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[ Pdf Master of Illusion À coding PDF ] by Anne Rouen ñ Winner Of The Global Ebook Awards Silver Medal For Historical Literature Fiction Modern Murder, Magic, Music And Obsession Master of Illusion Follows The Lives Of Childhood Comrades, Angel And Elise, As They Run Hand In Hand From A History Of Treachery, Heartache And Crippling Abuse Under The Mask Of Exceptional Talent And In The Name Of Justice, They Each Grapple With Their Own Damaged Version Of Love And Loyalty, While Fiercely Protecting Their Terrible Secrets Set In The Operatic Era Of Th Century France, Talented Dancer, Elise, Is Discovered By The Eminent Op Ra Fran Ais And Is Whisked Away From A Simple Life To Fulfil Her Dreams Of Becoming Prima Ballerina Her Path Is Forever Changed The Day She Rescues The Disfigured, Amnesic, Genius Angel From A Life Of Abandonment And Mistreatment Angel S Obsessions Define Him His Emulation Of The Phantom Of The Opera Coupled With A Latent Dark Side, Develop Into A Fervent Passion For A Young Soprano Cast Under Angel S Charming Spell, Elise Assumes The Role Of His Protector And Nurturer Only To Discover That She, Too, Wields Powers Of Her Own Persuasion And ContrivanceIn Trying To Reach The Pinnacle Of Operatic Success, Angel And Elise Are Faced With The Challenge Of Defining Justice, Love And Self Acceptance Through Abandonment, Angel Knows Only One Form Of Love Obsession And Elise, Whose Purity Lies In Ruins At The Hands Of Evil, Is Raped Of Her Capacity For Romantic LoveCan They Fulfil Their Childhood Dreams Without Blood On Their Hands This Book Can Be Purchased On Here An historical fiction, set within the opera ballet scenes of France Master of Illusion has a wide scope of believable and loveable characters With a smattering of basic french phraseology throughout, attention to character development and a scene set for intrigue this novel is one that rises far above the calibre of those currently in the best seller lists It is a clever, well planned piece of writing that has the ability to become a series of repute.
The author has set upon the literary scene with a decidely refined and ladylike bang I loved it It is also far, far outside my usual preference, even within the historical genre and I told myself to be a big girl and try it, even though operatic and dance sagas are not remotely within my fields if interest It was beyond expectation, and for 2 very late nights with little sleep, I could no

I m a huge Phan of anything related to the Phantom of the Opera Suffice it to say that I m on a mission to read all the Phantom books out there In doing so, I ve read many great ones, but some of them tend to get lost in the shuffle It s not that they weren t necessarily good books It s just that they were all the same retellings over and over again That is certainly not the case with Anne s book Master of Illusion stands out I don t really think of it as a retelling of the tale because it s so fresh I would say it was like inspired by the Phantom of the Opera There are definitely some parallels and connections there, but Elise and Angel s story is so vastly different from the Phantom plot we re used to, and I loved it The author s love for the French language and culture really shines through in this book, and I appreciated the authenticity in the way s As an avid reader of Historical Fiction particularly Georgette Heyer and Philippa Gregory , I was pleasantly surprised by this work, by a new and unknown author, Anne Rouen.
I really enjoy this style of writing, and I felt the suspense was conveyed very well The main characters, Angel and Elise, were introduced very thoroughly, and by following them from childhood, you really get to know them well Angel idolised the Phantom of the Opera, and you do see how he builds those qualities into his life, so for fans of all things Phantom, there are some nice synergies, but things turn out very differently for him So, people who aren t a fan of the Phantom, don t feel you have to know or understand that story at all, because yo

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