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[Claudia Gray] ☆ Star Wars: Lost Stars [professors PDF] Ebook Epub Download Î A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far, Far Away Eight Years After The Fall Of The Old Republic, The Galactic Empire Now Reigns Over The Known Galaxy Resistance To The Empire Has Been All But Silenced Only A Few Courageous Leaders Such As Bail Organa Of Alderaan Still Dare To Openly Oppose Emperor PalpatineAfter Years Of Defiance, The Many Worlds At The Edge Of The Outer Rim Have Surrendered With Each Planet S Conquest, The Empire S Might Grows StrongerThe Latest To Fall Under The Emperor S Control Is The Isolated Mountain Planet Jelucan, Whose Citizens Hope For A Prosperous Future Even As The Imperial Starfleet Gathers Overhead The Imperial training academy is an attractive place for na ve youngsters For those that have never left their home worlds, the magnificent space craft and disciplined soldiers look like a thing of wonder They do not understand the harsh blood price the brutal Empire exacts thus, Thane and Ciena are enamoured by the dreams of glory Tarkin gives them They see the Empire as a machine, a mechanism of control, order and stability And they want inHe and the girl ran inside, where everything was black and shiny and lit up with a hundred small lights They were shown in the cockpit and even got to sit in the pilot s seats Grand Moff Tarkin stood just behind, rigid as a flagpole, his boots gleaming as brightly as the polished metal surrounding themSo they dedicate every moment of their young lives to prove that they are, indeed, I d give this a 4.
5 if I could.
Wow This one kind of came out of nowhere I was so disappointed and let down with Aftermath that I didn t really think I had it in me to try another new Star Wars books so soon.
Am I ever glad I did.
What can I say I loved everything about this book The story has two points of view We follow, and skip between, Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree Both of who, by the end of the book, I adore just as much as any of the classic cast from the movies The timeline covers events from, A New Hope up to Return of the Jedi and afterward as well It was pretty interesting seeing all those iconic moments that take place in the original trilogy through fresh and different eyes I absolutely loved how Cl This IS the Star Wars book you re looking for I had so much fun buddy reading this with Sophie Chatting with her about Star Wars history and our theories about what would happen in the book really made this a wonderful reading adventure This was my favorite Star Wars book of all time And I m saying this as a old curmudgeon who read a lot of the old Star Wars Expanded Universe books and was furious when Disney announced that those books were no longer considered canon Seriously, I shook my fist and told Disney to get off my lawn it was kind of pathetic, actually Despite missing those old stories and the characters I grew to love within them, this book was brilliantly written enough to help me move on and accept that this is the new canon.
I ll write a full review when I havetime, but for now I ll say that this book repr On a cold, remote, seemingly backward planet with two distinct, isolationist cultures, a boy and a girl, he a settler and her a native, dream of being TIE pilots for the mighty Galactic Empire Thane Kyrell and Ciena Ree won t let anything get in the way of their shared dream But while they are strong together in the face of disapproval from their families and snobbery at their imperial piloting academy, they break apart when confronted with proof of the Empire s evil Thane, the firebrand, can t stand for this and eventually joins the Rebellion Ciena, the principled one, stays on an increasingly Dark Side due to a misapplied sense of honor But even as the War drags on, and these two childhood friends on again off again lovers meet in battle after battle, they still can t make themselves kill each other Content Advis Many of the major events of the original Star Wars trilogy are experienced through two childhood friends, Ciena Ree and Thane Kyrell Ciena and Thane are life long friends who find themselves on opposite sides of war.
Lost Stars covers the lives of Ciena and Thane who happen to have been born the same time as the Empire Their story starts at age 8 and continues on until after the end of Return of the Jedi The story was good, but I was expecting .
The biggest surprise I experienced in this story was seeing how people could defend the Empire I understand that there are two sides to every story, but once the Empire blew up a highly inhabited planet because it s leaders were traitors to the Empire, I couldn t believe anyone could continue defending it.
Thane and Ciena started off as re This novel went down very smooth, with two well drawn characters destined to be best friends, lovers, and eventually bitter enemies What could make it better Being in the Star Wars universe with cameo appearances of both iconic characters and situations.
But, you ask, But wouldn t that take away from the impact of a well drawn adventure following these two children well into adulthood And I reply, No, not really, unless you re a die hard snob who believes that an entirely new worldbuilding scenario is necessary to be considered good SF And then there s the other side of the equation Those people who are die hard fans of the franchise suddenly being treated to a nice and classic tale done very well.
It s a Star Wars Gaiden A side story No less important than the primary tales we know, it fleshes out the universe delightfully while never In a lot of ways, Lost Stars is perhaps the perfect Star Wars book If nothing else it s easily my favorite book in the new Star Wars canon and perhaps my favorite Star Wars book in general As someone who grew up on the old extended universe, that s saying a lot But I mean every word of what I ve said Lost Stars is everything I ever wanted from a Star Wars book.
The author does a fantastic job of inventing her own story while fitting it seamlessly into the Star Wars narrative She creates two interesting characters from a new, unique planet and culture And then she takes us through their lives from the first time they meet at eight years old until the period shortly after Return of the Jedi when they are well into their twenties They provide a refreshingly unique perspective on Star Wars, giving us insight on what it was like to be apa 4.
5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum to think, I almost gave this one a pass when I was compiling a list of books I wanted to read from the new Star Wars canon What a mistake that would have been Yes, this is categorized as Young Adult, but to be sure, this is not the kind of Star Wars YA from the old EU when the stories tended to leantowards middle grade audiences and few children s series stood out strongly enough to make an impression Lost Stars, in a word, was awesome I have been reading Star Was novels for years and have read many of them during that time, but this has got to be one of the best I ve ever read.
The book tells the tale of two childhood friends who became lovers before ending up on opposite sides of the galactic war Ciena and Thane grew up on the same planet just after annexation by the Imperials, but one was born in therural valley while the other came fro I was a little disgusted with this book.
No, actually, I was very disgusted with this book.
If I was presented with an action adventure novel wherein the main character was an apologist for Hioroshima and Nagasaki and throughout that novel kept saying things like well, the US were only trying to prevent further death and stop the war from escalating I would probably take that book and rip out every single page individually before setting it on fire.
Herein one of our two main characters is a Death Star apologist and we are meant to sympathise with her for approximately 400 pages That s right, she repeatedly says things like well, the Empire were just trying to prevent a war as an excuse for why they blew up Alderaan.
No, I m not kidding.
Oh yeah and the other hero is in love with her despite the fact that he s a member of the rebellion and she s a to

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