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[ Read Online Sometimes It Happens ✓ unicorns PDF ] by Lauren Barnholdt á I hated this book I m just going to get that out there, I hated everything about this book And here, in a probably incoherent rant, I am going to give you eight reasons why not to read this book.
1 The main character, Hannah, is a stupid, passive cookie cutter person who has a tendency to say like every other word She s ridiculously self absorbed and I spent the whole novel wanting to shake her She s underdeveloped, as well She has no interests or aspirations of her own Her family doesn t make many appearances She listens to crap music, etc Just very, very unlikeable 2 The other characters are equally obnoxious The best friend, Ava, is just as self centered, she always has something bitchy to say, she lies quite a bit to protect her fragile ego She s like th Sometimes It Happens is a fun entertaining story about the complications of friendships and relationships and even though this story is mainly about cheating, and I wouldn t normally find that subject amusing, but Barnholdt has a way with writing in depth characters with remarkable wit I hated Ava, I thought she was controlling, manipulative and self absorbed so maybe it was easier to not care about her feelings in the end Hannah and Noah has some fun and easy going chemistry and they both made me smile Lacey was a riot and I liked what she brought into the storyline Sure, this book had it s flaws, but it was still fun and it reminded me of Barnholdt s Two Way Street, not plot wise mind you, but the way I felt after reading it Content, happy and satisfied Overall, a great book Barnholdt still holds a place on my shelf Arc pr This Novel Opens On The First Day Of Hannah S Senior Year, But The Story Really Starts On The Last Day Of Her Junior Year That S When Hannah Not Only Gets Dumped By Her Boyfriend, Ryan, But She Also Finds Out Her Best Friend, Ava, Is Going To Be Gone For The Entire Summer But Ava S Boyfriend, Noah, Is Definitely Around And Such A Good Guy That He Snags Hannah A Job At The Diner Where He Works Hannah And Noah Move From Coworkers, To Friendsd One Night, To SomethingNow It S Back To School, Where Hannah Will See Ryan, Ava, And Noah All In One Place Over The Course Of The Day Secrets And Betrayals Are Revealed, And Alliances Are Broken And Reformed In The End, Hannah Will Learn A Lot About Love, Friendshipand Herself Sometimes It Happens is about Hannah, a girl whose best friend is going away for the summer and is leaving her alone image error Fun fact I know I have no right to take this personally, but I never really got over the Brad Pitt Jen Anniston breakup I ve HATED Angelina Jolie since then TeamAnniston The one day you don t have any make up on because you woke up late stupid SNOOZE button you bump into your crush, and or your worst enemy That blind date your friends set you up with Total disaster.
You wake up with a volcano like zit on your face the first day of school Your dog misses the potty pad You read a shitty book.
Sometimes It Happens And it sucks But it s okay No real harm done Mostly On the other hand Falling in love with your best friend s boyfriend Having consensual sex with your best friend s boyfriend No That shit doesn t just happen You make it happen.
But then you d better be prepared to live with the consequences.
Because, the whole it just happened excuse won t work in t first thought upon finishing wow i mean, really, wow the book wasn t that bad, but that ending nfenx9ndfhjdxfbdn.
now, here s a bit of a coherent review the plot of the book sounded interesting to me i m kind of into the concept of cheating, if you must know I AM NOT SAYING I LIKE PEOPLE WHO CHEAT i am saying i sometimes find the motives behind why they do it interesting interested does not mean approve , okay the author decided to tell this book by alternating the chapters between past and present so we kind of already know what all the backstory is building up to, which in itself is sort of predictable on that later but it was interesting, still, and i liked the love interest i m not sure why BOTH parallels were told in present tense, though it d make sense if we had one present, and one past, since th had been waiting to read this book for almost a year Waiting for the release day, so when I got the ARC I was screaming with happiness Thanks Heather It did not disappoint I LOVED it The theme is girl falls in love with best friend s boyfriend I ve read books with this topic before but I had not enjoyed none as much as this one I love the relationship, how they manage the drama, that it s fast paced and the fact that not just the girl is responsible, it s a 50 50 thing.
So when Noah and Hannah start falling for each other, even though Noah is the boyfriend of Ava Hanna s best friend things just happen First Ava and Noah s relationship is heading for downfall and when Hanna is in most need of a friend Ava is not there for her, b

This is the first book that I have read by Lauren Barnholdt I really enjoyed it I am not sure if it was a short read, or if I just could not stop reading to get to the end But, I finished it in one evening.
Hannah, the main character, is my favorite She is hilarious I love some of the things that go on in her head They seriously make you laugh out loud Throughout the book, I was really rooting for her to come out on top My least favorite would have to be Ava, Hannah s BFF There is just something about her that I do not trust She is very bossy and basically tells Hannah what to do.
Noah Sebastian.
Sebastian is definitely a player, but Noah AAAHHHHH he is so sweet, nice, smart and handsome.
Although, I enjoyed this book, it was a little predictable I kind of figured out what would happen before it did I am happy with the way the book ended, but not how it ended If that makes any sense I 2.
5 stars UmI m not really sure why I read this book But I think I was in the mood for some light relief after all the post apocalyptic novels I ve been plowing through lately Sometimes you just need a little mindless filler while you re between stories about girls with supernatural powers and stories about flesh eating zombies.
There are a lot of reasons why I shouldn t have liked Sometimes It Happens I hate books or anything, really that involve infidelity I m not a big realistic YA fiction person I m not usually interested in books that are solely about high school boy girl drama I think the title ispedestrian But much to my surprise, I actually found this book to be pretty entertaining Hannah s best friend Ava has gone away for the summer, leaving her depressed and mopey since her ex boyfriend cheated on her Ava s assigned her boyfriend Noah to cheer up Hannah The two Sometimes people do things that are complicated For complicated reasons.
I have to agree with the title.
Sometimes things just happen without us knowing how or why.
Sometimes it just happens.
Like when it rains.
You have no way of telling when it will fall unless you work with the agency who predicts the weather.
Anyway, enough of my blabbing pSometimes It Happens starts with Hannah starting her senior year with a secret.
Something happened that summer when her best friend Ava was in Maine.
Before the Summer break, Hannah saw her boyfriend Sebastian kissing another girl.
Devastated she was expecting her best friend Ava to be there for her all through out that summer but Ava broke the news that she will be going to Maine for the summer.
Totally not the summer Hannah was expecting.
No best friend No boyfriend pigging out and sulk

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