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Download Epub Format Æ Gone with the Wind PDF by ¿ Margaret Mitchell 6 29 16 UPDATE I have since watched the movie and although I really liked the movie, it doesn t hold a candle to the book But you can imagine that a book this size can t be put into one movie sitting And where the book made me cry a lot, the movie didn t.
I spent over 12 hours today finishing this book 1037 pages 1 Because I wanted to know what was going to happen 2 I have no sort of life so I can do this from time to time.
I can not believe it took me so long to read this book I didn t think it would be my kind of book and I have never watched the movie I did order the blu ray ontoday because I have to see it soon I must say that GOODREADS has been a blessing and a curse in this department I have broadened One of my reading themes for 2016 is reading at least ten classic books It seems only fitting that on the Fourth of July I completed Margaret Mitchell s Gone with the Wind, an epic masterpiece that many view as the definitive great American novel I feel that the two halves of the book mirror the southern United States before and after the Civil War The first half of the book occurs primarily at Tara Plantation We meet our main protagonist Scarlett O Hara, the belle of the south, who epitomizes what life was like in the antebellum era young, carefree, never having to lift a finger and having an entire plantation at her beck and call She never gave a thought to slavery, the confederate cause, or political matters because in the south that she knew, this was her way of life Next, there is the fated barbecue at neighboring Twelve Oaks plantation We Nominated As One Of America S Best Loved Novels By PBS S The Great American ReadMargaret Mitchell S Epic Novel Of Love And War Won The Pulitzer Prize And Went On To Give Rise To Two Authorized Sequels And One Of The Most Popular And Celebrated Movies Of All TimeMany Novels Have Been Written About The Civil War And Its Aftermath None Take Us Into The Burning Fields And Cities Of The American South As Gone with the Wind Does, Creating Haunting Scenes And Thrilling Portraits Of Characters So Vivid That We Remember Their Words And Feel Their Fear And Hunger For The Rest Of Our LivesIn The Two Main Characters, The White Shouldered, Irresistible Scarlett And The Flashy, Contemptuous Rhett, Margaret Mitchell Not Only Conveyed A Timeless Story Of Survival Under The Harshest Of Circumstances, She Also Created Two Of The Most Famous Lovers In The English Speaking World Since Romeo And Juliet I ve said it some time ago GWTW the novel is like watching the ten hour director s cut of GWTW the movie Hell yeah All the memorable scenes are there, the spotlit romance is considerably widened in scope, as is the sturdy social studies lesson on the almighty American Civil War I mean, everyone has the basic idea correct the South took a tremendous thrashing But having the loser s POV take the forefront, even to the extent of exalting the KKK this,than Scarlett O Hara s infamous bitchiness but overall fierceness as the antihero of this fantastic tale is what I fell in love with The stars all aligned and for the first time in a long time the general reading audience had it correct GWTW is a remarkable, unique reading experience.
A reader simply isn t one unless he or she has faced a behemoth like this one This, The Odyssey, The 1001 Arabian Nights, Don Quixot So much has been said in praise of this book it feels redundant to addIn terms of the slave holding society, the film actually toned down the pro South view of Reconstruction Scarlett s second husband joined the KKK in the book and Mammy remains probably one of the most fully developed and likeable African American characters from 1930 you ll read Rhett Butler is the consummate alpha male This book is definitely the timeless classic reputation it has earned, and though at times it seemed like the longest book ever, it is all worth it in the end It touches on many misunderstood aspects of the civil war and its afterwords What many people do not realize is how horrible it really was for Southerners after the war, mostly because they cannot get past the racism of the times which it wasn t as if the North was full of equality and peace, either If you can accept Margaret Mitchell was a racist and in 1936, 70 years after the Civil War, she whined for a thousand pages about how much she missed slavery If you d like to hear why slavery was terrific and black people are inferior to whites and they liked being slaves, here is your epic If that sounds unpleasant, you re not going to like Gone with the Wind.
A non racist book can have racist characters, and all the characters in this book are racist Is the book itself necessarily racist Yes It has an omniscient narrator, and many long, racist passages that are clearly not from any character s perspective They feel like the nonfiction interludes in War Peace and they re racist Is it possible Mitchell means for us to disagree wit I received my copy of Gone with the Wind in 1991 and never got past the first 50 or 100 pages in any of my annual attempts at this books until 2004, at which point I decided to defeat the book one and for all I FINALLY FINISHED READING THE DAMN BOOK.
I want my time back.
There was a reason I never before read past the first 50 or 100 pages Scarlet is a raging evil snarky miserable bitch and I hate her None of the other characters were particularly likable ranging from sniveling, whiny sissies to evil, snarky assholes I don t care if it is some great story about surviving in a war zone or some bullshit line like that None of these characters really expressed the complexities or debated the moral dilemmas involved in surviving the Civil War Scarlet was a whiny, conniving miserable human being and I don t give a crap if she only did what she had to do as a w

My mother wouldn t let me read Gone with the Wind until I was 16 A few years ago I was at a cocktail party and they asked the trivia question What was the first line of GWtW I knew the answer My husband asked, How did you know that He d lived with me how many decades I told him about my mom s restriction and how, when I finally opened the book, I was stunned by the first sentence I had seen the movie and Scarlett was beautiful, if a bitch I also remember it because everyone always talked about how hard it was to cast the role for the movie and how beautiful I thought Vivian Leigh was In the book Scarlett is not so much a supreme bitch of the universe as a survivor and she drags her family along kicking and screaming with her She is presented slightly different andcomplex in the book The whole incident with Scarlett steali I honestly do not know whether to give this book 5 stars for being one of the most completely engrossing, shocking, and emotionally absorbing pieces of literature ever written, or to give it 0 stars for being the most tragic, unendingly upsetting, disturbing book I ve ever read I read the last 50 pages or so literally with my mouth wide open, unable to believe that it was really going to be THAT tragically sad When I finally finished, I walked downstairs in a daze, handed the book to my husband, and told him to burn it and never let me see it again Throughout the book, I frantically kept reading, often until 2am or later, just to see when it would turn around and start getting happy, but there was never any redemption it NEVER got happy or uplifting It just kept spiraling down, down, into despair Maybe after a few days I will be able Another epic story complete This was a very good one I have read a few huge books in my life Some are a struggle to get through and others are so captivating they read easier than a 300 page novel Gone with the Wind falls in the captivating category At no point was I bored with the story or wondering if it was ever going to end I was fully invested every step of the way invested to the point that my wife was amused that I spent a lot of time talking back to the book or exclaiming when something big or shocking happened Gone with the Wind was the complete experience.
Before I go further, I will address the uncomfortable part of the book the depiction of race, dialect, and other Civil War era activities in the South At times I felt like maybe I shouldn t be enjoying a book featuring a sympathetic view of the South or feeling bad for

Margaret Mitchell

Download Epub Format Æ Gone with the Wind PDF by ¿ Margaret Mitchell Librarian Note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this name. Margaret Munnerlyn Mitchell, popularly known as Margaret Mitchell, was an American author, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 1937 for her novel, Gone with the Wind, published in 1936 The novel is one of the most popular books of all time, selling than 28 million copies An American film adaptation, released