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¶ Saving Zoë ↠´ Download by × Alyson Noel I think this book is very interesting you get to witness one girl going through a hard time of going into high school without a older sister to guide her through This book has lots of twists and turns this is a quick and easy read that will keep you on the edge of your chair wondering what will happen next i would Recommend this book for young adults.
I wanted to like this than I did, but at the end of the day I didn t think the characterization of Echo, the protag, was consistent enough I get she was sort of split between trying to be Zoe and then of course just being herself, but it was weird to read a book narrated by a fifteen year old with no experience who would then be so blase about making out with a boy, about drinking, about so many first time experiences One reason I really enjoy reading YA is that aspect of firsts Life is really starting to happen and dealing with that should be really exciting to watch I get that the story was ultimately about the relationship with Zoe, and truly getting to know Zoe, after her death, but if Echo was telling the story, why wasn t it a It S Been One Year Since The Brutal Murder Of Her Older Sister, Zo , And Fifteen Year Old Echo Is Still Reeling From The Aftermath Her Parents Are Numb, Her Friends Are Moving On, And The Awkward Start To Her Freshman Year Proves She Ll Never Live Up To Her Sister S Memory Until Zo S Former Boyfriend Marc Shows Up With Zo S DiaryAt First Echo S Not Interested, Doubting There S Anything In There She Doesn T Already Know But When Curiosity Prevails, She Starts Reading, Becoming So Immersed In Her Sister S Secret World, Their Lives Begin To Blur, Forcing Echo To Uncover The Truth Behind Zo S Life So That She Can Start To Rebuild Her OwnPrepare To Laugh Your Heart Out And Cry Your Eyes Out In This Highly Addictive Tale As Alyson No L Tackles The Complicated Relationship Between Two Sisters And Shows How The Bond Can Endure Long After One Of Them Is Gone Alyson No l was one of the first authors I ever read after reading Twilight, and I have to admit she really had me hooked with her Immortal Series Admittedly it s been a while since I ve picked up any of her books but when I came across Saving Zoon Audible UK, I thought I d try it because I haven t tried any YA contemporary by Alyson so far Saving Zois just over 6 hours long to listen to and I have to say within a few minutes I couldn t stop listening I literally spent my whole Sunday afternoon listening to this book while making Christmas cakes and I had so much fun, even though the book is based on such a hard subject Zo Echo s older sister is murdered and Echo and her family including Zo s boyfriend Marc, are still strug Every reader has his or her guilty pleasures Mine is young adult novels Or should I say young adult novels as audio books to listen to while I m working out in this case, running In many cases, young adult novels serve as a solid distraction as the miles go by without demanding that I hang on every word and stop paying attention to my pace or things coming up ahead like mud, vehicles, fellow runners or roaming animals So imagine my surprise when I downloaded the audio version of Saving Zoe to my iPod and the novel not only toyed with my expectations but actually exceeded them It was entertaining enough that not only did I listen while exercising, but I worked in other times to listen to the story, hooked in by the narrator and the story itself.
As the story begins, Echo fully admits that she s stuck in the stages of grief because of what happened to her older sister, Saving Zoin a gripping and intriguing book about picking up the pieces after death and about finding all the pieces to the puzzle of a life.
I was originally interested in this book because of the cover that said fans of Veronica Mars would love this As a VM fan, I had to pick it up and I m so glad I did This book is amazing I feel very passionately that this is a must read The writing is excellent and the story draws you in Saving Zoe is a blender book it s got a little bit of everything it s got romance, mystery, twists and turns, coming of age, sadness, happiness In the beginning, you only know as much about Zoe s death that Echo knows which adds a mystery element of figuring out what happened to Zoe and why I felt just like Echo and couldn t wait to read of Zoe s diary and find out about her life I couldn t put it down and Zoe and Echo have stayed with me long after finishing the book If you have a book club, this is a great pick as many interesting discussions can stem from the many topics presented I would

I just finished this book today There are many things that I like and dislike about this book I ll make the lists quick and short There many moments in the story where I feel that I can relate to Echo She s a young girl who is experiencing and going though things faster than the speed of light literally All of a sudden she feels as though she is mature than her peers, which ironically enough I m going through the same thing as of now as a 16 year old So good job with keeping the plot realistic and relatable AlysonWhat I didn t like about the story I wish Alyson had made it a bit longer and created depth to the story Also, gone on a bit to what was in store for these characters that hopefully all of us have gotten to love I m really int how we see our siblings how our siblings see us how we don t see this book was kind of hard to read as an older sister not because of anything in particular, but the things you take for granted your friends knowing your siblings, the secrets you keep to protect the younger ones, to keep as your own, the way your relationship with your parents is different the way idealization occurs, even when you aren t aware, and how such different personalities are still related, still sisters zoe kept a journal zoe loved mark zoe was murdered mark was a suspect mark gives echo zoe s journal everyone misses zoe no one really knew zoe no one really knows echo no one really knows mark is anyone ever really known this book predates Ever, and i have to say, i love echo i love her than ever, a lot, and her story is so much real beyond the whole paranormal aspect of ever s story echo is simple, honest i Saving Zoe is about a girl name Echo who s sister Zoe was murdered leaving her and her parents in pieces Echo feels she is living under her sister s shadow and will never be the happy, care free person she was or have the lust for life Zoe did Echo s life hasn t been the same since, then Zoe s boyfriend Marc gives Echo Zoe s diary As Echo reads Zoe s diary, she feels closer to her and wishes she was like her and even starts to pretend she is Zoe She starts getting closer to Marc, but she still has doubts that he might have something to do with her sister s death As Echo reads Zoe s diary she learns about her life, her relationship with Marc and how she was planning to become and model actress, how she meets Jason, but Zoe didn t know that she was in danger and some people weren t what the

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