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Ï Spectra ë Download by Õ Ebony Olson One Touch Of Spectra S Fingers Leaves The Predator Bay CravingSpectra Is A Balance A Descedent Of Angels Whose Soul Has Been Intertwined With That Of Sorcerer Alexander, Although Her Heart Belongs To Mercury, The Son Of An ArchangelBay Is A Predator De Sang And Sorcerer, Who Runs His Own Private Security Company, Fighting The Purist Organization Essence Seeking Out Spectra For Her Special Abilities The Last Thing He Expected To Find Was A Balance Strong Enough To Withstand His Potent Energy With Her Heart And Soul Already Claimed, Could There Be Room For Another In Her Life When Bay S Infatuations Bring Spectra To The Attention Of Essence And Put Her Life At Risk, He Must Learn That Sometimes Sacrificing The Ones You Love Is The Only Way To Save Them I love a novel that allows the reader to see a glimpse into the author s mind blowing imagination and Spectra did exactly that This novel involves two of my favourite things, paranormal and romance With sorcerers and magic, angels and ghosts I found it difficult to put this book down This was the first time I d read Ebony Olsen and I was impressed with the story overall as well as the development of the characters I enjoyed the different points of view, an essential part I felt to this novel I especially liked the secondary characters and their story lines Calin and his wives especially Gina love Gina , Luke and his son, and the taboo drama that encircled them I enjoyed how Spectra was a strong female lead in the beginning I wasn t so sure given he Spectra is a conflicting read for me I loved that I finally found one novel with an open end relationship and Polygamy and it is not portrayed to be wrong which is awesome and unique in itself I understood and liked the ideas of sorcerer s having a balance and yeah Spectra s character as well But This book focused too much on the relationship and erotic scenes than it did on the plot line and that I did not enjoy I would have liked about those supernatural creatures, and a huge premise build up with a complicated plot But what turned out is a simple paranormal romance that s a good enough one time read I understood the toxic relationship between Spectra and Alexander And the need for that real relationship between her and Mercury Well then Bay comes and complicates things He s a predator She does not l When I started reading Spectra, I went into it thinking that it was going to be one of those paranormal romances that focuses on the sex than the story Boy, was I wrong While sex does get mainlined for a while, the real story ends up being the relationships that Spectra has with Bay, Merc and Alexander and, of course, the Essence storyline which was fascinating.
Spectra was a tough chick She was dealt a crap hand in life Her sister was killed by a predator think vampire were animal , her mother just couldn t deal and committed suicide when Spectra was 14 Then she is date raped after her college boyfriend slips her a Rufie and she dies from an allergic reaction to it She is brought back to life and she makes it her life s mission to help those who can t help themselves victims be it of abuse or other things.
Alexander was so sweet at first and then he morphed into OMG This book is wonderful I read it at inkitt last year and i loved it New paronarmal that you don t see in others books and plenty of material for a series I waiting for Spectra Spectra by Ebony Olson is a paranormal fantasy read One that offers readers a lot of action, intrigue, and romance The characters are suspenseful Each has a goal That goal leads them into each other s circle Once entered, there s no turning away from what pulls them together A fight worthy of every readers heart Strong, bold, and entertaining Ebony Olson brings together one of the most fascinating mixtures Angels and magic A heady combination Especially in the form of Spectra and Bay These two characters had me captivated from the beginning Three dimensional, highly engaging, and so many possibilitiesI loved it Every page was enticing Left me, feeling an adrenaline pumping into my system as each scene unfolded Powerfully written, Spectra, is a must read for all This new writer has definitely caught my full attention I look forward to reading of her work.
Spectraby Ebony Olson Spectra is a unique story I must that once you start to read this story you will read it to the end This is the kind of book that will have you turning page after page and will be hard to put down until you finish But I do want to give you a small warning this story is full of predators that are supernatural creatures and even though it s a paranormal romance I felt that there isn t much romance in the story The story features Bay Ryder, Alexander Williams, Mercury Raphangelis and Spectra Michaels Bay is a predator de Sang and sorcerer, who runs his own private security company, fighting the purist organization Essence Alexander is a powerful Sorcerer, Playboy and L Ordre in the city, he made a name for himself very quickly and pissed off a lot of the predator upper echelon Merc is a Angelis, a doctor, and dominant Amount of sex 5 5How explicit 4 5Romance 5 5Overall 5 5Review Jen reviewing today I loved this book This is best book I ve read this year and Spectra will make my top list for 2017 The character s are interesting, intriguing, and engaging I loved the story and it had plenty of hot scenes.
Spectra is a young woman finishing college and ready to move on to the next phase of her life She is wants to be with high school love Alexander, a sorcerer, but worries her abilities are not enough to be his wife She also has a deep connection with Mercury, an archangel, with whom she enjoys spending time and may be in love with Then she meets Bay, a predator I m thinking like a vampire but it isn t clear He has awoken a passion in her like no other And she has done the same for Bay after centuries long celibacy All the My feelings towards Spectra by Ebony Olson are rather mixed I m not quite sure how I feel about it As shown by the four star rating I have given the book, I enjoyed it However, I didn t come to love it in the way I had expected I would It was completely different from what I had imagined it would be, and whilst this is a great thing, I m not entirely sure how I feel about everything that unfolded in the story It was different but I m not sure if it was right for me.
Okay, so I m not making much sense I ll try to amend that now, in a full review.
Spectra has a number of great aspects to it, things that leave you wanting of the story The main thing is the world building It is very different to what you see in most paranormal romance stories nowadays You can see glimmers of the norm, but this is very much a stor This is awesome read the full review please it s not negative in the endI do not tend to read novels containing completely open relationships with very few boundaries, these style books usually get put away as soon as I uncover this type of relationship So when I first reach my usual tipping point and I can t bring myself to put this compelling tale down it leaves me wondering why and how I ve made it to the end, and will read the next.
The ways characters are portrayed is brilliant, I hated, loved and emphasised I was so pleased with a female main who was neither a hero of epic proportions nor weak and measly So happy It was well written I obviously do not have the highest English level but we ll written to me is high quality above averageThe story line and beings were unique and dispute getting lost at times I was so intrigued that I could not put this novel down until complete Sign

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