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↠´ Read ¾ Solitude of a Birdcage (Forget Me Not #1) by Brielle Skye ¾ This is for a younger audience, maybe young college late high school senior Love Story with sex and best friends but doesn t really mesh Younger unjaded readers might get caught up in the first real love and sex dilemma and rate it higher But what starts out with a crime and a mystery of amnesia and betrayal doesn t really find resolution.
provided by publisher Initially, I had pages and pages of notes on this book And that s a first for me But after taking a few days to settle in my feelings, I ve realized that I can sum it up shortly.
I didn t read the summary carefully, so I went into it thinking the book would be about something totally different I thought it would be 3, maybe 4 characters at the most, and would be something very dramatic and tragic a la The Glass Menagerie I thought the love triangle would be Van in love with her friend, Maxie, and Maxie in love with Isaac Yep, completely wrong.
Moralistically, I couldn t jive with the book If I set aside all of my morals, and what we have learned is the right thing to do in the world, I could enjoy the book at face value But I wasn t able to do that, which caused me to become so emotionally invested in the story that I sent a copy of th This book was graciously bestowed upon me by the fantastic publisher to honestly review Maxie Shannon is a girl with a dark past and a bright future The orphaned dancer turned chef shares an apartment with her best friend turned sister, Savannah Van Seems simple enough, right Wrong Maxie is secretly carrying on an intense, passionate love affair with Van s boyfriend, Isaac Isaac is subjected to a terrible violent attack, causing him to lose his memory of the past year and a half, leading to the love, missteps, and new discoveries that take place within the novel Does Maxie follow her head of her heart Does she choose the one person she s always had or the man she s fallen deeply, madly in love with I was slightly hesitant when picking up this book Don t get me wrong, I not so secretly love chick lit But I tend to be wary of cheesy romances incorporating a man s loss of mem

Spoilers and possibly cursing So I feel bad saying this about anyone s work, but I absolutely hated this book I don t mean to rant but I ve thought long and hard about it and I ve narrowed it down to three reasons 1 The characters are all horrible people2 The characters are all incredibly stupid people3 Maxie is a pathetic excuse for a femaleI don t have an issue with main characters being flawed, or even evil really What I do take issue with are all the main characters doing really shitty things to one another but the author trying to convince me how nice everyone is Obviously not Our protagonist is carrying on a relationship with her best friend s boyfriend for a year and a half, that s not the behavior of a decent human being I d even forgive her if the relationship only continued briefly and then she either ended it or came out to her friend But no She just continues banging So, I had no idea what this story was going to be about when I started reading it When I was handed a copy I was simply informed that it was a romance From the very first chapter it became clear that it was a little than that In general I rate a story by how much it makes me feel How much I care about what s going on, and how much I care about the characters Even in the moments where I just couldn t comprehend her actions, I wanted Maxie to be happy You find yourself sympathizing with her from the beginning, and while you curse her bad decisions, you continue to root for her to succeed Each character is unique, each with their own spin and their own story When an author is able to make me care about a cha ARE YOU KIDDING ME If I didn t love my iPad so much I would have thrown it across the room without hesitation Solitude of a Birdcage was my second book I found through Net Galley I will admit, I struggled just the tiniest bit with it It took me a while to get into the swing of what was happening presently and what was flash backs The fact that they re labeled Then and Now probably should have been a clue.
Maxie is best friends with Van Isaac is Van s boyfriender fianc.
boyfriend Gnar is Isaac s best friend Alex is Maxie s ex boyfriend This is one twisted love square that I couldn t get enough of.
Fate, destiny, tragedy, romance, dance, wine, pasts that need left there this book has a little of everything.
AND IT ENDS ON A MASSIVE CLIFF HANGER AND THE NEXT BOOK DOESN T COME OUT UNTIL 2015 You know how far away 20 Wow Right from the start you are sucked in Maxie and Van are friends Closer then friends sisters Which is the way all good friendships should be Yet you see that this loyalty is mainly one sided After the entrance of Isaac into there world Van so used to getting everything she wants goes after Isaac When it is totally clear he isn t interested And would love to get to know Maxie better After a terrible accident Isaac doesn t remember the last 18 months of his life Which gives Van a chance to rewrite the course of her relationship with him Despite the fact that Van and Isaac have a relationship going He pushes to get closer to Maxie and the two fall in love Which becomes problematic after her the accident He doesn t remember her And now she is In The Battle Between Duty And Desire, There Will Be Causalities But When Passion Is Blinding, Morals Are Questioned, And Loyalties Are Broken, Can Love Conquer All Maxie Shannen And Savannah Trimmel Are Than Best Friends They Re Sisters, Bound By A Tragic Past And An Unbreakable Bond When Isaac, Savannah S Boyfriend, Falls Victim To An Act Of Violence That Leaves Him With No Recollection Of The Prior Eighteen Months, Both Women Tend To His Recovery For Savannah, It S Simply An Attempt To Care For The Man She LovesFor Maxie, It S A Chance At RedemptionShe Tells Isaac Nothing Of The Passionate Secrets They D Been Keeping From Savannah, Nor Of The Unyielding Feelings That Nearly Consumed Them BothBut As The Fragile Wall Obstructing Isaac S Memory Begins To Crack, Hidden Truths Slip Through The Fissures, And Maxie Will Once Again Be Faced With An Impossible Choice Her Loyalty, Or Her Heart SOLITUDE OF A BIRDCAGE grabs you and pulls you in the same way your favorite TV drama does I felt an immediate connection to the characters the author has a skill for painting personas so realistic that they feel like someone you know The central love story is at once heartbreaking and heartwarming Although they re dealt one hardship after another, the strength of their love always seems to see them through This is a stunning meditation on friendship, sacrifice, fidelity, passion, and hardship Yet in between the narrative of struggle is the story of the kind of love that makes all that darkness disappear Definitely a book that sticks with you.
Review What drew me to this Solitude of a Birdcage was its premise The hero and heroine, Isaac and Maxie, are in love with one another The problem is that Isaac is dating Maxie s best friend After sneaking around for than a year, Maxie and Isaac decide to come clean and tell Van about their affair when tragedy strikes Following a home invasion and attempted sexual assault, Isaac is shot in the head protecting Maxie The previous eighteen months are completely wiped of his memory He doesn t remember Maxie or Van at all.
If cheating is a trigger for you, then this book is not for you books with cheating is not an instant turn off for me It depends on how it s handled in the novel Initially, I was a bothered by the affair due to the fact that Isaac and Maxie had carried on this long term affair under Van s nose But as I read of the story and got to know about Van and Maxie s

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↠´ Read ¾ Solitude of a Birdcage (Forget Me Not #1) by Brielle Skye ¾ izmirescort.pro Brielle Skye is from New York where writing, reading, crocheting, and traveling keep her busy She is the founder of the New York City Writers Network, an organization dedicated to uniting the very people who share her passion for words.