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☆ Loud in the House of Myself á Download by » Stacy Pershall I don t need to write my autobiography I just read it Sure, there are some differences from my own story, but it hits so close as to be chilling I, like the author, found my way via tattoos and DBT I m not sure how someone without at least one the diagnoses would see the book as what makes the book good are the moments I found myself reading exactly what I would do, how I would react, seeing myself outside myself This isn t intentionally vague, it s just one of those books you either get or don t get All the reviewers complaining that the emotional content is lacking really don t understand that you can t describe the emotions when they are changing like a toddler at a light switch plate with six different lamps And the cure of DBT well, you learn basic life skills that most people learn as a child how to control yo I m than a little embarrassed to admit that I ve known Stacy for 10 years and only just finished reading her lovely memoir yesterday My delay in reading her work is no indicator of its quality just a reflection of my own laziness and terrible reading habits That said, it was such a pleasure to read the final product after following Stacy s journey to get this memoir published As a reader of her Livejournal, I was fortunate enough to read occasional excerpts of the book, along with her tales of frustration as she tried to find the right agent and publisher I believe that everything she poured into this book completely pays off.
Stacy s memoir focuses on her youth in rural Arkansas, where she felt like an outcast for being bright, creative, and strange She als An Utterly Unique Journey Down Some Of The Mind S Mysterious Byways Ranges From The Shocking To The Simply Lovely Marya Hornbacher Stacy Pershall Grew Up Depressed And Too Smart For Her Own Good, A Deeply Strange Girl In Prairie Grove, Arkansas Population Where The Prevailing Wisdom Was That Jesus Healed All From Her Days As A Thirteen Year Old Jesus Freak, Through A Battle With Anorexia And Bulimia, Her First Manic Episode At Eighteen, And The Eventual Diagnosis Of Bipolar Disorder And Borderline Personality Disorder, This Spirited And At Times Mordantly Funny Memoir Chronicles Pershall S Journey Through Hell Several Breakdowns And Suicide Attempts And Her Struggle With The Mental Health Care System After Her Suicide Attempt, Broadcast Live On A Webcam, Pershall Realized The Need To Heal Her Mind And Body She Found A Revolutionary Cure Dialectical Behavioral Therapy And A New Mood Stabilizing Medication She Also Met A Tattoo Artist And Discovered The Healing Power Of Body Modification By Giving Over Her Skin And Enduring The Physical Pain, She Learned About The True Nature Of Trust Review to come When I checked this out at the library, the librarian scanning my books perked up Oh, I read this one, she said This conversation, by the way, was odd in and of itself the librarians all recognise me but rarely comment on my reading choices Was it good I asked.
She made a face It waswell, she s really kind of crazy, she said.
That was, of course, precisely the reason that I was reading this book in the first place, but I didn t say that In any case, the librarian was pretty much correct the book is all about the author being really kind of crazy.
It s hard to rate In some ways I think the book is very well done, but in other ways I think that she is a bit too single minded It s kind of like I was crazy, and then I was crazier, and t My favorite thing about Loud in the House of Myself was the title When I first saw this book, I knew I would love it A memoir on mental illness, by a strange girl, with such a good title I was eager to get my hands on it Unfortunately, I didn t enjoy this book very much and honestly found it a bit annoying Memoirists don t have the luxury of manufacturing fascinating life events to make the real story interesting instead, the reader is drawn to the author rather than the storyline The problem here was that I didn t feel a connection with Pershall and I absolutely thought I would after reading the back cover The question is, why Perhaps something about her personality rubbed me the wrong way and it has nothing to do with the book However, I think that the problem stemmed from the way the book was written My biggest issue was that Pershall seems strangel Intelligent, witty, brilliant, heartbreaking, hilarious, hard to fathom and hitting home too If you grew up in a small town in the 80 s and were are even the least bit weird or quirkythis is one GREAT read It s another one I read slowly, because it s that good Pershall is an excellent wordsmith and captivating with her story She s bold enough to not only come out with mental illness but do a great deal to help the reader understand it and remove the stigma associated with it This book is great from start to finish There s despair, chaos, hope and healing Quite a recipe for a great book and this one is.
Thank you Stacy for writing such a poetic, wonderful, hearbreakingly truthful memoir about mental illness It s something that doesn t get talked about enough.

I read this book for the goodreads book club Diversity in All Forms If you would like to participate in our discussions here is the link really enjoyed this book As a special education teacher that deals with a large majority of students with mental health issues, this book was absolutely fascinating to me I not only learned about bulimia and anorexia, but also about borderline personality disorder and bipolar The author did a great job at sharing her story, and I love reading autobiographies This book was well written and covered a large majority of her life Even the epilogue was fascinating I found it very interesting too that she loves tattoos, so she made that a big part of her book all the way through.
She became obsessed with things and peop Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder Since then, I have often been in and out of therapy I ve tried various techniques to regulate my moods What worked best for me, however, were words Words are important to me, and by reading and learning about BPD, I was able to articulate my feelings.
I ve read many books on the subject, probably all of which were written by therapists Some I stepped back in amazement from, asking how they knew so much about me Others were clearly speculating how a Borderline feels and reacts, and were way off I was excited to read Loud in the House of Myself because here was a book actually written by a Borderline And, not surprisingly, Stacy Pershall knows

Stacy Pershall

☆ Loud in the House of Myself á Download by » Stacy Pershall Stacy Pershall teaches Memoir I and II at Gotham Writers Workshop and creative writing to teens online through the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth She is a suicide prevention speaker for the Active Minds Speakers Bureau She lives in New York City.