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Þ I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections í Download by Þ Nora Ephron Eh This book is a collection of blandly interesting anecdotes about Ephron s life The kind of blandly interesting anecdotes you tell friends over dinner and they do not feel obliged to repeat , not the kind that turn into juicy, zesty, jaw dropping books I can only imagine the meeting with her editor Editor We want you to write a book about your life Ephron I m in the middle of something Editor Okay, make it short Just write anything down People know who you are They ve seen When Harry Met Sally We put it out right before Christmas, they ll buy it, no problem.
Ephron But I don t remember anything I haven t already written about.
Edior Even better We ll call it, I Remember Nothing The good news is that this book is only 130 pages, so if you re in a contest with someone t I don t have a lot to say about I Remember Nothing after gushing over I Feel Bad About My Neck There were some mildly amusing parts but listening to the two audiobooks back to back I noticed her voice lacked the playful tone that added to that one, which made this one seem solemn Although it didn t have the same vibe to me I still enjoyed it very much because it was of a glimpse into her personal life and there is so much to be learned from her wisdom and insightfulness The What I Won t Miss and What I Will Miss Lists at the end made for a very poignant ending and gave a sense that she was really thinking of her own mortality as she wrote her last book I just wish it would have been longer.
Nora Ephron Returns With Her First Book Since The Astounding Success Of I Feel Bad About My Neck, Taking A Cool, Hard, Hilarious Look At The Past, The Present, And The Future, Bemoaning The Vicissitudes Of Modern Life, And Recalling With Her Signature Clarity And Wisdom Everything She Hasn T Yet ForgottenEphron Writes About Falling Hard For A Way Of Life Journalism A Love Story And About Breaking Up Even Harder With The Men In Her Life The D Word Lists Twenty Five Things People Have A Shocking Capacity To Be Surprised By Over And Over Again There Is No Explaining The Stock Market But People Try You Can Never Know The Truth Of Anyone S Marriage, Including Your Own Cary Grant Was Jewish Men Cheat Reveals The Alarming Evolution, A Decade After She Wrote And Directed You Ve Got Mail, Of Her Relationship With Her In Box The Six Stages Of E Mail And Asks The Age Old Question, Which Came First, The Chicken Soup Or The Cold All The While, She Gives Candid, Edgy Voice To Everything Women Who Have Reached A Certain Age Have Been Thinking But Rarely AcknowledgingFilled With Insights And Observations That Instantly Ring True And Could Have Come Only From Nora Ephron I Remember Nothing Is Pure Joy .
The fabulous Nora Ephron wrote this at 69, two years before her premature death from complications from leukemia It s a short book, a collection of anecdotes about her life, thoughts on things that annoy her and how it feels to be getting old Although she doesn t mention her health, she alludes to it when she lists things that she will and won t miss after she passes on, and thanks her doctors at the end Nora is was a wonderful writer and she can tell stories that don t amount to much in such a way that you enjoy every moment of the telling I especially enjoyed her thoughts about how your memory goes as you get older how you start off thinking it s somewhat amusing that you can t locate the name of a movie you saw or a book that you read, but how you eventually start to feel disconnected from the life that you h Re reading this, it made me so sad that this was Ephron s last work, and that she died only two years after the publication.
Three of Nora Ephron s movies are on my list of top favorite movies of all time I remember watching Sleepless in Seattle in high school and just falling in love with it After that, any time I broke up with a guy, I would watch Sleepless in Seattle to remind myself that there was probably a Tom Hanks out there somewhere for me and there was but his name is Matt When I heard Nora Ephron died, I made my husband and sons sit down and watch You ve Got Mail with me and we all laughed and loved it So, when I sit down to read I Remember Nothing, I sit down pretty biased.
I loved this book It was interesting and funny and sad all at once with these neat little observations on everything from chicken soup to email to believing the stories of an alcoholic mother Ephron has been rubbing elbows with some pretty famous people since she was a child

On some level, my life has been wasted on me After all, if I can t remember it, who can The past is slipping away and the present is a constant affrontI Remember Nothing and Other Reflections, Ephron s last essay collection published before her death in 2012, touches on the tragedy of aging and is probably not something that I could fully appreciate only being in my 30s but I still loved it She discusses becoming forgetful, about physical changes, but she touches on stories from her life that she has managed to remember in vibrant detail She also includes several recipes, in particular, one for ricotta pancakes in an essay about Teflon which is far riveting than it sounds at first glance She bemoans the discovery of the hazards of Teflon since her ricotta pancakes never come out quite the same in any other pan and in the r Fluffy and delightful You always think that a bolt of lightning is going to strike and your parents will magically change into the people you wish they were, or back into the people they used to be But they re never going to And even though you know they re never going to, you still hope they will p.
51 And every time one of my friends says to me, Everything happens for a reason, I would like to smack her p.
129 I purchased this book last year I put in down on a table piled high with books, and then Nora Ephron died I didn t pick it up until a few weeks ago.
I unearthed it, and read it slowly, knowing that it would barring posthumous publishings be the last new and original book by her I would read When I was first married and living in New York, I read her sister s book How to Eat Like a Child I related I continued to read books by Delia and Nora Ephron I had friends who knew the same people she did Had I kept living there, we might have met Would we ever have been friends No, but now I feel I have lost an old friend, or at least someone with whom I have been through the wars In I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections, she wrote about her life with wry good and great humor, and incidentally, the life my sister and and I are living In it there are hint

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Þ I Remember Nothing: And Other Reflections í Download by Þ Nora Ephron Nora Ephron was an American journalist, film director, producer, screenwriter, novelist, and blogger.She was best known for her romantic comedies and is a triple nominee for the Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay for Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle She sometimes wrote with her sister,