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[ Read Online Ms. Match î habsburg-spain PDF ] by Jo Leigh ¶ Ms Match4 StarsA charming opposites attract romance with some super steamy scenes The hero, Paul Bennet, a gorgeous and successful PR executive, initially comes across as very shallow and superficial although he does have an understanding of his own shortcoming After agreeing to accompany Gwen Christopher, his current flame s less attractive sister, to a family event, Paul finds himself relaxing and enjoying himself than expected Gwen brings out the best in him, and he decides that he wants to become a better man Gwen, the Plain Jane, heroine is intelligent and witty She is a lovely person although she can be a bit judgmental at times Like the hero, she also acknowledges her biases and realizes that there is to Paul than a pretty face, and it is well worth the effort of looking beyond external appearances My one small nit Paul Bennett, a PR guy in Hollywood, is a beautiful person attracted to an even beautiful Autumn Christopherbut he can t seem to score with her In an attempt to earn points, he agrees to escort Autumn s plain sister, Gwen to her family party He is surprised to realize how much fun he had and sort of hurt when he realizes that Gwen doesn t really want to be his friend because she thinks he s shallow So Paul sets out to change his ways, because he considers Gwen a person worth knowing and being friends with Things heat up fast though, and Gwen, who always considered herself a confident, secure person, realizes that she isn t as strong as she thought and harbors serious insecurity about being good enough for Paul This was very cleverly done I wanted to hate Paul because of how shallow he wasI mean he was pretty damn shallow when it came to Autumn He spends the first h

The ugly duckling and the handsome prince has been done over and over again But the importance and insecurity toward physical appearances is oftentimes romanticized in romance novels In this one, it doesn t The hero, Paul spends most of the book being enad by the heroine s very beautiful sister yet unmistakeably drawn to the less beautiful heroine, Gwen He even wishes that the heroine was prettier, because he liked her personality so much This is so unlike how most romances have their heroes fall unbearably in lust with the heroines at first sight or at least interaction Paul and Gwen start off as friends which develops into love They even spend the first night they met in the same bed in only their underwear, with no sexual tension Crazy, but really endearing.
Needless to say, I adored this book I loved how the themes of Ms Match was an unusual blaze for me, for one the hero is lusting after the heroine s sister in the beginning and even in the middle and I didn t find it very conventional, it seemed different.
Paul is one of those PR people, handsome and successful and used to getting his own way in life because of his looks He agrees to accompany Gwen to her family party when the guy he asked falls through.
Gwen is kind of the black sheep of her family She is not as beautiful as the rest of her shallow family, is brainy and friendly She doesn t like people who think that there beauty can get them anywhere Surprisingly Paul and Gwen have a nice time at the party, they dance all night and Gwen shoots down the move Paul makes on her.
It took some to like Paul He tries really hard to pursue friendship with Gwen though Gwen is not that welcomin A fast steamy read, though as much as I liked it I found it hard to like Paul through most of the book as well as Gwen s entire family I truly hope people aren t really that way even in SoCal.
But this is fantasy so all that aside, this book was good for a thrill and a few giggles along the way.
I am currently wearing my big happy sigh grin This is a book I have read and reread a gagillion times or since I first bought it I don t know what it is about it.
I ve always been attracted to ugly duckling books, and this one turned out to be so much I LOVED Gwen and Paul Just loved them They always surprised me And to watch them both grow and learn so much about themselvesit was satisfying So many times it s only one side or the other that really grows and changes, but they both had a long ways to go in this one This is my feel good readthe one I pick up when I need a pick me up The back of the book description is a bit misleading toobut if you have a penchance for ugly duckling books, then I highly recommend it.
This was a very sweet read Her insecurities working hard against her and him being outside his comfort zone were great issues to work with They had chemistry right from the beginning and you just knew it would never be about just sex.
Perfect MatchI really enjoyed this book It was a great story about two different people who turned out to be perfect together.
Ms Match By Jo Leigh Released On Sep , Is Available Now For PurchaseWaking Up In A Hotel Room Next To A Nearly Naked Gwen Christopher Is A Shocker For Paul BennetHmm, One Too Many The Night Before After All, He S Rich, Successful And Looks Like One Of His Movie Star Clients Than Their PR Rep Paul Can Have Any Woman He Wants Any Woman Except Gwen S Smokin Hot Sister Taking Plain Jane Gwen Out As A Favor Was Supposed To Be His Ticket In And Okay, Sure, Gwen S Fun And Smart And Interesting And Absolutely Amazing In Bed But She D Never Fit In With His Parties And Paparazzi Lifestyle This Is A Total MismatchSo Why S He So Ready To Dive Back Into Bed With Gwen First Chance He Can 3.
5This was a hard rating for me to decide because it s an easy read, and really, there s nothing majorly annoying about the H or the h However, the underlying plot is skeevy.
Ok, the H is in fact, seeing the h s sister She asks him when he calls her if he can get a date for her sister to take to their parents anniversary I might add that their relationship never progresses beyond her stringing him along but still He agrees, figuring he ll score points with her, only the guy he gets to agree has to back out at the last minute so he does it himself.
The h, well, she s the family changeling A brain who is merely attractive in a sea of beauty, and she has deep seated feelings of inadequacy when it comes to her looks, though she

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[ Read Online Ms. Match î habsburg-spain PDF ] by Jo Leigh ¶ izmirescort.pro Samantha BeckettJolie Kramer began her career in 1975 as a reader in the Comedy Development department for 20th Century Fox She left Fox in 1977 to go on location with THE DEER HUNTER She then worked as an auditor, associate producer and producer on such projects as WHEN SHE SAYS NO for CBS, BEULAH LAND for NBC, GREAT AMERICAN TRAFFIC JAM for NBC and CLAN OF THE CAVE BEAR for Jozak Productions In 1987 she became head of development for the McCarran Film Corp., overseeing a roster of twelve feature films As a screen writer, she s had a series idea purchased by Cinemax, and has worked as a script consultant on than 50 screenplays Currently, her screenplay APACHE TEARS was optioned by Northern Lights Productions in Canada.Jo Leigh s first Silhouette novel, SUSPECT, was awarded BEST FIRST SERIES BOOK by Romantic Times Magazine, garnered the 1994 ROMANCE WRITER OF THE YEAR award from Pike s Peak RWA, and was a finalist for BEST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE NOVEL OF 1994 by Romance Writers of America Her first Temptation novel, ONE WICKED NIGHT was a finalist for BEST SHORT CONTEMPORARY NOVEL OF 1998 by Romance Writers of America She was invited to write one of the launch books for the Harlequin imprint, Blaze, with her book GOING FOR IT Her 2006 Blaze RELENTLESS was a RITA finalist for BEST ROMANTIC SUSPENSE.She also ghost wrote GREAT BIG BEAUTIFUL DOLL THE ANNA NICOLE SMITH STORY for Barricade Books.Jo teaches writing at workshops across the country and on line, and is a frequent guest speaker at writing conferences Her tape on Advanced Plotting from the Dallas Romance Writers of America conference is the best selling tape in RWA s history.Jo lives in an incredibly rural area of Utah where her many rescue dogs have room to run and play and her rescue cats are determined to win the International Shedding Award She spends an inordinate amount of time reading about how the brain works, listening to music and trying not to kill the basil.Jo s husband died of cancer on 13 June 2008, three years after they married, and whose medical bills are astronomical Authors, editors, and bloggers have all donated a mess of items, from books to critiques to mentoring sessions to offer an item for the auction to benefit author Jo Leigh.