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Trailer ê First Impressions (Tombstone Treasures, #1) PDF by ä Michelle Sutton Actually, I rate this 4.
5 stars, but it doesn t seem that it will let me do that This is my favorite book by Michelle Sutton I loved how real these characters felt, and how true to life their experiences were I could relate to both And, as always, she weaved a hopeful, spiritual message throughout Excellent, Michelle.
I love Ms Sutton s writing Her stories dig deep into the inner soul of her characters and deal with issues and feelings and longings that are common to us all, but ones which the typical Christian novel does not deal with Where other novels gloss over our inner urgings, Ms Sutton faces them head on without fear I would say this particular story deals with lust vs love What is the difference What does God say about this He created our attractions, after all They are not inherently evil But what do we do with them How can we harness them in a world where no one seems to Although there is alot of sexual innuendos in this book, there has to be in order to get the points Ms Sutton wishes to get across The characters are real and likeable and we really feel for them Let s face it, all of us have been in similar situations Some of us have fallen Others have overcome Ms Sutton Sutton pens a gritty inspirational romance with First Impressions The novel takes place in present day Tombstone, Arizona Sammie and Jimmy are haunted by their tragedic pasts Jimmy has let the Lord s word touch him and has become a Christian, but he ll need to draw on all his faith to tame his attraction to Sammie.
The novel opens with Sammie getting used to her character as a saloon girl in Tombstone, Arizona When she s not a character actor, she s an active duty Army Captain, at nearby Ft Huachuca As a teenager, Sammie was insecure about her looks, awkward around boys, and very shy, but since, she s grown into a very pretty woman She still is a little awkward around men and hopes that she can get past that by becoming a character actor Enter Jimmy, a handsome cowboy actor When Jimmy meets Sammie, the sparks fly.
When Jimmy isn t acting, he s a counselor As a teenager, his father, wh

If you are looking for straight up romance from a Christian worldview, Michelle Sutton is the author for you First Impressions is the first in the Tombstone Treasures Trilogy, a series of romance novels whose main characters work in the historic town of Tombstone, many as part time actors that help bring a sense of authenticity to this tourist attraction This lends a sprinkling of old west flavor to the modern sensibility of the book First Impression is a romance there is no doubt about that The central conflict is the emotional struggle the two main characters have as their passion for one another is ignited Jimmy is a Christian, and wants to do what s right , meaning staying sexually pure until marriage But his attraction for Sammie usually wears an army uniform to work She wants to be desirable and learn to flirt, so she volunteers to play a saloon girl in Tombstone, Arizona And then she discovers a lesson women over the world learn when you dress to attract attention, you get the wrong kind Jimmy, a counselor playing a cowboy, is interested in Sammie He can tell she has issues and he knows he should avoid missionary dating, but he can t stay away.
Author Michelle Sutton clearly shows the push and pull of dating When Sammie plays the sex card, she s shocked when a man calls her on it, yet when he declines her offer of sex, she takes it as rejection Jimmie rationalizes dating Sammie, spending less time in prayer and Bible reading, and skipping church Tombstone Treasures offers a wealth of lessons for those on the dating market.
And now I m eager to visit Tombstone, Arizona First of all, I want to say that this is definitely for mature teens and up This is very steamy and not to be read by younger people But, the message in this book is priceless First Impressions so completely stresses the importance of handling relationships God s way that it will make you examine yourself and your walk with the Lord Michelle is one of those authors that really touches you because she understands the importance of being real Yes, the book is fiction and fun to read, but it deals with real issues that are usually not addressed in such a straight forward, understandable way There are consequences for doing things our way instead of God s Not because He gets angry and decides to ruin our life since we didn t do what He told us to, but because Go Michelle is one of my favorite authors She writes about feelings, urgings, and longings that we ve been told we re not suppose to think about or talk about What s even better, she does it without fear or trembling Her characters are real, and honest they re just like us, not perfect and they struggle daily with issues just like we do Each day we have the opportunity to make a choice on whether we live for God or not While this book is steamy with the romance between the characters, Michelle doesn t stray away from the inspirational message This is another Home Run for Michelle, and I can t wait to read the next one Sammie Carpenter Understands How A Uniform Influences Behavior Wearing Her Army Fatigues Puts Her In The Mindset Of A Soldier And Donning Her Class A Uniform Always Helps Her Shift Into Captain Mode So What Harm Could Come From Her Dressing Like A Saloon Girl And Strutting Through The Streets Of Tombstone She Didn T Know How To Flirt To Save Her Life, And She Wasn T Getting Any Younger When She Met The Lonesome Stud Cowboy, Jimmy, She Knew He Was The One So Why Was Their Communication Always So Awkward Couldn T He See That She Was Interested In Him No Matter How Hard She Tried To Win Him Over, She Couldn T Seem To Get Him To See Past His First Impression Of Her But Sammie Didn T Give Up Easily Somehow She Would Make Him See That They Were Meant To Be Together, But How Can She Do That When All Of Her Plans Keep Falling Apart Another great read by the master of Edgy, Michelle Sutton The woman knows how to heat things up First Impressions isn t as steamy as some of her other books, but you can always expect some heat I loved how she showed the internal struggle for the characters How conflicted they were to do what they knew was right, but how temptation was there staring them in the face Making it all too desirable to succumb to their longings I love how she has the spiritual thread interlaced throughout her books Showing the importance of faith A relationship with Jesus All and all another wonderful read.
Outstanding I read straight through this book in a few hours Enjoyed it tremendously It is so REAL how we believers sometimes really struggle with the desires of our flesh vs what we know God desires of us I felt so bad for poor Jimmy at times as a result of his struggle, not to mention his confusion over some of the things Sammie said and did My heart also ached for Sammie s struggle with believing God could love her I think we ve all been there at one time or another or multiple times The ending left me smiling big.

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Trailer ê First Impressions (Tombstone Treasures, #1) PDF by ä Michelle Sutton Michelle has written over two dozen edgy, inspirational novels She is a book reviewer blogger, and a supervisor for the State of Arizona.