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[Lauren Kate] Û Fallen [dying-earth PDF] Ebook Epub Download õ What If The Person You Were Meant To Be With Could Never Be Yours Year Old Lucinda Falls In Love With A Gorgeous, Intelligent Boy, Daniel, At Her New School, The Grim, Foreboding Sword Cross Only To Find Out That Daniel Is A Fallen Angel, And That They Have Spent Lifetimes Finding And Losing One Another As Good Evil Forces Plot To Keep Them Apart Get Ready To Fall This book is fucked In this lifetime you re nothing than you appear to be a stupid, selfish, ignorant, spoiled little girl who thinks the world lives or dies on whether she gets to go out with some good looking boy at school Even if your death wouldn t accomplish something so long awaited, glorious, and grand, I d still relish this moment, killing you I m sorry, was I supposed to agree with absolutely everything the evil villain said and wait, with baited breath, for her to kill Lucinda Price painfully on my behalf This review has spoilers, by the way.
I have a list of rules for authors Kind of like a checklist to ensure that their novel is going to be good This book breaks them all For posterity I m going to list exactly which ones and why.
1 Don t assume t

First off, I d have given this book zero stars were it possible, but since it isn t I gave it one star This book is full of fail, end of story There is no other way to describe this book, really That s a lie There is another way to describe how bad this book is Take everything that sucked about the Twilight series and multiply that by any number except zero Or one Or any negative number Aw, crap, you know what I mean Because really, this book is a bad version of Twilight except with Fallen angels instead of vampires Oh, and, compared to this book, Twilight is a friggin literary masterpiece That s how bad this book is You think Bella is irritating Meet Luce Price, the most irritating protagonist ever She s stupid yet still somehow incredibly smart, according to her grades , a cre Evidence of this book s similarities to Twilight 1 New girl at school2 Mary Sue3 Girl attracts the hottest guys even though she has no personality or depth or anything remotely interesting about her4 Guy is extremely mysterious because he stands at a corner and glares at everyone passing by rude, and tells the girl to stay away from him5 Guy follows her around, and the girl isn t fazed whatsoever6 Guy is 100 and something years old and girl is 17I don t understand What is it with YA paranormal romance writers and making their characters complete dimwits with no depth I m tired of these dull, boring, weak, characterless girls It s a damn shame I ve had such shitty experiences with YA books in my life It makes me want to give up on the YA romance genre for good.

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[Lauren Kate] Û Fallen [dying-earth PDF] Ebook Epub Download õ izmirescort.pro Lauren Kate is the author of the Fallen novels, the Teardrop novels, and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove, and her newest release, The Orphan s Song She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.