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↠´ Hunted Ê Download by ☆ P.C. Cast I tried to finish this I really did But when the main character of a book annoys you so much you can hardly stand turning the page, something s got to give I mean, COME ON How many guys does Zoey need It was just getting a bit ridiculous I was happy when it seemed that Zoey was happily dating Erik who is pretty irritating anyway, but whatever, it s not my fictional life in this book Then Heath pops back up again.
It s not only the fact that every single guy character in this series apart from the painfully stereotypical gay friends seems to fall instantly in love with Zoey that annoys me It s the fact that she can t just pick one and be done with it Heath s been following her around for four books now Cut the guy a break Tell him you re not interested, even if it s not completely true Stop leading him on.
I can appreciate a love triangle as much as the next I enjoy the House of Night series but the repetitiveness is starting to get really annoying.
Yes we know Jack and Damien are gay Yes we know Shaunee and Erin are twins ,one black and the other white.
Yes we know Aphrodite is a bitch and that Stevie Ray is a country girl.
We DON T need to be reminded of it every other page of every freaking book.
Not to mention i fear that Zoey is turning into a giant ho cake with ho icing And all the men she thinks she wants loves are little ho sprinkles on top.
What If The Hottest Guy In The World Was Hiding A Nameless Evil, And All He Wanted Was You At The Start Of This Heart Pounding New Installment Of The Bestselling House Of Night Series, Zoey S Friends Have Her Back Again And Stevie Rae And The Red Fledglings Aren T Neferet S Secrets Any Longer But An Unexpected Danger Has Emerged Neferet Guards Her Powerful New Consort, Kalona, And No One At The House Of Night Seems To Understand The Threat He Poses Kalona Looks Gorgeous, And He Has The House Of Night Under His Spell A Past Life Holds The Key To Breaking His Rapidly Spreading Influence, But What If This Past Life Shows Zoey Secrets She Doesn T Want To Hear And Truths She Can T Face Condensed, edited version taken from my blog.
Not long ago I finished reading the fifth instalment in the Cast s House of Night Series, Hunted.
This is about the point where I give a frustrated sigh Oh my, is it a frustrated sigh.
First of, there is a story in there somewhere An interesting story that could potentially make a good novel but it s been swallowed by chaotic, repetitive, stereotypical, shallow muck I really hope that this novel is only the stepping stone to another part of the story because if this is setting the tone for the future of the series then it s going to get far worse.
Not that the previous novels in the series were master pieces with the repetition, stereotyping and all the other faults but it was interesting and the main story wasn t lost or marred as much by all the triviality Plus the characters changed and you didn t always k To see full review and to vote on whether or not I continue my quest to read this series click here.
Sometimes I don t even know why I bother.
I am a goal oriented person Seriously, I have like post it notes on my desk with day goals, week goals, year goals, life goalsyou get the picture And being goal oriented is a good thing But at this point with the House of Night booksI don t know if I can continue it guys I really don t Not after I read Hunted.
This bookI understand why many people have quit the series after this installment And it s not because this book is any offensive than the rest though if the character Karmisha would ve been highlighted any I think it could ve approached that territory It s just that this installmentit just showcases what s wrong with this series I thought of reviewing this book several ways interviewin Okay, so the House of Night series is seriously one of the most guilty pleasure ish young adult series I ve read Emphasis on the guilty part.
You know when you go to the airport, and you re waiting at your gate for your flight, and you look over at the little old lady sitting next to you She might be reading a book, but she s angled it so that you can t quite see what it is But she seems really into it, and you start to wonder what she s reading Then maybe something happens and she readjusts herself, and the cover of her book flashes into view, and you see a shirtless Fabio type man with long, flowy hair holding a busty woman whose corset dress is looking rather askew It has a title like Seduced by a Rogue Lord or The Virgin s Wicked Deed , and you feel a blush rising to your cheeks, and you think to yourself, Why the hell would she be reading that in This is the book in which Kalona pretends to be a good guy And he also wants ZoeyYou know what I want, my love I want you I am not your love Of course you are He moved this time, stepping so close to me that I could feel the chill that came from his unsubstantial body My A ya But Zoey does not want himMoreover, Heath is backWe re good at being together We ve had lots of practice at it Erik is backI don t know how much of your human boyfriend I can stand And Stark is backStark Don t shoot him Thankfully Zoey is about to make the correct choiceThe House of Night is under the control of something that s probably a demon Neferet has turned into something that s probably a lot worse than a demon My friends and I are not safe I have no idea how to do what I need to do to begin to make this mess right, and to top it all off I m falling for a guy who s been with a crapload of the Reviewed by LadyJay for TeensReadToo.
comZoey Redbird is back in the fifth installment of the HOUSE OF NIGHT series When last we left Zoey, all hell literally was breaking loose inside the vampyre school I am sad to say that her predicament has gone from bad to worse Neferet, current High Priestess at the House of Night, has declared war on all human beings To aid in her quest, Neferet has called forth an ancient evil that cannot be destroyed Kalona, a fallen angel, has risen from the depths of the earth with Neferet s help He is an immortal who believes that Zoey is his chosen one the one who trapped him decades ago inside the confines of the earth Zoey s task is great She and her friends will be forced to use their abilities to help rid the world of Kalona once again, and s

Maybe I m just not in my normal teenage girl state of mid the moement but I did not like this book Seriously, the writing annoyed me ALOT for the first hundred pages like, you know how they re always talking about how Zoey never curses, well she cursed a little bit in a beginning and they ALL still acted like it was totally normal for her to be cursing when you know Aphrodite would ve been like whoa And what was with all the Damien an Jack are gay parade in the beginning Really, we ve read about it for the past 4 books I think we re over it, and the gays are good cooks joke was really annoying And it seemed like they were trying WAY TOO HARD to get the characters to sound like normal teenagers Honestly Casts, just because they talk like us doesn t make them LIKE us and it doesn t convince your READERS that the characters are all conf This review contains spoilers for earlier books in the series and mild spoilers for Hunted Hunted is very much a middle book in the House of Night Series, a bridge between the first and second halves of Zoey s story Zoey and her friends are hiding from the reincarnated fallen angel Kalona ad his evil Raven Mockers, as well as Neferet, who has become the Queen Tsi Sgili Zoey will need to use all her power and lean on her friends if she means to defeat Kalona But does she want to She s been dreaming of himTo quote Zoey, well, hell For all of Hunted, Zoey and company are between rocks and hard places, usually a wall or a creature of some sort.
The trouble that came to light in UNTAMED comes to a peak in Hunted, although there can be no doubt that the next four books are needed to finish the story I think it might have been possible to finish the series here, although it

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