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[Nancy Moser] Í Masquerade [m-m-historical-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ , New York City Charlotte Gleason, A Rich Heiress From England, Escapes A Family Crisis By Traveling To America In Order To Marry The Even Wealthier Conrad Tremaine She Soon Decides That An Arranged Marriage Is Not For Her And Persuades Her Maid, Dora, To Take Her Place What Begins As The Whim Of A Spoiled Rich Girl Wanting Adventure Becomes A Test Of Survival Amid Poverty Beyond Charlotte S Blackest Nightmares As For Dora, She Lives A Fairy Tale Complete With Gowns, Jewels, And Lavish Mansions Yet Is Tormented By Guilt And The Presence Of Another Love That Will Not Die Will Their Masquerade Be Discovered Will One Of Them Have Second Thoughts There Is No Guarantee The Switch Will Work It S A Risk It S The Chance Of A Lifetime I really appreciate it when authors do a little something different to set their book apart from others In Masquerade, the author includes a fact or fiction section in the back of the book which I think enriches the story This section expounds up on the history of the time period this story is set in and I really enjoyed reading it There is also a little section with black and white photos which details the fashions described in this story For readers like myself who love historical fiction, these two additions are the icing on the cake This story is a nice combination of adventure and romance and gives the readers a peek into the lives of wealthy socialites from England On her way to America, the main character Lott A Gilded Age version of Mark Twain s The Prince and the Pauper Charlotte Gleason is sent from England to America to marry a wealthy gentleman she has never met to protect her from her wealthy father s indiscretions and fiscal irresponsibility She is accompanied by her long time maid, Dora But Charlotte wants to try her wings and talks Dora who looks very much like her into trading places Well written with some interesting plot twists, I loved the characters in this book and the lessons that Charlotte and Dora learned along the path of finally finding love and happiness Lesson 1 truth always out trumps lies Lesson 2 what you wish for isn t always what you want, need or is the best for you Lesson 3 the person you think you should love isn t necessarily the person that you are meant to love Lesson 4 the lifestyle you dream you want isn t A fun historical novel with a convoluted plot.
I have read a few of Nancy Moser s books and I have noticed that while I enjoy her writing and her stories, they tend to be a little slow at times I had a similar experience with Masquerade, but the story was very appealing and well written, so the slower parts did not negatively affect my overall enjoyment of the story I would have to say that Masquerade is my favorite Nancy Moser book so far and it has reignited my desire to readof her work The storyline of Lottie and Dora switching places just opens up enormous potential for humorous situations to emerge and Nancy did not disappoint me there I enjoyed watching the characters learn their way into their new roles and seeing that even being a rich society girl is not always easy Of course, it is not all fun and games as Lottie struggles just to survive.
Overall, Masquerade is a very satisfying novel It is a bi A few years ago I was introduced to the writing of Nancy Moser through one of her historical women series in Just Jane I loved that novel page one to end I did not love this novel, but overall I liked it The hardest part for me in liking Masquerade was one of the main characters and her personality She would flip back and forth from one area of thought to the next and she infuriated me with how selfish, spiteful and arrogant she was So many things she just did not get, and I felt that she was still that way in the end with no lesson learned and still going out for what she wanted above all else Another issue I had was another character with similar attributes and once you thought that she was befriended, she pulled out the stops with hostility It was confusing and a bit hard to keep up with whether today would be a friendly day or not All and all it is a go Added 3 25 15This is another good story by Nancy Moser Easy reading but engrossing enough to keep you reading.
Masquerade by Nancy Moser Year 1886 Location Wiltshire, England but mostly NYCMain Characters Lottie Gleason aka Lottie Hathaway, bound for America to marry Conrad Tremaine Dora Conrad, aka Charlotte Gleason, Lottie s Lady s Maid Lottie traded places with Conrad Tremaine Son of an American merchant, intending to marry Lottie Gleason The Scarpellis Took in a sad young woman Lottie who d just had everything stolen from her Sven Photographer intent on showing the world the conditions of the emigrants Dr Graham Met Lottie and Dora on the ship and again in NYC Nanny Hathaway Lottie s nanny reunited in NYCI didn t really want to give this book an unfavorable review, I really like the author, but this book Ugh It started out good, then got to a point where I actually said out loud NO Don t do that Partly I was ta I had a really hard time liking the main characters of this book First, you have the woman who doesn t want to go into an arranged marriage and would rather have adventure and freedom instead She forces her maid into taking her place and then immediately runs into trouble What ultimately changes her mind is not a sense of guilt Instead, she realises she needs the young man s money The maid is slightly better She doesn t want to go into the sham, but is led to believe she doesn t have any other options and that the man she meets on the Atlantic crossing will never love her because of her lowly status She then comes to like her new situation and is worried the sham will be revealed Ultimately, both women get great things I guess that s the nature of grace We screw up and getthan we deserve Personally, I felt sorry for the young man and his family The ending felt Masquerade BY NANCY MOSER is a delightful Inspirational Historical Fiction set in 1886 England and New York City It is well written with details, depth, fast paced and a page turner It has romance, adventure, switching identities, fashion, faith, taking a chance, moving forward in your faith, rich,poor, good,bad, finding who you are and what you are supposed to be.
The characters are strong, determined,troublemakers and will capture your heart Lottie and Dora trade places, Lottie was being sent to New York to marry a wealthy merchant s son due to the scandal her father has caused She didn t want to marry a man she has never met, so decides to get her maid to trade places with her Dora, the maid trades places with Lottie, but she finds herself in love with another Dora, is well received at the Tremaine s Lottie, however, finds herself

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[Nancy Moser] Í Masquerade [m-m-historical-romance PDF] Ebook Epub Download µ izmirescort.pro Nancy Moser is the award winning author of nearly forty inspirational novels and novellas that focus on discovering our unique purpose Her genres include both contemporary and historical stories She also writes and illustrates children s books.Her latest historical novel is The Shop Keepers , book 3 of the Pattern Artist series about a group of women designing fashion and opening their own sto