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[Jill Monroe] ó SEALed and Delivered [zombies PDF] Read Online  Subject Nathaniel Peterson, SEAL InstructorCurrent Status Unexpectedly Engaged In A Sizzling KissMission Train The SEALs Without InterruptionObstacle Hailey Sutherland The Best Kind Of Distraction Kiss The First Man You See The Fate Delivery Cards Were A Silly Impulse Purchase But Thanks To One Of The Cards, Bed And Breakfast Owner Hailey Sutherland Finds Herself Locked In A Scorching Kiss With Super Hot, Wet Suit Clad Navy SEAL Nate Peterson It Seems That Fate Is Opposed To Hailey S Self Imposed CelibacyEspecially Since Nate Has Picked Up His Own Fate Delivery Card And He Intends To Follow It Through Until Hailey Is In His Bed After three engagements and zero weddings, Hailey Sutherland is certain Fate dislikes her She gets another confirmation when, at a bridal shower game, she ends up with a Fate Delivery Card that says she should kiss the first man she sees.
Hailey has sworn off men, she s ready to get to know herself, maybe stop being such a fixer, and never again get close to a man So why is she drooling at the sight of the hunky SEAL that emerged from the sea to help a comrade in need And why, oh why, is she suddenly draped on him with his tongue in her throat It must be the heatBecause she has sworn off men And there s nothing sexy SEAL instructor Nate Peterson can come up with that would change Hailey s mind Right What a deliciou I know I ve kept a low profile lately, but I had to come and complain about this book.
I m about 95% sure that this book made it to the shelves with limited to no editing Unless that s some kind of cadence I m not familiar with, there are sentence structures in this book that made me literally grit my teeth and want to whip out my red pen Also, when your book is about 200 pages long, it s never a good thing to have a distracting secondary story that does nothing but provide sex into the plot I think this is the first Jill Monroe book I ve read, and it will probably be the last Very disappointing.
This was a cute and sweet read, but I found myself interested in the secondary romance Jake Amy than the lead story Nate Hailey.
SEALed and Delivered well delivers OK, before you kill me for the bad pun, I promise you will go away happy with all those much desired warm and squishy feelings that make a book worthy of your rainy day all huddled on the couch looking to be taken away Haley and her sister Rachel have settled back home at The Sutherland, a BB in San Diego on the beach The beautiful and historically rich house held a lot of memories for the two sisters and there were in for hardships trying to restore the old home back to it s former glory and there were in desperate need of some patrons and fast Haley who has been engaged three times has vowed off men for good ya right sister you just keep telling yourself that But little does she realize that she is in for the ride of her life At their friends bridal shower Haley picks up a Fate Card which says, Kiss the first man yo Two cute stories combined into one very short book Both stories had nice female characters trying to find themselves and some very sweet patient male characters that were very romantic Very easy to read, feel good, and hot Jake and Amy s tale got in my way abit as I was interested in Nate and Hailey s romance, but they were both good.
A romantic and sexy story with good relationship advice too originally posted at can a woman, three times at almost getting to the altar, get over the fear that number four will fail like all the others have Only a man determined and trained to reach the end game is up to the challenge and Nate, Navy SEAL and lover of cookies, is just the man for the mission.
I m hard pressed to find anything that I didn t like in this book I found the first meeting between Hailey and Nate inspired, his pursuit of her romantic and fascinating, Hailey s self delusion entertaining and their sexy interludes blush worthy.
I enjoyed their dialogue, both internal monologues and their conversational gambits as they learned about each other I also appreciated the sibling relationship between Hailey and Rachel because Rachel wouldn t let Hailey hide from her feelings In her own sisterly way, she managed to prod the heroine into facin This was a cute little feel good romance between a charming, hunky Navy SEAL recovering from a leg injury who s currently training teaching future SEALs at the San Diego Navy base, and a real girly girl Bed and Breakfast owner who first meets him on the beach in front of her BB Nate and Hailey meet cute she kisses him on a dare while hosting a wedding shower while playing a card game with Fate Delivery cards she s supposed to kiss the first man she sees , he s intrigued by the beautiful petite beauty, and decides he wants But after 3 failed engagements, Hailey feels that she can t trust her own judgment when it comes to picking men even though Nate s kiss stirs up all kinds of warm and toasty feelings So she decides that she s sort of on a sabbatical regarding men When Nate approaches her for some of her time, she tries to brush him off by saying she doesn t do relationships Subject Nathaniel Peterson, SEAL instructorCurrent status Unexpectedly engaged in a sizzling kissMission Train the SEALs without interruptionObstacle Hailey Sutherland the best kind of distraction Kiss the first man you see The Fate Delivery Cards were a silly impulse purchase But thanks to one of the Cards, bed and breakfast owner Hailey Sutherland finds herself locked in a scorching kiss with super hot, wet suit clad navy SEAL Nate Peterson It seems that fate is opposed to Hailey s self imposed celibacy.
Especially since Nate has picked up his own Fate Delivery Card and he intends to follow it through until Hailey is in his bed THIS BOOK WAS EXCELLENT LOVED EVERY PART JUST WISHED THAT THE BOOK WAS LONGER.

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[Jill Monroe] ó SEALed and Delivered [zombies PDF] Read Online  izmirescort.pro I credit my interest in writing romance to my grandmother She gave me my first Harlequin to read during the hot summer days I spent on my grandparent s acreage in rural Oklahoma Immediately I was hooked Over the years, I would pick up a pen and write down ideas, but it wasn t until I joined Romance Writers of America and then Oklahoma Romance Writers did I become serious During that time, I c