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[ Read Online Must've Done Something Good è womens-fiction PDF ] by Cheryl Cory Þ If You Love The Sound Of Music And Pride And Prejudice, Prepare To Be Enchanted By Must Ve Done Something Good Sylvie O Rourke, The Sound Of Music Devotee And Born Procrastinator, Is About To Die Well, She Thinks She Is, Anyway, And So Attempts A Last Ditch Bargain With God For Her Life You Guys Are My Witnesses, She Tells Her Sisters Somewhere Over Connecticut If We Get Out Of This Plane Alive, I Promise To Do Something Good With My Life Back On Firm Ground, Kate And Meg Won T Let Their Sister Forget Her Promise, And With Their Years Of Practice Hitting Just The Right Chords Of Guilt What Kind Of Person Lies To God Meg Wants To Know , Sylvie Finally CavesA Teaching Position At The Broken Down St Matthew S High School Appears To Be Sylvie S Perfect Opportunity To Do Some Good That Is, Until She S Snubbed By A Fellow Teacher On The First Day Of SchoolWhether She S Becoming A Bit Too Invested In The Students Fall Fundraiser Or Directing The School S Sure Fire Musical Disaster, Sylvie S Charmingly Irreverent Style Gets Her Called Down To The Principal Often Than Her Students Can Sylvie Keep Her Promise And Make It Through The Year, Dignity And Sanity Intact This is a bit of a Pride and Prejudice retelling with lots of the Sound of Music thrown in Since those are two of my all time favorite stories I couldn t help but love this story about Sylvie O Rourke who becomes a high school english teacher after promising God that she will do something good with her life The first day of school she is snubbed by Evan Danes a fellow English Teacher who also happens to be gorgeous, so Sylvie does the only thing a snubbed woman can do, she holds a grudge I laughed out loud several times through out the novel, Sylvie s sense of humor is quite funny Add to that the dialogue with her students and her two sisters and it s a fun story.
So, does the 2 vhs tape version of The Sound of Music really end where the Captain and Maria are dancing Not at the regular intermission a bit farther on when Maria leaves the house Actually, I d have liked to have had even of The Sound of Music incorporated into this book, but there was enough for fans to be happy The book s plot corresponds mostly with the book Pride and Prejudice with a bit of the play Othello thrown in While you don t have to be a fan of these works, or even know them, you ll experience gleeful moments if you do I felt particular delight with all The Sound of Music portions it is my all time favorite movie This book was reminiscent of To Sir with Love alluded to in this book, I think and The Trouble with Angels, Up the Down Staircase,

I know Cheryl Cory via a Jane Austen site, and she was kind enough to send me a copy of her book.
This book had such a beautiful, understated feel to it It was warm, engaging, and endearing, and charming in it s simplicity and honesty, it really touched me.
I loved the Pride and Prejudice feel to it the Darcy, Wickham, Lizzy aspect of the story was very well told and played out You know what s coming, but you still want to know just how it would be resolved I enjoyed the other Darcy touches too, like his letter and his quietly heroic way of saving the day There were some lovely romantic scenes in the book that made me sigh The snowy gloves and baseball hat melted me I also loved Sylvie s thoughts towards the end about her very own pinecone and whistle realisation Away from the romance side of the story, I enjoyed Syl Must ve Done Something Good by Cheryl Cory find it on I belong to a Jane Austen related message board otherwise know as a forum where fans on Jane Austen discuss the novels and other related things Well one member, Cheryl has a published novel Must ve Done Something Good I ve just finished reading it and I loved it If you like Pride and Prejudice and The Sound of Music then I m sure you d enjoy it Even though it has some elements of these two stories, Cheryl s book has it s own substance, it has a thoroughly well written plot, and had me engaged throughout It is the perfect companion to a bed, hot water bottle and a cup of hot choc If you like the sounds of it, it is available on now I m not very often so gripped by a novel other than Austen, and Shakespeare plays , so when it happens, it s pretty special It s a modern novel, but different to the boring moder

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[ Read Online Must've Done Something Good è womens-fiction PDF ] by Cheryl Cory Þ izmirescort.pro Cheryl Cory lives in Worcester, Massachusetts with her husband Matthew and their cat Bearkie She enjoys reading, cleaning seriously , and making cookie dough not to cook, just to eat She has tried and quickly given up a number of sports including, but not limited to, golf, skiing and snowboarding We Have Confidence is the long awaited sequel to Cheryl s first novel, Must ve Done Something G