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µ Read µ Saving Luke by Steven Long Mitchell º Saving Luke is a captivating combination of elements mystery, suspense, intrigue, and, of course, love that make the second Pretender novel a true page turner Following the exploits of our favorite characters, The Pretender Saving Luke is an intellectual adventure true to the core dynamics of the TV series complete with twists and turns, as well as answers and new questions that will satisfy old and news fans alike Lies Cliffhangers Bad writing Bad editing Bad cover design Rebotch That sums it up I think I didn t finish readingand that seems fitting for a fandom where we wait 19 years and counting for an ending.
Abandoned Boring as hell, and it was one dirty old man barb after another The authors spin back and forth between juvenile jokes that are bereft of humor and dirty old man jargon It s what happens when boys don t grow up The characters were out of character The typos were the least of my complaints This isn t my show The Pretender hasn t been my show since season two back when it aired on television, but at least was sort of interesting Now it s boring and dull The cliff hangers and the wait and the promises were old back then in the 90s and now, wouldn t you know it, they went and rebooted started all over again from the beginning Living through it once was agony enough Rebirth was the nail in the coffin of The Pretender Saving Luke, the sequel novel, is an extra unnecessary nail A wasted The only way these Pretender novels could be worse is if I d spent money o I hate the ingenious Jason Bourne comparisons That s so far fetched that it isn t even funny I know there are life long fans that really really want these pretender books to make it so the sales will fund a third movie but come on All star ratings when the book hasn t been released or read yet That s like lying It s stupid I m not going to lie Rebirth and Saving Luke are NOTHING nothing at all like the Bourne novels These Pretender books are no where near the league of the Bourne Novels NOT even close It s a disgrace to Ludlum Jason Bourne kicks serious ass, exposes the wrong, gets the girl He has killer moves, bare hands He doesn t dick around with every woman he meets like Jarod does and Jarod no last nameby the second tv season there should have a been a last name is a wus compared to Jason Bourne Jarod cries about the wrong Jarod The Pretender Saving Luke picks up moving right along with Jarods mission to find the missing boy and discover who his parents really are Previously in The Pretender Rebirth, Jarod had escaped The Centre and the beautiful Miss Parker and her crew on hard on the chase to find Jarod Stopping at nothing to find him, Jarod must stay five steps ahead and keep them guessing.
The Pretender has a heart of gold and fights for the little guy who can t fight for himself in all of his missions This mission of Saving Luke is no different Luke is a young boy who mysteriously disappeared and Jarod is dead set on saving him or die trying With being taken from his own parents so many years ago, Jarod feels compelled to find out the truth behind the disappearance of Luke and help bring the boy home to his family before i

Didn t buy this one I was fooled once I won t be fooled again Poorly written, edited, designed Juvenile Stupid Hideous The word Pretender printed on the book is the only similarity these novels bear to The Pretender television series The characters were completely OOC, unrecognizable, cheap caricatures Because it s a reboot I wish I d known that before I purchased the first novel New questions, new cliffhangers, juvenile dialog, cheap jokes I thought the writers were grown men Meanwhile loyal fans are waiting for answers to the old questions We were promised answers to the original television series by the writers creators We thought we were buying those answers Wrong The creators didn t think to give us a heads up Judging by the contents of both novels and the cover, editing the writers didn t think period Unless you just want t Following right after the events portrayed in The Pretender Rebirth, The Pretender Saving Luke is the reason why oxygen masks were invented It s intense, frantic, emotional and funny When I read The Pretender Rebirth I thought it had set the bar pretty high And it did Nevertheless, The Pretender Saving Luke manages to set the bar even higher The main reason for this is that, while the previous book was inevitably compared to what we used to know from the TV show, The Pretender Saving Luke has its own identity.
Story wise, The Pretender Saving Luke it s a page turner filled with Easter eggs even though the story takes place in October Unlike The Pretender Rebirth, it reads like a novel written by two novelists, instead of a novel written by two screenwriters Being both myself, I understand how hard it can be to switch from one writing Seven months after the release of Rebirth, the first chapter that enchanted and catapulted us into a new adventure undertaken by the authors Steven Long Mitchell and Craig W Van Sickle, Saving Luke, the second awaited book of The Pretender world is finally here.
The story follows from what was narrated in Rebirth Jarod is looking for answers about an imminent terrorist attack and he must thwart it without endangering young Luke s life, whose father is being threatened to cooperate with the abductors if he wants to see his son ever again The chameleon is also willing to help his fascinating companion Skylar to detox after the forced permanence at Dr Bilson s clinic, where Jarod had been pretending to be a doctor to interrogate Kaj, Luke s kidnapper In addition, the runaway pretender isthan ever longing to have answers about his identity, and to find them he doe Once loyal lifetime fans of the Pretender television series were lied to about what would be in the both Saving Luke and its predecessor Rebirth The series is not reborn The series has been rebooted There is a difference One being that there is a time gap problem that everyone is talking about, probably because a reboot means the time line, the characters and original story line have been given the boot The fans, too, have been given the boot, by the creators of The Pretender The writing, editing, and cover design are all badly done, sloppy, amateurish I can t recognize the characters in the novels because it s a reboot Everyone is way out of character, so much that aren t even the same people because it s a reboot I m with the majority who believe the reboot is the biggest mistake yet The Second In The Exciting Pretender Series Of Novels, Saving Luke Is An Edge Of Your Seat Mystery Thriller About Jarod, A Child Prodigy, Stolen And Raised By A Clandestine Organization That Exploited His Gift For Their Nefarious Activities After His Escape, This Ingenious Jason Bourne, A Human Chameleon That Can Literally Become Anyone He Wants To Be, Rejoins The World Denied To Him ForYears While Attempting To Find His Own Family, Jarod Uses His Brilliance To Save A Young Boy Kidnapped By Terrorists And Return Him Safely To His Parents Jarod Does This While Staying One Step Ahead Of His Nemesis, Miss Parker,the Sexiest Woman On The Planet Who Is Hell Bent On Tracking Him Down And Returning Him To Her Masters Their Multifaceted, Love Hate Relationship,driven By The Emotional Secrets They Share, Continues To Fuel A Heated Chase, Pitting A Cunning Predator Against Her Brilliant PreySaving Luke Is An Intricate, Suspenseful, And Enthralling Mystery About One Man S Exploration Of Life, Love, And The Truth That Captures And Reignites The Hit TV Series For Both Loyal Fans And New Readers Alike There Are Pretenders Among Us

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