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↠´ For Such a Time Ç Download by À Kate Breslin When Stella is unexpectedly snatched from a concentration camp she fears the worst Why would a SS Kommandant move her to his private residence There s no answer that she can live with Aric von Schmidt, a decorated soldier, knows how to set his opinions and emotions aside for the glory of the Fatherland He doesn t enjoy the brutality that takes place in his camp, but people die That s what war is about He ll follow orders as long as he and his household are safe.
If you re familiar with the story of Esther, you re probably getting twitchy at the near parallels King Xerxes wasn t a Nazi Nazis were the most evil people ever They tried to commit genocide They were brutal Oh, yeah Remember why Esther had to hide that she was a Jew Do some of so much NOPE up in here you can t even go seven words into the blurb without tripping over a jewess like as if gendering nouns is so modern and exciting, still i was preoccupied when the outrage over this book and the humiliating cultural oblivion of the RWA that fostered it broke.
while i was busy mooning over some stupid boy, the scandal came to such a rollicking boil it spilt over my entire social media spectrum and did not simmer down for me until i started muting hashtags and discreetly unfollowing 16 year old persons with Opinions.
social media decontamination protocols notwithstanding, it turns out that this time my feelings on this exquisite tangle of fuckwittery do indeed mostly align with the majority, in that i was at first completely incredulous, then appalled, then amused, then outraged, then amused again, and now just sort of hung up on jewess again AS IF THAT IS EVEN A In , Blonde And Blue Eyed Jewess Hadassah Benjamin Feels Abandoned By God When She Is Saved From A Firing Squad Only To Be Handed Over To A New Enemy Pressed Into Service By SS Kommandant Colonel Aric Von Schmidt At The Transit Camp Of Theresienstadt In Czechoslovakia, She Is Able To Hide Behind The False Identity Of Stella Muller However, In Order To Survive And Maintain Her Cover As Aric S Secretary, She Is Forced To Stand By As Her Own People Are Sent To Auschwitz Suspecting Her Employer Is A Man Of Hidden Depths And Sympathies, Stella Cautiously Appeals To Him On Behalf Of Those In The Camp Aric S Compassion Gives Her Hope, And She Finds Herself Battling A Growing Attraction For This Man She Knows She Should Despise As An Enemy Stella Pours Herself Into Her Efforts To Keep Even Some Of The Camp S Prisoners Safe, But She Risks The Revelation Of Her True Identity With Every Attempt When Her Bravery Brings Her To The Point Of The Ultimate Sacrifice, She Has Only Her Faith To Lean Upon Perhaps God Has Placed Her There For Such a Time As This, But How Can She Save Her People When She Is Unable To Save Herself It takes a certain, truly despicable, type of person to write a romance between a Jew and a Nazi Kate Breslin is such a person she wrote the book For Such a Time I, unfortunately, only read the first part of the back cover, the part about Aryan looking Jew ends up secretary to Nazi and is forced to stand by as her own people are sent to Auschwitz I thought, that sounds interesting and checked it out Oh, boy, I sure should have read that middle part I did not, going into this, know that it was Christian book what moron s like, oh yeah, story of Esther a story about Jews let s rewrite it but insert Christianity.
The book is in third person, narrated by Stella Muller Even though her actual name is Hadassah Benjamin Anyway, she has fake pa Struggling to understand how a novel that features a Jewish woman in a concentration camp falling in love with a Nazi commander is getting so many accolades Maybe it s well written I ll never find out but this very concept is so offensive it s unbelievable The fact that so many people the author, the publisher, readers, RWA judges found this acceptable baffles me.
For Such a Time was the very last book I read before giving birth to my firstborn at the end of March so I apologize that my review is a little late and that my blog looks as though it s been abandoned Kate Breslin wasn t anyone I d ever heard of before, but once I saw her book cover advertised and read the description of the novel, I knew I needed to read it It s a story set in the time of WWII based on the story of Esther in the Bible And believe it or not, the hero is actually a Nazi officer in charge of sending Jews from his concentration camp to Auschwitz This simply exemplifies how God s grace is sufficient for even the worst sinner No one is beyond God s grace No one I read the first few chapters of For Such a Time online at a website called Scribd.
com after I saw it advertised on Facebook by one of my friends I seriously did not want to st A romance between a Nazi and a Jew, where the Jew ends up converting to Christianity at the end What the fuck This Jewish woman will NOT be reading this book.
I thought using the story of Esther would make a moving read in a Holocaust setting However, the relationship between Aric and Stella Hadassah was highly disturbing and incredibly unrealistic I don t have a problem with the idea of a Jew and Nazi having a love story if it is done well After all, it is ignorant to believe all members of the Nazi party hated and murdered Jews there are many true stories of resistance within members of the party What bothered me was how ridiculous this specific plot is Aric basically falls instantly in love with this emaciated prisoner about to get shot and helps her escape so he can play with his fanciful crush That s just nonsense A colonel of the Third Reich, recently appointed to be in charge of a transit camp, would not have some nonsensical love at first site experience at Dachau, in 1944, with a Jewish prisoner If you understand anything at

Okay A Nazi romance is not okay It s offensive, dangerous, contributes to Holocaust denial, and this is the WORST This is the WORST, okay I don t really understand how this was published At all No one said, This is really not okay Seriously Nazis killedpeople than you can imagine Than you have ever seen standing in one place They killedpeople than live in New York City And they were not alone They did not appear out of nowhere Anti semitism in Europe had been RAMPANT There was no One Man Who Inspired Others To Kill Jews, Disabled People, Gay People, Roma, and Political Prisoners There was a pervasive culture of Anti Semitism When you write, you need to decide whose story is most important And this author chose HER story Not her character s, but HER story Update I am quite pleased to say that the book didn t sell in quite the quantities the author and her vociferous fan club did their best to ensure and is now remaindered and on sale dirt cheap DAccording to some author, the people me included who have one starred this book are vengeful haters of Kate Breslin and part of a smear campaign The author seems to think that we should all continue that successful freebie 5 star review campaign of hers and not write our true thoughts about her book Why shouldn t we review it It is by no means a smear campaign It is people are angry at the anti semitism that is either quite deliberate and the author thought it was too subtle and would pass criticism or the author didn t realise it would read that way I have no idea.
Let s rewrite this Here we have this clear skinned black girl with straight ha

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