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[ Read Online Progress (Progress, #1) ✓ consumer-economics PDF ] by Amalie Silver Ù 4 4,5 Broken starsI finished this book and I was staring with blank eyes the screen of my laptop.
What i did just read And why everything turned out so fucked up I still have this painful squeezing inside my chest and my eyes are refusing to dryAnd I m still feelling so wrecked emotionally after this story and i m really wondering if there is salvation for our heroes Will they manage to make a progress with themselves together and seperated What the fuck happened at the end And before the end Scratch that What the hell happened generally in the whole bookOkay, i din t throw my kindle away, but i was this closeWhere was the progress Yep, there was a little progress, but stil everything were so fucked up Damn I feel fucked up myself after that storyMy mind can t accept the whole situation Damn me Damn them Well, the book was separated by three parts In the first part we had C 4 Real Life, Real Feelings Examined Stars We read many different types of romancebut really, how real are theyWill I ever be having that cute meet with the billionaireor will I be workin it with a MC from the Motorcycle Clubor even land that terrific position that just sounds perfect only to discover my last blow out, hook up is now my bossNope, don t think so This story is none of that.
This story is about real life and people who actually exist With real life issues Maybe things you have experienced or others you know have.
Like being bullied and made to feel less than because of your physical size Because being overweight is the last bigotry which still seems safe to call out Where making someone feel like they aren t worthy is ok cause it makes you feel better about how you are not thatBecause really bullies are really scared little children co 3.
5 StarsTo be honest, I have no idea how I feel about this story It was a fairly quick read, it was well written and the pacing, for the most part was good My struggle was with the story line, and the characters Progress tells the story of Charlie, a 22 year old, hostess with a weight problem and Jesse, a 25 year old delivery guy, who has a shopping list of issues These two meet at the Crimson Cellar, the restaurant where they work, and a strange friendship is formed Charlie is crushing on Jesse, and he in turnmainly treats her like shit, with the occasional sprinkling of kindnessIt seems you ve got enough problems of your own, he said, his eyes flickering from my breast to my hips and back up again What do you mean by that I whispered.
He shook his head, then slowly but chastely kisse Title ProgressSeries Yes The continuation of the story is planned Author Amalie SilverRelease Date 15 January, 2016Rating 2.
5 stars 3 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler 4.
5 We waited too long Stars I think Progress is going to possibly be a book that readers either love or hate to some extent, due to its story line and characterizations I think the main thing that struck a chord with me whilst reading Progress is that a huge amount of the things Charlie went through are also experiences I have dealt with and lived through myself This association is probably why the book resonated so strongly I wanted to be somebody I wanted to be somebody to him.
This is the first book I have read by Amalie Silver, although she has been highly recommended to me in the past So I went in with no expectations And the first thing that strikes you very quickly as you are reading is that the story isn t your standard, boy meets girl and they 2 5 starsTrigger Warning rape, abuse, bullying, mental illness, body shamingDisclaimer I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewProgress is the first installment in a series about self discoveryJesse I admit, I didn t think much of Charlie at first She was rounder than the girls who usually caught my eye Not my type But when I saw her sitting in that booth alone, for the first time something in my mind or my instincts or my heart told me to join her.
She defied me.
She challenged me.
She gave me hope.
Before I knew it, moving forward was my only option.
CharlieI couldn t tell you when it happened, but it had to have been a gradual change I never moved too quickly.
If someone would have told me earlier that year what I was going to go through, I wouldn t have believed them.
Jesse was so different from anyone I d met before And Jesse I Admit, I Didn T Think Much Of Charlie At First She Was Rounder Than The Girls Who Usually Caught My Eye Not My Type But When I Saw Her Sitting In That Booth Alone, For The First Time Something In My Mind Or My Instincts Or My Heart Told Me To Join HerShe Defied MeShe Challenged MeShe Gave Me HopeBefore I Knew It, Moving Forward Was My Only OptionCharlie I Couldn T Tell You When It Happened, But It Had To Have Been A Gradual Change I Never Moved Too QuicklyIf Someone Would Have Told Me Earlier That Year What I Was Going To Go Through, I Wouldn T Have Believed ThemJesse Was So Different From Anyone I D Met Before And Everyone I Ve Met Since He Sucked All The Life Out Of Me, In The Best And Worst WaysWe Don T Get Strong Overnight For Most Of Us It Takes Time Strength Isn T Measured By How High And Fast Our Walls Go Up, But How Easily We Can Watch Them FallWarning This Book Contains Material That Might Be A Trigger For Some Readers Abuse And Rape Are Implied, But Not Described In Detail Discretion Is Advised Dreaming of the person I could be was detrimental to my emotional health There was no end to that rabbit hole It was dark and scary place We loved the synopsis for Progress by Amalie Silver and couldn t wait to get stuck in as we guessed it would be one hell of an emotional ride And it was We felt hugely morose as we quickly realised that this would pull at those deep rooted emotions as we re sure many of you too can relate to some if not many of the issues evident in this story Never let them see you cry, Charlie Bullying name calling low self esteem and life experiences no one should have to live through It made for hard reading and we have to admit that whilst we love realism and that all important connection to a character we still like to escape into books to remove ourselves from real life That is not a negative rather it s a po Oh, wow What a powerful, heart wrenching story A story of two broken souls full of self loathing on their painful journey to self discovery and self respect.
I ended up reading this book basically in one swoop.
Charlie s been overweight since she was a child Two decades of verbal and emotional abuse have left her an insecure mess without an ounce of self worth When she meets Jesse, she immediately feels an odd pull towards him Beautiful boys like him didn t hang out with ugly girls like me No matter his candor, I couldn t ignore that I knew he was better than me And that I should ve considered it a privilege he was still there.
Jesse suffers from bipolar disorder, resulting in severe mood swings and terrible ARC received from author publisher via Netgalley I m a little upset at myself right after finishing this How did I not notice book one right above the title Note to self get better prescription.
This book sigh it was emotionally taxing, sighI have 2 of Amalie s books waiting to be read, Word Play and Four Play, 2 light funny reads if I recall some of my friends reviews here Then the cover for this caught my eye I love the cover I quickly read the blurb, it didn t sound funny, but hey, I ve heard nothing but good things about Amalie s other books After reading this, boy was I in for a surprise And kinda glad in a way that it ended up being my 1st Amalie read I m thinking if she can write angst like this, then her funny ones must be really funny You get the story of Charlie and Jesse, 2 20 something folks with normal jobs in a pizza place F

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