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[Lani Sarem] æ Handbook for Mortals (Handbook for Mortals #1) [calculus PDF] Read Online µ Edit 4 The fact it is now 50 plus new 5 star fake reviews on this book which we as a community squash the drama of it like 6 months ago is mind blogging Lani dear LET IT GO I hope these people are being paying good to do a fake 5 star reviews.
Edit 3 When the author of My Immortal comes out of hiding to clear up the rumors that wrote the book and denounce what Lani did , you know you fucked up 2 So I read a couple pages to it thanks tohaving the first three chapters available on the sneak peak Honestly I couldn t even finish reading it cause it like a big wall of text that didn t make any sense So there I read a little bit of it so my review will stay in the GR guidelines.
Edit 1 I m just hearing about this but what the everlasting fuck You can t buy your way to the best seller l I received this ebook through the publisher via Netgalley As a published author myself, I am well aware of the way that author Lani Sarem and her team manipulated the New York Times list I also know that the Goodreads ratings for the book consist of mostly one star ratings due to the book s reputation and the sample available on .
I don t rate or review any book unless I finish it I wanted to judge Handbook with as much fairness as I could, even knowing its history, so I endeavored to read the entire thing I finished it.
If this had been any other book, I would have declared it Did Not Finish DNF in the first few pages Handbook reminds me of my first novel efforts, the ones I trunked and will foreverkeep trunked Because of that, I sympathize with the author to a degree I wish she had had other experienced authors around her to offer honest feedback or maybe she did, Zade Holder Has Always Been A Free Spirited Young Woman, From A Long Dynasty Of Tarot Card Readers, Fortunetellers, And Practitioners Of Magick Growing Up In A Small Town And Never Quite Fitting In, Zade Is Determined To Forge Her Own Path She Leaves Her Home In Tennessee To Break Free From Her Overprotective Mother Dela, The Local Resident Spellcaster And FortunetellerZade Travels To Las Vegas And Uses Supernatural Powers To Become Part Of A Premiere Magic Show Led By The Infamous Magician Charles Spellman Zade Fits Right In With His Troupe Of Artists And Misfits After All, When Everyone Is Slightly Eccentric, Appearing Normal Is Much Less ImportantBehind The Scenes Of This Multimillion Dollar Production, Zade Finds Herself Caught In A Love Triangle With Mac, The Show S Good Looking But Rough Around The Edges Technical Director And Jackson, The Tall, Dark, Handsome And Charming Bandleader AND NOW THERE ARE FAKE RATINGS THIS IS SO WILDoh my god.
if I ever die in suspicious circumstances, please get YA book twitter to investigate because they cracked the case concerning this book IT BOUGHT ITS WAY ONTO THE NYT BEST SELLER LIST LMFAAOO in under an hour and thats the kind of investigation I deserveeveryone talking about the author this book I never review books without reading them Some extracts of this book have circulated had this book found its way into my hands, it would have been a hard pass for me White slim pretty privileged cis heterosexual woman describing herself as different This is not different, this is the same, this is not special, this is what we are told over over we should conform into I didn t suffer years of abuse at school because of my difference only to end up receiving this message This is not different, this is boring It s plain bad writing This is the writing on the first draft you ve ever written at 12 that you end up scraping entirely because you can t believe how badly your writing was when you first started It okay to write this It s not okay not to question yourself, maybe ask around for opinions amend your work in order to make it better If you annonce in How did this author seriously think no one would notice her quietly buy her way onto the NYT bestseller s list when no one has actually read the book if it even exists and isn t a clever plot on her part to jumpstart a career in filmmaking in Hollywood Shady practices as a creator earns a no way from me, which is unfortunate because the plot might have actually interested me, once upon a time Twitter thread here for those out of the loop.

I have read a lot about this book in the last few days, but I m going to ignore it and base my review on the book itself I was given a free copy for an honest review The idea of someone with magic, working on a magic show seemed like an interesting story There are many issues with this book Over looking the issue of copyright infringement through the use of several song lyrics, the main character is quite unremarkable In fact she seems quite conceited at times, but because she stammers when nervous she is supposed to be relatable The love triangle doesn t hold up well Obviously drawing from other books, the author tries to create tension between Mac and Zade, but it is completely unfounded He becomes angry and rude for no reason There is no chemistry between them Then there Thoughts while reading here snarkformortalsVideo review with lots of spoilers and feelings about why this is the worst.
I m only giving this 1 star because I give everything at least one star This was without a doubt one of the worst things I ve ever read To give you context, it s less harmful than Fifty Shades, but probably worse in terms of writing I hated Bellathan Zade, but this has even less plot than Twilight, if you can imagine That said, apart from anything you ve heard about Lani Sarem and the release of this book, Handbook for Mortals is unquestioningly awful There is no plot, it s terribly written, I refuse to believe an editor even looked at it, and I would go so far as to say that some parts read like even Sarem never read them back to herself It s obvious stand in fic and of the bad kind, because the entire plot really and truly is, everyone tells the a I read thepreview so you don t have to In addition to being a scam see every other legitimate review for details , this book is legitimately god awful You can t even escape the long, rambling foreword without encountering glaring punctuation errors As for the book itself, well, read the preview only if you want to feel talented by comparison The book opens with not one but four epigraphs, followed by seven solid paragraphs of absolutely nothing That s not an exaggeration You have to endure seven paragraphs of navel gazing from a protagonist who desperately wants you to know how pretty and interesting she is without directly saying so, before anything comes even remotely close to happening.
Recommendation Avoid Unless hate reading is your jam, I guess.

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