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[ Pdf Leaving the Hall Light On ñ belgian PDF ] by Madeline Sharples å Leaving the Hall Light On is a memoir by poet Madeline Sharples of California Madeline is the mother of two sons The eldest, Paul, suffered from bipolar disorder, which came on suddenly in young adulthood and resulted in his committing suicide at a young age In the years since that terrible time, Madeline has written poetry, worked hard to maintain her own body and mind in a healthy way, and found a way to move forward, as a mother, as a wife, as a woman whose heart and spirit were broken by the loss of a son, a son whose family tried so very hard to help him in every possible way There are so many people with bipolar disorder and so many families who struggle to cope with a mentally ill family member And, sadly, so many parents who have lost a child to suicide This is a book you will want to recommend to these hurting families Losing a child to What parent can imagine living through the horrors of a child s battle with bipolar disorder ending in suicide several years after diagnosis and attempted treatment Likely no one s imagination works at this level.
Madeline Sharples, author of Leaving the Hall Light On A Mother s Memoir of Living with Her Son s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide, has lived this nightmare And amazingly, she and her family survived this traumatic period.
Sharples memoir chronicles her elder son, Paul s descent into the terrors of bipolar disorder and his eventual suicide.
In writing her story, Sharples addresses issues faced not only by her family but also by many other families In so doing, she offers insight into her ow We live in a culture obsessed with image Not just image but the illusion of happiness When we run into a friend, the customary greeting is, Hi, how are you But we don t usually want to know the answer, not if the person in question is struggling with serious issues In point of fact, we prefer they keep their issues to themselves and smile like everything s fine Then we sit back and wonder why those who commit suicide didn t show any signs, why they didn t ask for help, why no one did anything to stop them I know this is not something I m supposed to admit, but I started thinking about suicide as a teenager What would happen if I discreetly jumped off a cliff, or stepped in front of a car, or threw myself out the windo

The prime concern of any well adjusted parent is to take responsibility for their children s well being to love and nurture them into adulthood, and beyond The difficulty to let go often seems to be the norm rather than the exception, so I can t even begin to imagine how you deal with a child s premature death, let alone if it s due to suicide Sharples has no choice but to do all of the above, plus she plucks up courage to write the story and in doing so probes into the painful details of her eldest son s battle with bipolar disorder, a traumatic time that impacted all the members of her family.
As the author so rightly states, we all deal with loss in unique ways she tries to keep his memory alive, a mission that has allowed her to illuminate the A mother s Quest to Understand the Loss of Her Son To SuicideThis is the first memoir I ve read about a son suffering from bipolar disorder and eventually committing suicide.
As a mother myself, I have to say, Madeline Sharples, covers every aspect of what a mother, wife and friend must feel which such candor, that I could hear her voice as I was reading.
She questions everything in such detail, and the range of emotions from intense love for her son, to intense frustration, anxiety, and even stating, I was full of hate for my own son I feel as though the boy I raised has already died He is not my son, but some other person altogether I m living with a stranger a selfish, irresponsible being who is using me up It s refreshing to read the truth, not a subdued version, but the raw emotions that this mother is going through From the moment that her husband Bob says, Paul is dead Call 911 we Madeline Sharples fulfilled several purposes as she wrote her memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On, about surviving the trauma of her son s sudden affliction with bipolar disorder and eventual suicide One purpose was to find closure for her personal grieving process by sharing Paul s story with the world to ensure his memory lives on She also wrote to educate the public about this disorder and mental illness in general, hoping to make some dent in the lingering stigma it still carries, and finally to provide hope for others that families can survive such tragedies intact in mind, spirit and relationships.
Several terms came to mind as I read her account Brave and Gritty Sharples seems scrupulously honest and forthright about feelings and intimate details of family life during the stress of Paul s illness and following his death In the first chapter she explor Once I began reading this book, I couldn t put it down until it was done This is a moving,powerful and oh so very human account of the suicide of one mother s son told through poetry and prose The author doesn t just tell the story, she invites the reader into her family s life We don t just hear what happened, we EXPERIENCE what happened and the fallout from it and the ongoing will the survivors have to survive.
Very often,personal stories of such tragedies paint the storyteller as a saint,someone who has only good things left to say But that isn t the case with this mother s memoir She allows us to see her and her family at their best and worst and everything in between.
Toward the end of the book, Sharples says I remember how he looked as he stood there and then leaned his face down for my kiss as if he is here with me right now And tha Leaving the Hall Light On A Mother S Memoir Of Living With Her Son S Bipolar Disorder And Surviving His Suicide Charts The Near Destruction Of One Middle Class Family Whose Son Committed Suicide After A Seven Year Struggle With Bipolar Disorder Madeline Sharples, Author, Poet And Web Journalist, Goes Deep Into Her Own Well Of Grief To Describe Her Anger, Frustration And Guilt She Describes Many Attempts Some Successful, Some Not To Have Her Son Committed To Hospital And To Keep Him On His Medication The Book Also Charts Her And Her Family S Redemption, How She Considered Suicide Herself, And Ultimately, Her Decision Live And Take Care Of Herself As A Woman, Wife, Mother And Writer What a deeply touching book Ms Sharples does a wonderful job describing her trials, tribulations and creative process to overcome her son s mental health issues, and eventually, sadly, his suicide I honestly cried through the majority of this book as I have wandered down the same path as a family member of someone who is not well The confusion, blame, hopelessness, aggrivation, resignation, and emotional healing feeling rollercoaster ropes you into the story Ms Sharples is a very strong woman for sharing her story, her son s story, her family s story, in such a well written book.
My first impression of this book was the haunting image on the cover It s taken me over a year since I first discovered this book to actually download it and start to dig through the pages The first image was solitified in my mind and carried me through to the very end This is a mother s struggle with her oldest son as he battles bipolar disorder I had two very distinct impressions while reading this book First I was concerned for this mother and her relationship with her son I kept looking back over my relationship with my father I too suffer from bipolar 1 disorder Was this how MY father was feeling Did he dislike me so much that he was fed up with me and ready to discard me, only to discover his compassion and duty to his daughter At first glance I was very put off with the writer and her attitude toward her son, but then I realizedI was

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[ Pdf Leaving the Hall Light On ñ belgian PDF ] by Madeline Sharples å izmirescort.pro Madeline Sharples grew up in the Chicago area and fell in love with writing in middle and high school She attended the University of Wisconsin as a journalism major, but transferred to UCLA her senior year attaining a degree in English She worked in the aerospace business TRW and Northrop Grumman as a technical writer and editor, web content writer, and proposal manager for almost thirty years