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[Kresley Cole] Ñ Kiss of a Demon King [psychological-thriller PDF] Read Online É Having just discovered Kresley Cole s Immortals after Dark series, I have been searching for all the books in the series and so far have read 3, which I have really enjoyed I am not a big fan of fantasy but the combination with paranormal romance works for me Kiss of the Demon King is the 7th book in the series and so far it s not one of my favourites.
The hero, Rydstrom, is the deposed King of the Kingdom of Rothkalina, a scarred, horned demon who is trying to get back his kingdom with the help of his brother and all those Valkyrien, crazy womenwow I adore Nix.
what a characternot sure if I am crazy about the horns these demons have.
i try to block them out of my head when I read.
maybe I will get use to them in the futurebut right now I would love.
no hornswho knows he may cut them off like his brother did to please his w I m going to say up front that I was fully prepared not to like this one, or at least be a little disappointed because of the mixed reviews I ve read But darn it, after about page 150 which I know, that s a long time to give a book a chance I was totally riveted, did not want to put it down, and bought into the story hook, line and sinker In fact, I just spent about 3 hours to finish it up, and even teared up at the end And most of the time I had a silly smile on my face or caught myself chuckling while reading Go figure.
So the book started out a little slow and confusing for me It took me a while to immerse myself again in Kresley Cole s world of the Lore with the demons, vampires, sorceri, witches, valkyri, and assorted imm I m not interested in a life that doesn t have you in it Kiss of a Demon King is hot beyond measure Rydstrom is not a caveman like the other heroes of this series, he is a king and duty bound to reclaim the throne As he was captured in the last book, Rydstrom will not allow his plan to be interrupted by a sorceress who gradually invades his heart Sabine is a multilayered character, Kresley Cole shows us since the beginning of the book why she ended up like this, her past was heartbroken for me and made me pity her so much then.
The chemistry between the MCs didn t start immediately, it slowly soaked into my conscious, and when climaxes hit, I couldn t stop my hands from shaking THAT epicness was everything I liked how each main character has their reasons and are on their own ways to accomplish the goals, they re so reckless and i Rydstrom Woede, Demon Sabine, SorceressOkay, this was definitely love at first sight for the fallen demon king of Rothkalina and for the Queen of IllusionsSo you re just a cold, heartless bitch As much as you re a self righteous, miserable prick Sabine has known that she is Rydstrom s mate for hundred of years and she has tried to be prepared for their first time She learned all the tricks of seduction she was reading about his life his conquests and his battles from afar And she stayed a virgin Because it has been predicted that their offspring, their son will be powerful and unique There should not be any doudt when she was finally pregnant.
Unfortunately, nobody informed Rydstrom that his future mate has already been born and that she is a detestable sorceress Thus, he was trying to find his mate among every available and This book sparkled from the first sentence Love the lead in with introducing Sabine s character I finished this book yesterday and I loved it It was dark in a way that the others weren t quite dark The usurped kingdom of Rothkalina has some murky happenings under the helm of Omort the Deathless I believe this is also due in part to the fact that the heroine is supposed to be evil in this story I wouldn t exactly call her evil I d call her pragmatic She s had a rough life that taught her to look out for Number One and her sister She died several times, and faced enemies out for her blood innumerable times She was raised in a environment where kindness was considered weakness, and where she always had to be on guard In t 5 starsWow Absolutely fantastic I loved Kiss of a Demon King For a book I wasn t too sure about in the beginning, I ended up loving every thing about this story The range of emotions I experienced while reading Kiss of a Demon King was surprising and enthralling, making me savor everything about this book I was captivated, and, frankly, mesmerized by the complex, belligerent, sinister, yet somewhat humorous relationship between the hero, Rydstrom, and the heroine, Sabine They were imperfectly perfect together, and I admired their eventual acceptance of each other for who they were, both as a species and as individuals Our couple sum each other and their relationship up perfectly during the following conversation from the bookso you re just a cold, heartless bitch As much as you re a self righteous, miserable prick Her lips curled into a smirk But tha From New York Times Bestselling Author Kresley Cole Comes This Spellbinding Story Of A Demon King Trapped By An Enchantress For Her Wanton Purposes And The Scorching Aftermath That Follows When He Turns The Tables And Claims Her As His CaptiveHIS OBSESSIONSabine, Sorceress Of Illusions The Evil Beauty Who Surrenders Her Body, But Not Her HeartHER DOWNFALLRydstrom Woede The Ruthless Warrior Who Vows To Keep Her At All CostsEY WERE NEVER SUPPOSED TO WANT EACH OTHER THIS MUCHWith Each Smoldering Encounter, Their Shared Hunger Only Increases If They Can Defeat The Sinister Enemy That Stands Between Them, Will Sabine Make The Ultimate Sacrifice For Her Demon Or Will The Proud King Lay Down His Crown And Arms To Save His Sorceress I have to admit that in the Immortals After Dark series I liked Kiss of a Demon King the least.
It has many positive aspects, but also many, many things I disliked about it.
First, I was forced to reread what I have already known about the world of the Lore Although very important information was also offered, such as the story of Sabine and Melanthe, facts about the world of the Sorceri, and how Omort had taken over Castle Tornin, it is too long, too detailed, and descriptive Nothing happens, and there is no action in this part.
Rydstrom is chained to the bed through almost 130 pages There is no suspense as he is chewing over his lost crown, his relationship to his brother Cadeon although it is nice to see how Rydstrom relates to him , and whether Cade gets the sword or not Since I ve read the books of the serie Spoilers I didn t think I was going to like this one that much because I thought the last one was just meh, but I really liked this one Sabine was a little rough around the edges for about half of the book but she had good qualities too and she was also a fighter and braver for all the things that happened in her life She was a darker character but not evil You leave me tied up like a dog Then you had better remember that this bitch bites Sabine gave a Scoff I could be virtuous, if I wanted to be In an incredulous tone, he said, You don t know the meaning of virtue Of course I do it means your thong must be white Rydstrom Woede was sexy and honorable with a kinky side He makes a good king and sexy alpha male SHE MAY BE AN EVIL BITCH, BUT SHE IS MY EVIL BITCH AND ILL HAVE NO OTHER He swooped her up in his arms Will you shut up With his I read this last year, but I just realized my review was like 3 sentences and pretty crappy for such an awesome book I love Rydstrom, and have loved him since the beginning of the Talisman s Hie.
He has been looking for centuries for his female, hoping to find a noblewoman of his kind, but never in million years did he think he d be stuck with Sabine the Queen of Illusions.
She takes him prisoner in Cade s book, remember Well, now we find out what she does with him See Sabine s not on the same side as Rydstromnope, she s on the side for EVIL really, she and her sister Lanthe are just trying to survive, no matter which side they are on, really they are on their own side, the 2 of them And have been forever Well, Sabine chains Ryd up and torments him sexually until he is willing to make her his queen, or so she

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