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☆ Shade ê Download by ☆ Jeri Smith-Ready Such a sweet story And on a hot boy notea rocker and a Scot Whew This book is what I would call an Awkward Reunion Its like meeting someone you haven t seen in a really long time and acting really formal and too sweet with them I mean, I really tried to like this book Honestly But there was just something sofake about the writing I felt like Jeri Smith Ready was trying too hard to sound like a mourning teenager in love who wants to do things her way She tried to emulate how teenagers act and speak and think but the fact is, people don t act like this, at least not so many people What I m trying to say is, all the personalities were purely fantasized Nothing felt realistic about it And it certainly didn t come out right on paper.
Aura is my primary example of a character gone wrong No matter what she did, I just couldn t understand what she was about She was a mystery and not in a good way Too many mood swings and strange Best Birthday Ever At Least, It Was Supposed To Be With Logan S Band Playing A Crucial Gig And Aura S Plans For An Intimate After Party, Aura Knows It Will Be The Most Memorable Night Of Her Boyfriend S Life She Never Thought It Would Be His LastLogan S Sudden Death Leaves Aura Devastated He S GoneWell, Sort OfLike Everyone Born After The Shift, Aura Can See And Talk To Ghosts This Mysterious Ability Had Always Been Annoying, And Aura Had Wanted Nothing Than To Figure Out Why The Shift Happened So She Could Undo It But Not With Logan S Violet Hued Spirit Still Hanging Around Because Dead Logan Is Almost As Real As Ever AlmostIt Doesn T Help That Aura S New Friend Zachary Is So Understanding And So Very Alive His Support Means To Aura Than She Cares To AdmitAs Aura S Relationship With With The Dead And The Living Grow Ever Complicated, So Do Her Feelings For Logan And Zachary Each Holds A Piece Of Aura S Heart And Clues To The Secret Of The Shift Fuck, this tore my heart out I love these lyrics, so beautifully haunting and heartwrenching I HATE ZACH Logan will always have my heart Zach can shove his accent up his ass I can t read the rest of this series, and I won t Nope, I m not supporting Zach I hated him the minute he stepped onto the page What a shame because I enjoyed Shade Merged review Every now and then there comes a book that will touch your heart all the way to your soul and leave you breathless Or in this case sobbing til your eyes fall out Well this one did that for me Or in this case, had me crying through the entire book This book hit a little too close to home for me I feel so numb I knew this was gonna be a sad story before I even opened it, but I was never prepared for the heartwrenching effect this really had on me, or the fact that I cried through t 3.
5 StarsThis review can also be found at was born after the Shift, which means that she can see ghosts She wonders why the Shift actually happened in the first place, and she wishes that she could reverse it so she could live without having to listen to ghosts tell her their stories or demand justice all the time.
When her boyfriend Logan suddenly dies, Aura is devastated But because of the Shift, she finds herself able to talk with him, spend time with him, and pretend that he s still truly here with her With the new boy, Zachary, being so supportive of everything that s going on, her feelings become conflicted and she s not sure if she really wants to be with Logan any The idea of many people being able to see ghosts seemed very original to me Upon reading this book, I can say that I was very interested in the theories So I have this huge Post it note I made on my computer with all the things that are wrong with this book In fact, I pretty much hated it up to 3 4 of it Now I find myself at a total loss for words, because, incredibly, I realized I actually liked it.
Shade is set in a world where ghosts can be seen walking around Not by everyone, though Only by people born after the Shift, a date when unexplainably something changed in the cosmic order of things and newborns start to acquire this terrible ability Aura is 16, she is born on the day of the Shift and has a side job as a translator for ghosts in court cases One horrible day, her boyfriend Logan, a pre shifter musician on the verge of stardom, suddenly dies and the life she knew starts to crumble to pieces, revealing a series of mysteries that are destined to change her life for good.
I chose to read Shade because the ratings were 3.
5 stars Wow Now this is supernatural on a whole new level Since the Shift, everyone under the age of sixteen can see and talk to ghost who haven t passed over Aura is one of them, and while it may be slightly annoying, it s something she s learn to deal with.
So what happens when her beloved boyfriend Logan, who got the break of his life on his birthday, suddenly dies and becomes a ghost in all his violet glory Aura has to convince him to move on before he becomes a Shade, only she may not have the heart to let him goAfter reading Shade, I felt reallytorn I didn t hate it, but I also didn t love it and I think that s where the rub comes in I liked it, a lot, but my expectations were a little to high for this one and while I thought it was amazing, I had a hard time understand some of the terminology, significance of the scene and the actions that the characters portrayed I This book kind of made me angry I ll explain The problem is that it s centered around a really interesting and comprehensively drawn ghost mythology It made sense in context of the story, it was internally consistent, and it was a really cool idea I loved the way Smith Ready had the world remake itself around ghosts that everyone under the age of sixteen can see How a ghost can testify in a wrongful death case when he s the victim That s pretty cool.
And most of the characters are complex and realistic Most of them are experiencing some form of grief, and the way it s written is really good When Logan dies, half of his family can see his ghost, and half of them can t Which would be harder To be the one who can keep talking to an insubstantial version of a loved one, or the one left out of that conversation I loved how Smith Ready showed that both would be incre

Shade was filled with intricate characters, a fun paranormal element and a story line that kept me glued to the pages Yet this book solidified my distaste for a particular trope, since it s done in a way I can t handle I know many people enjoy love triangles and I can too sometimes, yet I loathe when a heroine flips back and forth between liking the guys I become devastated when I see the boy I fell for get his heart crushed again and again But if you adore multiple love interests, where you don t mind who the heroine ends up with, then you may just fall in love with this story A hole opened up inside me, so raw I had to curl up on my side away from his light, pulling my good knee to my chest to ease the ache The hole gaped so big it seemed like I could crawl inside, let the darknes This book could have very nearly been a disaster It could have taken the sour young adult fantasy route that I m experiencing and these days It even had the dreaded love triangle But, I was pleasantly surprised in the end.
This books is about a girl, named Aura the name made me cringe , who can see ghosts Which is not unusual because everyone born after the Shift can see the violet figures of people who once were The night of his 17th birthday, Aura s boyfriend, Logan, dies He isn t completely gone though, and haunts her whether she wants him to or not Then enter Zach the sexy foreign exchange student who has a secret nearly as big as Aura s own.
This book moved quickly and fluently, without just being comprised of action I was sucked in nearly immediately I was reading this on my laptop, so I began taking my laptop everywhere The writing, while not particularly

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☆ Shade ê Download by ☆ Jeri Smith-Ready Jeri Smith Ready has been writing fiction since the night she had her first double espresso A steady stream of caffeine has produced twelve published novels for teens and adults since 2001.Jeri lives in Maryland with her husband and two cats, who often play tag team sit in the author s lap and keep her from writing The cats, that is, not the husband Though, actually