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[ Read Online Real Ë comoros PDF ] by Katy Evans ☆ A Fallen BoxerA Woman With A Broken DreamA CompetitionHe Even Makes Me Forget My Name One Night Was All It Took, And I Forgot Everything And Anything Except The Sexy Fighter In The Ring Who Sets My Mind Ablaze And My Body On Fire With WantingRemington Tate Is The Strongest, Most Confusing Man I Ve Ever Met In My LifeHe S The Star Of The Dangerous Underground Fighting Circuit, And I M Drawn To Him As I Ve Never Been Drawn To Anything In My Life I Forget Who I Am, What I Want, With Just One Look From Him When He S Near, I Need To Remind Myself That I Am Strong But He Is Stronger And Now It S My Job To Keep His Body Working Like A Perfect Machine, His Taut Muscles Primed And Ready To Break The Bones Of His Next OpponentsBut The One He S Most Threatening To, Now, Is MeI Want Him I Want Him Without Fear Without ReservationsIf Only I Knew For Sure What It Is That He Wants From Me I am conducting what I m shelving as a New Adult NA Experiment I m going to work my way through some of the popular New Adult books and see if I can weed out the crap and hopefully find some surprising gems Here s hoping This was bad I know there s a certain lack of believability in all romance novels, but Real took it to an all new level There s not a single character here who s anything other than a caricature, rarely a piece of dialogue that s anything other than cringy, and definitely never a description of the hormones and muscles in Brooke s body that sounds vaguely normal On top of that, perhaps most damning of all, it was so so boring I feel like I can sum this novel up simply as a 266 page description of Remington Tate s muscles.
I cannot deal with this level of phy What The FuckI know everyone loves it, I can t hide that Iabsolutely hated it Editing againturns out I have to say I can t let it go.
I can t, it s just so bad So bad.
Basically the story is Brooke goes to watch a fight Remy A ummm man of few words does that thing of seeing a girl once and being madly in love with her This is the extent of his characterhe wants Brooke and he fights, that s it.
So she gets hired as his muscle stretcher and then a few days later goes away with Remy and his team From the off there is sexual tension, if you consider clenching and twitching body parts tension.
At 57% this is all that has happened I don t even think they had a full on conversation.
When I started reading it, it was making me I love him He s not just a star, he s the whole fucking sky to me He s the sun and every planet in this galaxy.
Remington Tate is so one of my top favorite book boyfriends I love him, I than love him I want to lick him and eat him up.
Dump whatever you are reading for a while, and jump onto this book trust me, its WOW.
When the book starts and the author describes Remy him walking, I swear to god I creamed myself.
I could imagine him in my head all muscles walking like he owns the world Sexy tan muscles walking on the most amazing thighs I ve ever imagined swooning For like the first half of this book I was YELLING at my laptop because seriously, there is only so much I can take of sexual tension I could feel is seeping through my laptop screen their chemistry It was BLOODY hot He tugs my earlobe with his teeth, licks t 5 SERIOUSLY SMOKING HOT STARS We ll get right to it The main attraction Remington Riptide Tate This guy is too much Too much male Too much masculinity and pure raw beats Put together, he s just like sex on a stick One thing you should know about him right away And just a warning, this book will get you Okay, okay now for the actual review.
Brooke gets dragged to an underground fight one night with her best friends Melanie Brooke isn t the type of girl that usually goes to these types of things She is a recent college grad and is specializing in sports medicine therapy Brooke spent most of her life training for the Olympics, until she hurt her knee Now she is just interested in helping other athletes While watching the last fight, she see s someone that gets her attention Remington He notices her right away Remy is a very po Please don t lynch me I m a little scared to say this given all the passionate fans of this book but, if I m going to be honest, I just wasn t feeling it I mean, I get it I totally get why so many readers loved it It had a hot Alpha somewhat damaged hero, boat loads of steam and all, plus he was a fighter gotta love the bad boys, right but I just honestly barely felt anything while reading I also had several issues with some of the content and then found the ending absolutely predictable Nothing ever surprised me or make my heart race so I just don t think this story was for me.
I know a LOT of readers loved it though, it s been getting so many 5 star ratings, so I know that in many people s eyes it s got something special and I fully respect that, I guess I just personally couldn t connect to it.
Real follows the story of Brooke and Remy Remy was WARNING THIS IS A SWOONTASTIC, RAVING, FANATICAL REVIEW read AT YOUR OWN RISK 5 STARS NO WAY THIS BOOK IS A MILLION STAR BOOK FAN FREAKING TASTCWhen I take you, you ll be mine, he says, a soft promise in my ear He slides his thumb along my jaw, then gently kisses my earlobe You need to be certain His eyes are so hot that I m on fire with the lust in them, and the word mine makes the empty place between my legs swell with longing I want you to know me first, and then, I want you to let me know if you still want me to take you Remy AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH REMYREMYREMYREMYbe still my beating heart HOLY SHIT This book has me feeling consumed from the inside out Remy and Brooke have taken over every part of my heart I can t even begin to explain the emotio Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this book It s too much and too little and too fucking bad for my brain to wrap itself around I like romance Really, I do But books like Real are twisting the romance genre to a place where the phrases pussy lips and fucks my ear are becoming the norm, and I can t with that I can t And how about these hot alpha heroes the writers have been cranking out lately What a bunch of assholes Just empty, pointless shells of rudimentary DNA and 0% body fat After another one of my forays into the New Adult world, my AXEL experience, I wrote an ode to the New Alpha However, after reading about Remy in Real, it seems that my ode was incomplete With no further ado, BAVR s Ode to the New Alpha Remy Edition He s hot, ripped, and hung lik Oh, how I wish this book were an underground boxing match I ve had so much fun thinking up names and special fighting techniques for Brooke and Remington Brooke The Washout Dumas Weighing in at an arguably lithe 120lbs.
, Brooke s fighting style relies on flexibility and trickery than sheer brute force Having been denied her dream of Olympic gold thanks to an injury, Brooke s had years to save up all her bitter rage and coil it into a tight ball of hate that she s stuffed in her core Now she s wound tight and ready for action Her hobbies are babbling incessantly about inane bullshit, stretching, and making stupid decisions Turn ons are tacky tattoos, muscles, sweat, and mood swings Her special skills include an almost unRealis Oh Katy Evens, you made me laugh so hard today Your brilliant satire on the state of modern women in their early 20s is an insightful critique of the unabashed shallowness and anti feminist behavior spawned by such books as Fifty Shades of Gray Your tongue in cheek references to pretentious pop culture icons, and your commentary on the recent abundance of literary misogynists was riveting The way you crafted your prose eloquently showed how hyperbole and hyper erotic imagery can be used to destroy the innate sensuality of a character Bravo for such a smart, funny, poignant work of art It Wait, what This ISN T a joke No way, are you serious This is for Real No, I don t believe you There is no way she meant some of these lines non ironically No way You think so, do you Well, let me see what other people thought.
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