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[ Read Online Fifty Shades of Grey é central-africa PDF ] by E.L. James ✓ You know, I was beginning to wonder if I needed to change some of my two star books to one star I was thinking that I might not ever personally read a book worthy of one star, and I was messing up my scale by giving some of thelame books I ve read lately two stars instead of one.
Thank you E.
L James, for proving to me there was something worth waiting for Something that truly exemplifies the meaning of terrible.
Now hold up, all you would be defenders I read this whole thing I did not skip anything, I did not skim, I read every word I bought this book with the intention of giving it the benefit of the doubt You see, I love erotica, and I m not ashamed to say that I both read as you see on my 2012 books I ve already read two others and write it myself So I was thinking to myself, oh, maybe there s a pos In the words of Miss Steele, You need to sort your shit out, Grey Good day, sir Fifty Shades of Grey,like Fifty shades of fucked up nonsense rolls eyes I should get a medal for just finishing this tripe I honestly do NOT feel like revisiting this book and writing a review I d rather spend the time searching for ways to remove this utter nonsense from my memory However, this book is so bad that I feel the need to warn others from this drivel Luckily, I did not buy this garbage I do not even know what overcame me to read it and I can only blame a momentary lack of judgment on my part.
What baffles me is the scary fangirlgasm following this book So what s causing it a hit I can only come up with twilight Doing some research, this book was originally posted online as a twilight fa What in the hell just happened Did I really read that Oh, my god, I did I did read that Meet Anastasia Steele Ana is just a giant mess of a human being She s insecure to the point of it being laughable, klutzy even though she only trips twice in the entire book , and a complete ditz She s a virgin of course who s never taken any sexual interest in anyone before Right I m fairly certain there hasn t been a woman this naive since round about 1954 At one point, she thinks putting her hair in pigtails will keep her safe from Christian s lusty advances Fuckin reallyShe flushes constantly, and on several occasions referred to her hoo hoo naughty place as down there Next, we have Christian Grey Christian is a misogynistic, self loathing, abusive piece of shit Apparently, his only redeeming qualities are, in this order his ridiculous good lo Introducing an evenabusive and disturbing TWILIGHT Now with whips and chainsFifty Shades of Shit Haters, please exit stage left.
I m not sure what possessed me to pick up Fifty Shades of Grey I thought I might genuinely like it before I started, but all I was left with was one hell of a mindfuck Whatever it was that brought on this knee jerk purchase seems to have mercifully left me with enough common sense to say I will not be continuing on with this series.
Recently I discovered one of my favorite publishers, Random House, has picked up Fifty Shades of Grey and made this statement An orig i nal work, and said to us that James had war ranted the books were, indeed orig i nal Mes sitte added she was aware of the nar ra tive that 50 SHADES started as dif fer ently titled piece of fic tion, but that they were and are two dis tinctly sep a rate pieces of work I Head s up If any of you fuckers comment at the bottom of this review and say, You don t understand BDSM I will hunt you down and make you eat your computer, plus the mouse, plus the keyboard, plus any other internet connected devices in your home, including but not limited to iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids, games consoles and ereaders This book is not an accurate or healthy portrayal of a real BDSM relationship between two consensual and enthusiastic parties Thus, by defending it as such, you are doing a disservice to the actual culture of BDSM no kinkshaming So don t fuck with me and try to pull that shit.
Oh, also, there will be a substantial amount of cussing throughout this review If you care about the sanctity of your virgin eyes then shut down your computer and go do something else We are all grown ass adults and this is the internet If you re going to c Garbage Absolutely horrifying, utter trash A waste of trees, bookshelf space and precious, oh so very fucking precious braincells Honestly, why is this even published Every single book store in Sydney is promoting this tripe, claiming it to be some kind of awesome romance novel Are you absolutely shitting me There is nothing romantic at all about this book And I don t mean the BDSM erotica themes, I mean the fifty levels of abuse in this friggin thing In fact, that s what this book should be called Fifty shades of absolute fucking insanity and abuse I know at least every one star reviewer has taken the title and created their own pun with it, but fuck it, I m jumping on the bandwagon too Before I decided to read this God help me , I kept seeing it everywhere I went, and the book store where I work was involved in the promotion among other book store chains Typical All When Literature Student Anastasia Steele Goes To Interview Young Entrepreneur Christian Grey, She Encounters A Man Who Is Beautiful, Brilliant, And Intimidating The Unworldly, Innocent Ana Is Startled To Realize She Wants This Man And, Despite His Enigmatic Reserve, Finds She Is Desperate To Get Close To Him Unable To Resist Ana S Quiet Beauty, Wit, And Independent Spirit, Grey Admits He Wants Her, Too But On His Own Terms Shocked Yet Thrilled By Grey S Singular Erotic Tastes, Ana Hesitates For All The Trappings Of Success His Multinational Businesses, His Vast Wealth, His Loving Family Grey Is A Man Tormented By Demons And Consumed By The Need To Control When The Couple Embarks On A Daring, Passionately Physical Affair, Ana Discovers Christian Grey S Secrets And Explores Her Own Dark DesiresErotic, Amusing, And Deeply Moving, The Fifty Shades Trilogy Is A Tale That Will Obsess You, Possess You, And Stay With You ForeverThis Book Is Intended For Mature Audiences 0 stars DNF 55% Review edited February 12, 2015 Sex isthan an act of pleasure, it s the ability to be able to feel so close to a person, so connected, so comfortable that it s almost breathtaking to the point you feel you can t take it And at this moment you re a part of them Author unknown I ve had a rather long list of issues when I decided to abandon ship FSoShit is garbage and if I had read a paperback I would have burned the fucking offending thing It s a total mystery to me why this book ever saw the light of day because, let s face it, the writing is incredibly juvenile The story and characters are extremely poorly written and I couldn t for the life of me connect with the dumb, clumsy, na ve and immature heroine Also, the slimy whacko didn t deserve to be called hero Christian is a highly manipulative, abusive and stalker ish I didn t want to start this book Many people are praising it but I m simply not into erotica, it s too cheap for me But here I am in the mind of the innocent waiting to be devoured by the big bad wolf Sounds pornographic, doesn t it That s because it is Christian Grey A hot dude that melts a woman s panties off with just one look The perfect sex toy set out to conquer an innocent girl Grey the sick f ck is considered one of the hottest characters out there but he doesn t get to me His dominance is too much for me to handle and his attitude tends to be annoying and slimy Plus he s just wrong in the head so there s no need to addabout this creep.
Anastasia is an immature insecure desperate idiot who wants to become t Those of you who have had the privilege of reading Fifty Shades of Grey will appreciate the context in which this review was written For those of you who have not read the book, well, you ll have to buy a copy to understand the inside joke CONTRACTDated this day 28th day of October, 2011BETWEENP.
A LUPTON reader, and fan, Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James AndALL FANS OF EROTIC, CONTEMPORARY ROMANCEEXPECTATIONSReaders can expect to find within the pages of this book a flawless rendering of the internal, psychological struggles of a novice submissive in a BDSM relationship Anastasia Steele is an innocent to sexual relationships, let alone BDSM relationships E L James captures perfectly her fears, confusions, insecurities, and internal conflicts as she deals with falling in first love with a man who epitomizes the meaning of dominant.

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