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Trailer ✓ Face-Off PDF by ✓ Nancy Warren I always applaud the Harlequin writers who write a great story in 224 pages or less so it s amazing to me that NW can write three great stories in an anthology of the same length My favourite story was Jarrad s in Ice Time as he hooks up with the simple but smart and sexy schoolteacher Sierra In continuity stories you may sometimes need a memory jog to remember who s who but because the McBride sibling stories are all in one anthology, you have no problems keeping track All three stories were fun, red hot, and well written I m looking forward to NW s next and, hopefully, longer story The first story had insta love, a trope I can barely stand Still, I pushed through it and finished the story only to stumble into my next most hated trope miscommunication I don t have patience for such stories where the h H go round and round in circles because they are too chicken to talk about their feelings I gave up midway through the second story.
So, ba bye book I m not even sure why I picked this up in the first place, seeing that it is a Harlequin and the name itself is a red flag to my rational sensibilities Honestly, totally meh read Don t waste you time on it.
These Three Couples Are Skating On Thin Ice Ice Time Newly Retired NHL Hockey Player Jarrad McBride S Life Seems Permanently Sidelined But Maybe Sexy Schoolteacher Sierra Janssen Is Just The Woman To Get Him Back In Play In The Sin Bin Samantha McBride Was Good And Over Firefighter Greg Olsen But When An Unexpected Reunion Sends Lust Crackling Between Them, It S Clear That This Game Isn T Finishedand There S Only One Way To Settle This Score Breakaway When Skating Sweetheart Becky Haines Is Paired With Hotshot NHL Rookie Taylor McBride For A Charity Event, There S No Hiding Their Frustration With Each Otheror Their Scorching Chemistry But Will Full Body Contact Earn Them A Penalty The characters in this book were 2 hockey playing brothers and their attorney sister An anthology of 3 stories, each one kind of picking up where the other one left off, one sibling the main character in each story While the characters themselves were likable, the stories were rushed and lacking There was plenty of steam in them, but it happened unbelievably fast, and the relationships between each couple felt rushed and kind of unbelievable I would have enjoyed this much as a trilogy I think that each story had enough to be it s own book, and the stories would have been a lot better.
Three short stories make up this book, each sibling getting their HEA I just didn t care about any of them as there wasn t enough time to get to know any of the characters very well Reading this one dragged on too long for such a short book.
A collection of three stories, each one has a McBride sibling as one of the MCs I d call his hockey adjacent rather than hockey romance, as there is almost no actual hockey involved The first story was the best of the three The other two were kinda meh, both had unexplained time gaps or timeline flubs, which drive me crazy The third one has a very similar plot to the Cutting Edge movie, if that s your thing Overall, just meh.
I was a little disappointed in this one Glossing over the one time, Woobie Contemporary Author crown endangering use of the word turgid it has multiple meanings, none of them sexy, please stop using it , the stories in this anthology were too short to get to know the characters enough to really care On top of that the tension is resolved before it has time to build I would have rather have coughed up money for three separate books and got the whole story.
As always in Nancy Warren books, I liked the characters or began to like them before they were hurriedly put aside and there weren t any jarring grammar problems that have a tendency of creeping into other Harlequin authors books She knows what she s doing, but she s limited by the length imposed on the imprint Yes, I m rationalizing I love Nancy Warren

3 short stories involving siblings.
1st story involved a pro hockey player who suffered a career ending injury and is now at loose ends, not sure what he wants to do.
2nd story is the sister to the hockey player She is a lawyer who had a huge misunderstanding with her high school boyfriend before leaving for college He is a cop and plays on a local hockey team She has to decide if she wants to revisit the past.
3rd story is the youngest brother who has been trying to break into the NHL In order to up his exposure, his agent sets him up to dance on ice with a figure skater for charity While all 3 storys were likable, I enjoyed the first one the best The heroine of the 2rd story is a little bit annoying, but this is related to her age, I think, and the fact that her parent Three novellas centred around hockey the McBride siblings Relationships developed or redeveloped at speed First both burned wary, No 2 second chance and last a little professional snobbery a young woman starting to rebel, craving a personal life.
They are heartwarming, sweet, show humour vulnerability while describing slamming bodys intwined Great light read.
read in Game On box set.
Two haiku review Vancouver settingThree siblings, three novellasHockey relatedThree great short storiesThought I wouldn t like this oneBut I did, a lot

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