid type books around, some of them with really positive reviews I always just kind of looked at them and thought, Mermaids Meh But when I read the description for Everblue, it was like a light went off Here was a book about my two absolute favorite things in the universe YA fantasy romance, and the ocean Insert ear piercing squeal See, I love the ocean I threaten to run away to the ocean like some kids do the circus Notice I m using present tense I m an adult, and I still make this threat Sometimes I make good on it, too That s why I was so excited about Everblue It s a good dose of oceanic escape, with romance and magic and other fantastical things.
Everblue s land bound action actually takes place in Lake Tahoe, so the setting was very well done The underwater I didn t finish this book, and believe me, I tried But when I got to 71% and I realized I m still waiting for something exciting to happen when a few chapters back, the climax already happened I knew it was supposed to be exciting, but all the time, I was just bored with the book , I knew I just can t Maybe why I felt really bored and detached to the story was because I didn t care for the characters, except maybe Tatiana She was really the only one with attitude and spunk.
Let s start with Ashlyn She is ONE OF THE MOST BORING CHARACTERS I HAVE EVER read ABOUT I wouldn t wanna be friends with her There should be a category Too Boring To Live She s in the swim team, got nominated for Senior Ball Queen um is best friends with a mermaid, Tatiana, got promised are you even serious Promised Anything is better than that even betrothed to said mermaid s twin brother, Fin I finished reading Everblue today I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek and I loved it Without giving anything away, so much happens in this book The plot is well thought out, the world building is wonderful and the characters are varied and interesting Brenda Pandos does a fantastic job of guiding the reader, allowing them to absorb the history and social structure of the Mers within the universe of Everblue without it being overwhelming and distracting from the story I found myself smiling at some points and at other times holding my breath to get through a scene At the end of each chapter I couldn t wait to start the next right away As a result I finished this book much too soon Everblue is an absolute must read for anyone who enjoys something a little different in YA I think I fell in love with this book from the very first page or the minute that Finn was introduced I enjoyed that the book is narrated by 2 different characters I feel that it gives it personality The world that is created in this book is pretty interesting I never thought that I would be interested in Mer People , but Brenda Pandos has definitely succeeded in gaining my interest I enjoyed this book very much and am looking forward to reading the second book in this series Can t wait for it Author Brenda Pandos has a way of writing that captures her readers She creates awesome worlds where anything is possible and where you can insert yourself into the book After reading her books, I tend to find myself thinking about them, picturing them for several days I can t get them out of my mind I usually wonder what will happen next I say, if an author can Let s see what we have here shall we I feel in a basic review mood, so I m just going to cover the bullet points Plus since this is a water type book, I get to put cheesy fishy and water metaphors in my review Things I liked The cover is gorgeous The book has likable although simple and expected characters The protagonist is the girl next door, a head of the swimming team, great family, loyal to best friend, crush on the brother The male protagonist is also likable enough, strong spirit and strong ties The best friend of Ash, and the brother of Fin, is also a typical type wanting to swim away and escape the ties of what she is Characters in this one, while nothing exceptional in terms of being different, fit into their trademark roles well enough The relationship is sweet and simple while I m not a fan of the strange kiss thing about that below , the way they are with each other does get the heart a tug Mermaid world Cut Let s begin with the beautiful cover that just calls your attention This is a great example of when a cover will sell the book without opening the book itself The cover model represents one of the main characters in the book and the water rippling to me represents the Mer people It just a beautifully design cover with so much depth to it I m so glad this cover belongs to Everblue because Brenda deserves the best for all her hard work Everblue is not my first mermaid book that I ve read Everblue is the first Mermaid story I loved though I didn t have a doubt in my mind when I pick up Everblue to read that I would not like the story I knew its was not Brenda s Talisman series but I knew Brenda s writing style a

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