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Download Epub Format ☆ Sleight PDF by Ô Jennifer Sommersby I adored this book It had everything that I love to read about paranormal, romance, adventure, and strong female characters with great writing.
A girl who grows up in the circus And can see ghosts I m all in At first I wasn t sure what to expect because I ve never read a book that had a circus setting even though people keep telling me I need to read Water for Elephants and ghost stories can either work really well or not well at all Sleight worked amazingly well Jennifer Sommersby knows how to make the unbelievable believable From the very beginning there is action and mystery I mean, check out that first line Attention grabbing and quirky enough to make you have to keep reading I loved Gemma, Henry, and the myriad of characters They all were perfectly fle This was actually a pretty decent book.
I say decent because it really didn t surprise me or get my heart rate up But it was still a very enjoyable story that was refreshingly well written and only bored me for a few pages in the middle.
And now, some bullet points Genevieve was a very decent MC She wasn t too annoying or too tough nor was she somewhat realistic, either Which is honestly okay because this is one of those books where you KNOW everything isn t going to be realistic, and if it was realistic, it would ruin the magic of the story Henry was a dear and I would have liked of him There was A LOT of telling backstory rather than gradual reveals, which is my preference so that was just a matter of personal differences instead of bad writin Delia Smiles At The Shadow Only She Sees Something Slams Into Her The Lyra Whirls Like A Half Dollar Spinning On Its EdgeMy Mother Is Thrown BackwardAnd She Falls Growing Up In The Cinzio Traveling Players Company, Genevieve Flannery Is Accustomed To A Life Most Teenagers Could Never Imagine Daily Workouts Of Extravagant Acrobatics An Extended Family Of Clowns Wild Animals For Pets And Her Mother, Delia, Whose Mind Has Always Been Tortured By Visions But Whose Love Geni Never Questions In A World Of Performers Who Astonish And Amaze On A Daily Basis, Delia S Ghostly Hallucinations Never Seemed All That Strange Until The Evening Geni And Her Mother Are Performing An Aerial Routine They Ve Done Hundreds Of Times, And Delia Falls To Her Death That Night, A Dark Curtain In Geni S Life Opens Everything Has Changed Still Reeling From The Tragedy, The Cinzio Traveling Players Are Also Adjusting To The Circus S New Owner A Generous, Mysterious Man Whose Connection To The Circus Geni Suspects Has A Dark And Dangerous History And Suddenly Geni Is Stumbling Into A New Reality Of Her Own, Her Life Interrupted Daily By The Terrors Only Delia Used To Be Able To See As The Visions Around Her Grow Stronger, Geni Isn T Sure Who She Can Trust Even Worse, She S Starting To Question Whether She Can Trust Her Own Mind rtc originally posted at Jenn sent me a copy of Sleight for the now cancelled Indie Author Month, I will admit that I d already bought a copy and was just waiting for an excuse to read and review it After finishing Sleight, I don t know why the hell I waited so long because it is perfect There is so much to love and I don t know what my favorite part is so I m going to break it down Characters I loved how we are introduced to the characters and their worlds While there is an obvious instant connection thing happening, the relationship between Gemma and Henry is given time and space to grow nicely, at a pace that makes sense I loved the connection that the families have, both good and bad, which offer the most intriguing balance of support and danger from all sides I really liked how the families were so intertwined and how everything kept being turne RTC I received an advance copy of Sleight to review from the author Jennifer Sommersby and was very excited to dig into this book I love stories that have magic in them and I also love the circus setting.
In a nutshell Gemma is grieving her mother s death when her whole life us upended She soon comes to learn that her travelling circus life will stop that she has to attend a real high school and deal with all that comes with it She is a very strong character and isn t afraid to get her hands dirty if she has to but, she is reluctant to deal with the ghosts or Shades as they re called in the book or her destiny to save the world.
Enter Henri Dmitri gorgeous and smart Gemma and he are instantly drawn towards each other although everyone else wants to keep them apart They must figure out their strange connection and why Henry s dad Lucien wants them dead over a book called th 4.
5 Sleight is a slightly different genre than what has been my go to lately and it made me realize I really need to step out of what has been my comfort zone often, and get back to reading a little bit of everything like I used to And it reignited my love of the circus and memories of wanting to become a clown and join Ringling Bros Although, as fun as it sounds, I don t think I was really cut out for life on the road, but it was a nice dream.
This was such an entertaining and captivating, and unique, tale While a little slow to start, Ms Sommersby truly brought life in the circus to life, with her descriptions and detail Add in the magical paranormal elements and I was transported into the world of Geni, Baby, Henry, and the rest of the Cinzio Traveling Players Company Throw in a little danger and intrigue and call me hooked I loved how this story built up to its exciting and th

5 StarsReview I received an ecopy of this book via Edelweiss This has not influenced my review I enjoyed this book It was slow paced without much action until the end, but it had a good mystery and some likeable characters.
I really liked the main character, Geni She was intelligent, mature, and just imperfect enough to be realistic Her first thoughts in regards to the magical, dangerous book was that she wanted nothing to do with it which was smart When she realized that wasn t an option, she wanted to find it so she could destroy it, and she continued to handle things as best as she could Even at the dinner party when Henry started flirting with her, she considered the possibility that he might ve been sent by his father to find out about her and what she knew, so she didn t let her guard down She ma Gemma Flannery is used to living a life on the road Traveling with the Cinzio Traveling Players Company involved just that Traveling But for the first time in Gemma s life the show has decided not to leave town.
Staying in one place and attending a regular high school is enough of a hurdle to overcome Being gawked at or labeled a freak by the locals is nothing new for circus performers But if her secret ever got out that she had the ability to see the dead, she would become a freak on a whole new level Always being on the go helped to keep her secret safe.
And it also meant she never had to worry about losing her heart to someone Moving from town to town, city to city, back and forth across the country, she never stayed long enou

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