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Trailer ✓ Maid To Match PDF by Õ Deeanne Gist I have yet to read a historical romance by Deeanne Gist that I haven t totally adored She has a way with words, setting, and edgy romantic elements that is just hard for other authors to beat Maid To Match was a real page turner, in my opinion, but it wasthan that It was truly insightful and inspiring I loved how the story delved into what true riches are and how status and a good job can only go so far when it comes to truly satisfying work in this life For a person of faith, there is always somethingthat the heart yearns for Gist did a fantastic job showing that side of things This awesome historical was also a sizzling romance Gist clearly understands that many historical romance readers want not only to feel like they are living in a different era, but that we want yummy romantic tension in the story, and she I absolutely fell in love with this novel It was truly amazing and I couldn t have picked a better novel to practically read in one day if I tried I hate to say it took me so long to pick it up to read, life seemed to have gotten away from me Deeanne Gist is now my favorite author, I have read three separate books over the time span of her career, and I haven t been disappointed even once Not only does Ms Gist pick real places and likes to incorporate history into each novel, but she is allow a Christian writer that offers clean romance stories that everyone can enjoy I promise, not matter what novel of hers that you choose, you will not be disappointed I must say though, this one has been my favorite so far From The Day She Arrives At The Bilt, Tillie Reese Is Dazzled By The Riches Of The Vanderbilts And By Mack Danvers, A Mountain Man Turned Footman When Tillie Is Enlisted To Help Tame Mack S Rugged Behavior By Tutoring Him In The Ways Of Refined Society, The Resulting Sparks Threaten Tillie S Efforts To Be Chosen As Edith Vanderbilt S Lady S Maid But The Stakes Rise Even Higher When Mack And Tillie Become Entangled In A Cover Up At The Town Orphanage They Could Both Lose Their Jobsand Their Hearts Deanne hits another home run with Maid To Match I was glad to receive a review copy I loved the first line, Like a butterfly breaking free from its confining cocoon, Tillie Reese emerged from the barren, tan colored servants hall into the opulence of Bilt s main level This author quickly whisked me into the Bilt, where I wanted to knowabout the Vanderbilts, their amazing home and what was required to become a lady s maid My favorite thing about Deanne s books is the fact that they are educational and captivating This author goes to great lengths to masterfully craft historical details in every book she writes I was immediately drawn into the unfamiliar world of 1898 with its class struggles, and was mesmerized by how a Mansion is run It only took a few minutes to feel compassion for the 4.
5 stars Quick and light readI didn t expect this book to be as this good I honestly suspect it to be so shallow but it definitely was the opposite I liked Mack character sooo much He is is really a true man and so nobel and i liked most his respect for women and his care for the children.
This was my first read for this author and it won t be the last one for sure.
impressive i LOVED the detail about the bilt house, its domestic staff, and the surrounding appalachain culture this is a very moderate romance, too, which was a nice change there were only a few instances of the main characters actions stretching believability huzzah the subplots and minor characters were refreshingly dickensian, with muchactual social engagement happening than in your average christian romance plus, now i want to visit the actual bilt estate and see it for myself i never had much interest in it before.
I LOVED this book I have been in a bit of rut the past month or so I have about 5 books started, and I just can t seem to finish them I keep losing interest I don t know if it is because I burned myself out by reading SO much the past 9 months, or if I have just been picking the wrong books lately Well I could not put this book down I started reading it last night after the kids went to bed I read all night I just loved it Tillie s mother had trained Tillie to be a Lady s Maid, so she could travel the world and live aexciting life than one as a plain old maid Tillie is Head Palor Maid at the Bilt Castle in Ashville, NC and her chance to become Lady s Maid has just come in to view Nothing was going to keep Tillie from accomplishing her lifelong goal Until a handsome mountain man comes to work for the Vanderbilts

I was so completely enchanted by this novel that I was sad when I finished In fact, I didn t even know that I was close to the end until I turned the page and there wasn t anytext When I requested this novel from Goodread s book swap, I didn t expect to love it so much I m not a fan of Christian novels, but I didn t even know that it was such until I looked upabout the author There were numerous references to the Christian god, and the character s relying on him for strength and guidance However, the story wasabout the characters and their relationships rather than their god.
I immediately fell in love with the characters Tillie was so simple in her ambitions that I couldn t help but envy her All she wanted in the entire world was to be a lady s maid and help those If I measured the heat level of a romance by how many times I dog eared the pages to come back to them, then Maid To Match would be like a summer in Arizona This inspirational romance was steamy, just the way I like em And just so we re clear, a steamy inspirational means lots of restrained passion, not graphic descriptions.
Deeanne Gist has a way with writing dialogue romantic one liners that just rip at your heart and bottom out your stomach there s a scene involving shirt measurements that made me swoon If you ve been reading my blog, you already know I m a huge fan of Gist s work But I d place this latest book in her top three, along with my dog eared copies of A Bride Most Begrudging and The Measure of a Lady.
Mack and Tillie are both likable characters with hearts for God I found the premise of a romance between house servants at the Bilt Estate After finishing Lilac Girls and The Glass Castle shudder , I wanted something lighter, so opted for Maid To Match by Deeanne Gist I ve been wanting to read listen to this novel ever since my husband and I visited the Bilt Estate in June The descriptions in the novel of not just the estate but of the servants activities bring everything to life eventhan our tour did The story itself was well conceived and executed, with actual, believable obstacles to a match, and a slow whittling away of them until the happy ending was achieved I adored all the period details.

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Trailer ✓ Maid To Match PDF by Õ Deeanne Gist Deeanne Gist has rocketed up bestseller lists and captured readers everywhere with her original, captivating historicals Her latest release,