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Trailer Ò My Fake Fiancee PDF by ò Nancy Warren The hero stayed clueless about his feelings for too long in this book I really liked the heroine and felt bad for her The secondary romance was cute Funny moments that made me laugh out loud, just not a lot of depth to the main romance.
Sweet, romantic, and hot I really liked this book David and Chelsea are a great couple one that I wouldn t mind reading about.
What kept it from being a five for me was the subplot with David s sister Who cares I know that sounds bad, but I just couldn t get into it and really didn t care what happened to her.
That sounds so bad, but it s true.
One thing The comibination of sex and food was ABSOLUTELY a turn on for me I have read other food sex books that were not as good.
Good story that moved right along with humor, steamy scenes, fun secondary romance and a twist near the end David needs fiancee to make VP at his firm so his sister sets him up with her childhood friend Chelsea who needs a kitchen and place to stay while she starts a catering company.
A lovely and very sweet story, with good characters and dialogue.
Nothing special Not bad but utterly forgettable Chelsea Hammond gets talked into playing the part of her best friends brother s fiancee David Wolfe is a ladies man Love em and leave em is his only style But there s just something about Chelsea s hot lovin that makes him think twice Like I said, predictable and forgettable but an easy way to pass the time while you re reading it.

David Wolfe works for a company that has strict standards for there employees if they want to excell up the ladder of sucess in the business Wolfe is known as being a playboy but does it undercover not letting the bosses know When an opportunity arises that he may get better postition in the company he needs someone to play the role of dolting fiancee to help me with this Chelsea helps him with this but there is rules that they must follow But can they really follow those rules Find out in this book Even though the plot line of this book is far fetched I mean how many people do you know that met their future spouse by posing as their made up fiancee I know exactly 0 and completely over used in romance genre I enjoyed the book.
I absolutely loved this read, absolutely Chelsea and David great together And the 2nd romance with David s sister Sarah and Mike thrown in didn t bother me on bit Nomally two romances in one book drives me batty, not this time Thoroughly pleased.
5 Another good HQ series book I bought this in a kindle bundle when i needed a few shortish books to read I ve been surprisingly pleased with most of the books in the July 2010 HQ Blaze One Click Buy While typical in many ways, the characters seemed real and the dialog believable than the average romance book Plus a secondary romance added variety and interest.
The Rules Of Fake EngagementThe Terms Caterer Chelsea Hammond Will Live With Insurance Broker David Wolfe For Three Months In Order For Him To Clinch A Massive Promotion Newly Returned From Paris, Chelsea Will Use His Kitchen For Her New Catering Business Strictly BusinessThe Rules No Kissing No Kissing Unless His Boss Is Watching No Touching Not Too Much Touching No Sex No Sex, Except For One Really Hot, Satisfying Night No Falling In Love Definitely No Falling In Love Uh Oh

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